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โœ“ Many regions available
โœ“ Private Massages and Spa
โœ˜ No price information
โœ˜ Navigation isn't easy
โœ˜ Site looks confusing

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#1. GaySMSOglasi Alternative

ย  ย  Horny cocks looking for other horny cocks to explore the same and similar fantasies but have no direction are more than welcome to check out this site where gay sms are available, and the list is almost inexhaustible.

ย  ย  Hop on, and letโ€™s get your cock the most long adorable schlong on the list.

The Homepage of The Boys

ย  ย  I wonder why there are so many texts here on this site and why there are no photos here for compensation. Well, this site doesnโ€™t look so bad except for the many texts that make it seem like you are in a classroom learning how to read and write.

ย  ย  The logo at the top left side of the page does just one job, which is reloading the page; the format for sending these messages and the rate are also seen on the other side of the page, still on the same row where the logo sits pretty like a hard cock waiting to be sucked.

ย  ย  Other control buttons can be found on the next row, such as home, cities, orientation, interests, contacts, etc., and to the end is a straight ad button that takes you to another site.

ย  ย  The cities button displays a list of regions where you can find horny cock waiting to mingle. The orientation button has an index of options like; threesomes, couples, trans, bi-sex, etc., while the interest button offers a range of services such as; oral, massage, domination, anal, etc.

ย  ย  For the curious ones who are still trying to comprehend this site, right under this row of options is a blog post about what this site is about. It says that this is the best gay ads from Croatia and the diaspora. I bet youโ€™ve got questions, and answers can be found within this box.

ย  ย  The formats and instructions to follow while texting on this site are written here. There is also a fixed conversion rate, and the cost of gay ads on all networks with VAT included is displayed here. Make sure to take note of the last line that says you must write your phone number to ensure that the ads you send will be visible on the site.

ย  ย  The next thing that you see here is an array of gay SMS ads, many of them with an option to load more when you exhaust the ones on the site. There are just so many to choose from because the list seems inexhaustible. So, it might be hard to choose who to pick but just follow your cock. Whatever your cock decides should stand because his instincts are never wrong.

ย  ย  The other half of the page has additional features that make the site look attractive. There are options to check out other ads, a list of cities in Croatia where you can find this gay SMS ad, the gay orientation category gives you options for a partner, the interest category, live phone sex, where you see users who are currently engaging in live phone sex, instructions for sending these messages, and many more.

ย  ย  The bottom part of the page has a list of options like marketing, terms of use, questions and answers, etc. Each of these, when clicked, takes you to a different site that displays its content.

What About The Gays of This Site?

ย  ย  Well, this is not a gay escort site, neither are there photos of gays here or enormous cocks here. What basically goes down on this site is the meeting of horny schlongs looking for partners to explore the world of intimacy or to satisfy their fetishes.

ย  ย  Every user here has a choice of partner, location, and interests, so instead of stressing your cock by dragging it around, looking for what you want, you can easily choose a location where you wish to find a partner, click an option under gay orientation, and an option under interests, maybe anal.

ย  ย  Each of these messages has the user name, location, age, and a description of what the user wants. There is also a mobile number for communication, so when you finally find what you want, communication wonโ€™t be complex, and some of these users also include their fetishes in the description.

ย  ย  The date these messages were uploaded is also tagged on these messages. You also get to know if these messages have been reviewed or not and can also emphasize, delete, and report a message or user.

ย  ย  If these messages came with photos, it would have made things easy because you get to see the size of the cock and make your choice, and also, if you find them attractive or not. Well, this is all that there is to know about the users of this site.

The Price Rate of The Users

ย  ย  There is nothing like rates here because this is not a regular escort site. The only thing that talks about payment here is the SMS rate, which includes VAT and is the same for all networks in Croatia.

ย  ย  Maybe rates are discussed privately between users, and they are not static; thatโ€™s why they arenโ€™t included. If this is not the case, then perhaps there are no price rates at all.

What I Think of

ย  ย  A place where different cocks can meet, come together, and commune while having fun has got to be a fun thing, and from the descriptions of users here, it wonโ€™t be harmful to try something new on this site.

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