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#1. GirlsBCN Alternative

ย  ย  Perhaps the BCN in means Barcelona, and simply put, girls in Barcelona. I bet you didn’t know that Spanish girls are one of the best things that can happen to you when you’re looking forward to spending some quality time in the company of escorts. Trust to deliver premium girls to you.

ย  ย  Well, let’s not be too forward in concluding that the girls of are premium, not to mention premium in satisfaction. So, after reading this review, I’ll leave you to judge for yourself. Just do not be biased.

BCN News O’clock!

ย  ย  News reaching me is that your cock should prepare to either feast on or be feasted on because the homepage of is mind-blowing. When you land on the homage, you are met with a mature interface alongside the quality profile thumbnails of the escort girls. The colors used and the design are things you should look forward to.

ย  ย  On the right side are different options, ranging from cities to choices that will make navigation easy on this site. The major side of the page has the profile thumbnails of escorts, but you only get to view others when you click on the arrow, as it isn’t listed or in grid form. It carries the escort’s name, location, age, and a button that says see portfolio.

ย  ย  When you scroll down, you see a long write-up about escorts in general and, followed by a grid of photos of escorts from this site, all of which look like tall glasses of fine wine. When you hover over them, you see an arrow that, when clicked on, takes you to the escort’s profile page.

ย  ย  What comes up next is the top companions of the day. Apparently, two top escort girls are uploaded every day, and trust me when I say they look like fire. The bottom of the page has more information about, and from this, you’ll find out that escorts here are called BCNgirls, unlike the regular call girls, escort girls, and all.

Meet The BCN Girls

ย  ย  Whatever reason these escort girls are called BCN girls must be good; in fact, I love the name. It sounds very mature, unique, sexy, and sassy. Moreover, it doesn’t sound regular. I hope these girls will be as unique as their umbrella name sounds, or better still, even more unique, just to keep topping the bar.

ย  ย  So, whichever profile thumbnail you click on will reveal the same pattern as an escort profile page of When you land on the homepage of these girls, you’ll find about ten different language options, all of which display escorts located in that region when you click on any. I must say, the erotic feel this page gives would send shivers down your spine.

ย  ย  Also, a list of charming photos awaits your arrival and will welcome you when you land the profile page of a BCN girl. The profile pages of these escorts are poorly detailed. Some important things were omitted, and thatโ€™s bad for business. However, you get to read a short bio of the escort, and you might want to pay attention; some of these girls state what they can offer.

ย  ย  More information, such as her age, measurements, height, weight, nationality, escort schedule, etc., is also included. To the bottom right, you’ll find a call and WhatsApp icon. With this, you can either call or message the escort. There is also a map showing the exact location of the escort, just in case you have trouble locating her.

Are These Escorts Real?

ย  ย  Considering the fact that the profiles of these girls carry a map, showing the approximate location of the escort is enough reason to note that these escorts are far from being fake. It could even be almost impossible for you to get scammed.

ย  ย  Talking about their appearances, these girls look so bold and daring, and I love it because these kinds of girls are the type to be feisty when handling your weapon of mass destruction. It’s hard to say that they might not look like their profiles, and that’s because aside from the many photos, some of these girls also have videos of them, and it’s just the same as the photos.

ย  ย  You may need to relax your nerves when dealing with these escorts because they do not like they could hurt a fly.

BCN Girls Rate

ย  ย  Judging by the photos of these girls, it might be hard to keep up with them, but nothing is impossible, so make sure to begin placing those calls. In the meantime, these babes might be a little slow to make a demand, so how about you check them out and begin to prepare?

ย  ย  Going back and forth through, it is obvious that these girls omitted their price rates for whatever reason. It doesn’t mean that these escorts are up for charity, though. So, let’s take a look at the escort rates from other escort sites in the region to have an estimate.

ย  ย  On average, these escorts charge $108/hr. On the low end, you can get a rate around $43/hr, and then on the high end, you can find rates around $500/hr. These prices are not fixed anyway.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  The site’s design is good, and the escorts are of good quality, too. However, their profiles are not detailed, and neither do they have a price, but this shouldn’t stop you from calling or messaging one when you need her services.

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