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    Ever wondered how much of a paradise it would be to, you know, Eforie Nord Beach and Water Park—with beautiful sceneries and you sunbathing with some good-looking chick right beside you… hmm, scrap that—how about a good nightlife enjoyment in Bucharest with one of the best escorts you could get your hands on. Although there are loads of escort sites in Romania to hire good-looking and dazzling escorts from, today we will have a quick review party on one of those escort sites in Romania.

    Femeisex is the escort site we will be reviewing—we will discuss everything that needs to be discussed, some good stuff I found, as well as the cons of the website and the chicks. Stay with me till the end to know what I think about using Femeisex to hire escorts in Romania.

Femeisex Escort Site Review

    I love starting escort site reviews with the front page since that’s the first thing you see when you visit any escort site in Romania. And when it comes to Femeisex, the front page felt more of a dating app to me, to be honest, for a minute I thought was on the wrong page looking for the wrong things—especially because of the registration dialog on the front page—looking like tinder to me lmao. 

    Well fuck it, never judge a pussy by its cover is what I thought as I scrolled down the page, and to be fair I was relieved when I found different options leading me to pages where escorts in the cities are listed and shown. Not bad but I felt like they could have done a better job on showing the chicks rather than making it look like a bank website.

    The navigation needs improvement—it is not easy to locate an escort, I had to play around the website for like 10 minutes before I was able to find an option that says “Profile” on the header—you gotta be joking man. Ain't no one got time for that, especially not the horny Romanian men looking to push one in and out. 

FemeiSex Escorts

    Now it’s time for the main actress of the show—the escorts. I went through some escort profiles in some major cities and I was impressed to an extent. The fact that they got quite a number of escort profiles listed, and how it was listed in grids on the result page, is not bad to be honest—the pictures on the profile cards are well used and make you wanna click on the profile.

    Quality of the escort? I give it a 5 out of 10 and not because I think they are not great—I think they are—but I can’t just bring myself to give them a full rating because their faces are blurred out, what the actual fuck lol. I don’t know this might probably be like you have to create an account to see their face or some shit like that, but I feel that’s just weird. Speaking of their blurred-out pictures, I’m not the only one who finds that profile description shady right? Like it’s too brief, no information on rates and nothing on contact method, although they have a feature for sending messages, what if the escort doesn't reply on time? Do I have to wait till she does? Talk about a boner killer.

    And to be fair, all these make the listings look fake to me—blurred-out faces like the CIA criminal list, scanty descriptions, absence of information on how much they charge, no contact phone number or email—just shows me red flags on a different level.

Is FemeiSex a reliable Escort Site in Romania?

    At first, I thought Femeisex wasn’t what it claimed to be, I thought it was a dating site but turns out I was confused haha. In my honest opinion, I don’t think Femeisex is a reliable escort site in Romania, especially with loads of cons and downsides it has compared to the pros. I think your manhood deserves a better goddess from a better escort site in Romania.

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