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โœ“ Free, with registration not required for almost full access
โœ“ Lots of quality escorts
โœ“ Good site design
โœ“ Detailed and content-rich escort profiles
โœ“ Good content sorting options
โœ˜ Does feel crowded, especially when you go further down the page

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#1. Gemidos Alternative

ย  ย  Know what would make me happy right now? Getting a woody a mile long that can pulse and vibrate like a thousand jackhammers lashed together. Just imagine the queue of horny girls that would be lining up outside my door when news of this and the ovaries-tenderizing orgasms that I hand out gets announced!

ย  ย  If I had such a dick, Argentina is the first place I am moving to. Escorts in that region have a propensity for falling into the goddess category and often look like the sun goes to sleep in their ass! Some of these escorts are on Gemidos.TV, and are sweet enough to give type 2 diabetes a run for the money!… Here's my Gemidos.TV review.

Gems For Escorts

ย  ย  It does appear that the escorts on Gemidos.TV are total gems. I am talking about the kind you admire and drool over, before unbuttoning your trousers and doing your best to make them obliged to build a raft, lest they drown in the gallons of jism you are pouring out!

ย  ย  Escort profiles here are very detailed and filled with enough images and videos to get your network provider worried about the amount of data you are consuming! What these profiles do not have is an indication of how much money is needed to make these chicks spread it and take it. Yeah, there is no price list in evidence on the site, no matter how assiduously I looked for this up the skirts of the sluts on show!

ย  ย  Now, with no price list in evidence, I am forced to guess the rates of the escorts here. I would say it should be around half of what the babes in the states take for the same line of work. Got a thousand bucks? That should get you a week of unlimited fun with just about any escort here.

Gem-Studded Escorts Argentina

ย  ย  Itโ€™s been a while since Iโ€™ve seen escort profiles as pretty, compelling, and detailed as those on this escort site Argentina. I review escort sites on the daily, and I gotta say other escort sites could take a cue from the Gemidos.TV escort profiles and the overall site design.

ย  ย  For one, profile image thumbnails here are extra-large. Thus, while the site is crammed with escort profile thumbnails, it does not feel crowded, at least not till you go much further down the page. Profiles come in sections, with the first being diamond profiles, followed by platinum, outstanding and gold profiles.

ย  ย  And then thereโ€™s the fact that most profile image thumbnails are not exactly images. Rather, these are short videos, like a GIF of sorts and that is rather attention-grabbing. Each of these profile thumbnails lists the name of the escort, her age, and location, plus the category she falls into. This category can be Virtual, VIP Area, Fantasies, Tranny, and Available.

ย  ย  Like I have said a few times, profiles here are detailed. A click gets you contact details, a brief About Me, stuff about services rendered, and a map that indicates where exactly the escort is shaking her booty at the moment. There are also colored buttons that you can click to call or chat with escorts on Whatsapp, plus lots of hi-res images and more than a few videos.

ย  ย  Time for sample profiles, right? Okay. Take Nina Bellucci. Sheโ€™s a trans, but if she never told you that thereโ€™s no way you could ever guess. This oval-faced beauty with skin like milk rocks a full, firm, and perfectly perfect booty. Nina is 25-years old and will deepthroat you with or without protection, plus perform other acts on you that will leave you crying for your mother and unable to sit down for a week!

ย  ย  Nicky Benz on the other hand is a 26-year old blonde and beautiful VIP escort who looks like she just came back from a shoot for a high-end magazine. Her twin jugs are the fullest and most beautiful I have seen this month, and her ass is the 11th wonder of creation. Nicky works Monday to Wednesday, has her own apartment, and offers full services that include stripteases, role play, and oral without a condom.

ย  ย  Then thereโ€™s Giselle, a 21-year old oval-faced beaut with possibly the loveliest and firmest backyard on the market and knockers that precious few bras can manage to restrain! Giselle is heavily tattooed, tall, shaved and an independent escort with few if any limits. She lives in the Argentinian capital, which might well be why it is the wet dream capital of the world!

ย  ย  Escort profiles and images on the site do not appear to have been verified, but they do seem genuine. Escorts are quality, nearly all can easily pass for A-grade models and not a few seem to be pornstars. Comments on each profile are supported and thereโ€™s a link at the profile bottom that when clicked takes you to the Instagram page of the escort. It is also possible to Like and Follow escorts regardless of if you are logged in or not. Adding an escort to your list of Favorites, however, requires your getting a free membership card.

A Gem Of An Escort Argentina Site

ย  ย  Gemidos TV has a standard if attractive homepage design. White is used as the background color and the many escort video thumbnails in existence help make the site as eye-catching as a planeload of nude Playboy models!

ย  ย  A trio of tabs are positioned at the top right of the homepage, next to the Advertise button and a pull-down menu. This menu can be used to log in or register for free as an escort or client, advertise, access the help of the site admins, and change the default site language. Yeah, English is supported here, plus Portuguese and a range of Spanish spoken in different countries. A menu function found there also enables accessing different variants of the site and switching regions from Argentina to wherever in South or Latin America you like.

ย  ย  Content sorting can be performed via the search bar at the right of the page, while options at the top left hook you up with new escorts, lets you search for escorts by name, check escorts in certain localities, and check out varied categories like Female, Mature, Trans, VIP Area, Video Call, and Full Service. Go to the bottom of the homepage and rather than text talking about how Gemidos TV came into existence and why it is important to respect escorts, what you will find at the bottom right is the Instagram link of the site itself. Cool.

ย  ย  Now, design-wise, the site is okay, but could do with some tweaks. The inclusion of an English language option is good, but the translating algorithm needs improvement. Site features are average and there are no ads and spam.

What I Think of Gemidos

ย  ย  Gemidos.TV has to be one of the best escort sites Argentina that I have carried my big head to! Overall, it works well, and does a lot of good to the soul, spirit, and needy cock!

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