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Simple site design
No spam
Escorts prices are moderate
Site is slightly confusing to navigate through
Homepage is clustered with too much writing
Site is still in its early stages of construction
Very few escort ads

Score 44/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. Govips Alternative

    I’m feeling a bit cranky up here, please, what does VIP mean again? Very Important Penis? Or is it Very Important Person? By the way, I’ll look that up later. Meanwhile, you are VIP, and your very important cock and all the regions that lead to it deserve to be treated to the dick-salvaging taste of a Govips escort’s wet cunt. I guess you can tell that when the VIPs deal with the very important parts, you’re sure to have a very intriguing cum splash of an experience.

    I’ll cut to the chase and serve it to you already! So today, I’m reviewing the escort site, an Argentinian escorts site with stunning escorts out of whose snatches you’d sure want to ram the living hell! You’d better be rock-hard and buried in a boner while trying to tighten those belts as I take you for a Govips review ride. Here’s my Govip review fellas!

Can I Get A Table In The VIP Section?

    What greets my eyes on the homepage brings back memories from my Geography classes in school, thoughts of rocks, and mountain images. The only difference here is that there’s what looks to me like a wet mountain of bare but concealed booty. That’s by the way though, let’s leave the homepage of this escort site for now and find out how much getting a slot in this queue for a glorious VIP escort treatment will cost.

    Well, the prices of the escorts on this site are really moderate, it seems these chicas all had some sort of roundtable meeting before deciding what prices they’ll charge since their prices seem to lie within a certain bracket and are even the same for many of them. Well, if there’s a roundtable meeting of VIP snatches? Throw me somewhere in the middle of the table please! Okay, it’s time to run through a few individual  escort rates.

    If you’re in Miami, there’s Flower, a stunning pawg who looks really curvy in the back regions, and she doesn’t mind being your escort for $350USD per hour. She gives every service from kisses, massages, and petting to deepthroats. Besides, Flower works all week long.

    Yet again, if you’re in Chicago, the 24 year old Leah Bonita is a lolita with godlike hips and a devilish cum enticing look. Leah is up for $500 per hour. Looks to me like this bonafide lolita can srew the stars out of a horny brain.

    Well, in general, the price for getting an escort on this site doesn’t vary much with most of the escorts charging either $350 or $500 for 1 hour and a few others charging as low as $100. Although, I came across an escort who quoted $1,000 for 1 hour as her rate. Let’s hope she’s got  trailer loads of VIP wetness and sweetness!

Scroll for VIP Escorts

    The escorts on this site are of average quality, but I won’t think twice about spewing my cum in all their faces right now! Escort profiles on this site are well-detailed, although there are obviously really just a few escorts here. Their picture thumbnails give a pretty good summary of every vital info you’ll need at a glance. This info includes their names, ages, phone numbers, going rate, and some tags specifying the services they offer, alongside their social media chat links and a Govips chat option.

    Hitting a profile thumbnail opens up a more detailed summary of these escorts and presents an about me section where escorts tell what you can hope to get from their wet as fuck cunts. Overall, I’d say the escorts here put good effort in making sure their profiles are very okay in detail.

The Home Of  VIP Pussies

    To be fair, the Govips homepage’s design is moderately okay, but doesn’t immediately give me the feel that I’m an on an escort site that means business. That’s besides the fact that this site’s content is written entirely in Spanish, which is another hitch, thankfully though you could use a google translator. This escort site’s homepage has a white background and as soon as you’re here you will very easily notice three search tabs to the bottom center before you scroll down. These are tabs for searching for escorts by location. To the top left are the start, view ads, community, login and help buttons. Situated not far from these is the advertise button, well you’ll only be needing this if you have a cunt to spread.

    The Govips homepage looks more like a site that’s still very much under construction. Going down the page brings you to this long list of info and guidelines. A bit of this info is concerning how to navigate the site as a regular user and majority of it is for both escorts looking to advertise on the site. I think there is too much emphasis on their need for escorts. More than two thirds of the homepage’s content steers around this. Again this reinforces the obvious fact that this site is definitely in its early construction stages.

What I Think Of Govips

    This site is really just a work in progress and won’t give you the best in escorts options and quality. Let’s allow them up their game. For now take that horny dick elsewhere!

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