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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Covers Brazil
โœ“ Lots of escort profiles
โœ“ Clean and good-looking site
โœ“ Very attractive escort profile thumbnails
โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ Site features are inadequate

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#1. FatalModel Alternative


ย  ย  I sure have heard of fatal attraction and femme fatale, but I am blank when it comes to pulling up stuff related to fatal models from my brain matter. Perhaps these are the kind of models that make you have accidents when you see them shaking their fanny as you are driving on the highway. Yeah, these could be the type that can send you to the pearly gates well before you have fucked your fair share of pussy on this planet!

ย  ย  So, hereโ€™s my FatalModel.com review. It is an escorts Brazilian site where the girls are fine and sweet enough to make you beg them for cups of their pussy juice to sweeten your coffee with! Read and conquer!

Them Pussies Are Fatal!

ย  ย  Rio De Janeiro has girls like Isabele Santorine. Sheโ€™s a 25-year old with an average body who can striptease for your entertainment, but will only let you fuck her pussy with a condom. She also conducts virtual sex sessions and charges 300 R$ per hour. That is just $57 and so cheap it is nearly giving me an aneurysm!

ย  ย  Tiffany Carvalho too calls Rio De Janeiro home and looks like one of those models you often see hanging on the arm of this or that crypto billionaire. Sheโ€™s 23-years old, slim, leggy, and charges R$350 per hour. That money -$67- gets you the GFE, mixed with elements of roleplay and BDSM.

ย  ย  Juliana Silva on the other hand charges R$ 800 per hour, which is around $154. Sheโ€™s a busty, petite, and oval-faced beauty who offers roleplay, massages, BDSM, and vaginal sex. I would pay her extra to allow me to see how tight her asshole might be!

ย  ย  Now, escort prices on this platform are mostly cheap, much cheaper than in the US for sure. If you donโ€™t need your cock stuffed in escort Brazil pussy, you can pay from R$ 50-80 per hour for virtual sex sessions that will still make you cum better than you do when fucking your bedroom wall! $100 per hour is overkill for most escorts on this site, as with $70 or less you can have your pick of pussies to pour your frustration into!

Escort Fuck The Brazilian Way!

ย  ย  On FatalModel.com, escorts in Rio De Janeiro are what you are exposed to by default. You can change this by typing into the search bar any Brazilian city that comes to mind, or letting the search algorithm look for escorts in whatever region of the country you are currently in.

ย  ย  There are female and trans escorts here and their profile image thumbnails on this escort site Brazil are some of the most attractive I've ever seen. These thumbnails have a large main image and there are back and forth buttons on these images that you can use to browse through the image gallery of the escort profile you are looking at. The age, location, and rate of the escort are also listed on these profile image thumbnails, as is a brief text and details as to when last they were online.

ย  ย  By clicking on these profile thumbnails you get loads more stuff to cram into your brain matter. This includes details of the kind of sexual services the escort is comfortable with, contact details, and a verification video. This video appears to be present in all escort profiles and serves to verify that escorts are who they say they are, rather than a bot being run by a fat fucker out in the boondocks!

ย  ย  I would assess escort profiles on the site as being fairly detailed, while escorts are mostly of average quality.

Getting Sighted!

ย  ย  FatalModel.com has a good-looking homepage of standard design. The background color is white and the default language appears to be Portuguese. Site features are average and there are ads at the top and bottom, but no spam. Links to escorts in varied Brazilian cities, as well as a blog lie at the bottom of the page waiting to be called into existence.

ย  ย  This certainly is not the best escort website I have seen, but not the worst either.

What I Think of FatalModel

ย  ย  I think you should lie down a bit and succumb to the fatal charms of Fatal Model! The site looks good, its girls mostly look great and they are extremely cheap, especially for Americans. For sure I am recommending this escort site Brazil, its escorts, and the fatally attractive holes they are throwing around with glee!

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