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Ever wondered why Paris is known as the “City of love" or why 2 tongues intertwining is called a “French kiss" ? Well let us tell yeah, The french love sex! . Were here to help you get in on the action by listing the most popular escort sites in France.

Stay tuned and we will guide you about what to expect when getting an escort in France, Laws around prostitution, Types of French escorts you will encounter and much more!ย 

How much do escorts charge in France?

ย  ย  ย  Escorts in France charge around โ‚ฌ250 per hour on average, On the lower you could find some girls charging โ‚ฌ100. On the higher end its not uncommon to see women charging โ‚ฌ600+ per hour. Escorts in France are perhaps some of the most expensive escorts in the world, It has to do with its booming tourist industry and demand for “companionship".

ย  ย  We have got sites like SexeModel that will give you hot girls at decent price. This site in the most popular in France and it lists tons of escorts, The only way these women can compete with each other is by offering the best price.

What kind of escort girls can I find in France?

ย  ย  France is also known as the French Republic. This country shares a border with Belgium, Spain, Italy, Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, and Luxembourg. Large-scale immigration over the last century and a half has led to a more multicultural society. As far as the women you will find they will mostly be Caucasian Europeans.ย 

ย  ย  The main attraction in France is tourism. This country is ranked as the number one tourist destination in the world thereby beating the USA and China to it. This is freaking amazing! What more can we say about this country? Is it the cool structures, hot girls, a strong economy, and a good road network. All that being said, that is what propels France's escort scene. Gorgeous women from all around Europe had made a point just to move to France to work in he sex industry.

Is it safe to meet up with escorts in France?

ย  ย  Sex work is legal in France but you gotta know that they donโ€™t allow other sexual activities like paying for sex, having sex with someone under 18, pimping, and operating a hotel. So, you gotta be careful and go for escorts on the sites have listed. You wouldnโ€™t want to ruin your vacation or business journey!

ย  ย  It is legal for a lady or man to be a sex worker and offer sexual acts. But the buying of sexual acts is illegal and this was passed into law in April 2016. Escorts do pay taxes as well. Ensure that you are safe out there. Before you meet up with any escort, you gotta be street smart, trust your gut, be in the right frame of mind, cool yourself down, and do your research.

ย  ย  To avoid this stress, we have done the job for you by listing the most popular escort sites in France that will guide you to meet up with that hot chick!

What are the most popular escort sites in France?

ย  ย  The first on our list is SexeModel. On the homepage of this site, you're gonna come across the pictures of these hot girls. Your eye will be fixated on them and you can even watch the videos of some of these ladies. What more are you waiting for? There is a feature for live sex as well. This site is the real deal and definitely our top recommendation. These girls have been verified to be real and you have nothing to fear.ย 

ย  ย  Another site on our list is 6annonce. The site allows you to chat directly with the babes. You can also choose your city. This site creates a special section for the girl of the day! So, you can go for the hottest girl on this site. Also, they have premium escorts that will give you special services. You have got everything you need on this site!

What are the most popular cities for escorts in France?

ย  ย  Paris is number 1. No doubt about that. This city is the most populous and capital city of France. Well over 2 million people are living here. In this city, you're gonna find people from different countries and races such as; Europe, Maghreb, Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa, Turkey, Asia (outside Turkey), Americas, and South Pacific. Their point of attraction is the strong economy, international organizations, cool monuments, and infrastructure.ย 

ย  ย  The second-largest city is Marseille with a population of more than 1.8 million. This city is the largest port for cruise ships, freight, and commerce. This city is one of the most visited cities in France and has cool monuments like museums and theaters. So, you're gonna find a lot of escorts here as they wanna make money and exploit the large population.

Final words

ย  ย  Have you heard of Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Louvre, and other cool areas? Why not hire a beautiful escort to tour you around France,ย  Drink French wine and then retire to the hotel at the end of the night and get it on!



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