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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Lots of useful threads and posts
โœ“ Plenty of active users
โœ˜ Looks very dated
โœ˜ Site features are disappointing
โœ˜ Poor language option

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#1. GP-Guia Alternative

ย  ย  The holy book says that wherever two or three guys are gathered, the topic is invariably pussy, booties and how high or otherwise them bitches can arch and thereby facilitate pussy demolition. Praise the rod brethren!

ย  ย  Now, guys do love talking about sex. You know this and I know this. On a site like, the topic mainly focuses on the escorts the fellas on this forum hired and whether they tried their best, looked like their photos, kissed like they meant it, and allowed themselves to be fucked six ways to Sunday. Hereโ€™s my review and this Brazilian site sure does sound like a hidden gem for Latina pussy hunters everywhere!

Buying Bundles Of Cheap Slits!

ย  ย  If you have read my other escort Brazil reviews, then you will know that Brazil pussy comes cheap, especially if you are American and get your salary paid in USD. The low prices that escorts in Brazil accept is still kind of hard to understand and get used to.

ย  ย  Take Aline Garcia who accepts R$200 for 60 minutes, which is just $37. Ana Livia on the other hand takes R$400 for an hour, while Barbara Judia is happy with R$250 for 2 hours. This translates to $77 and $48 USD respectively and all 3 escorts cited live and work in Sau Paulo.

ย  ย  Rates can however vary widely in Sau Paulo and other Brazilian regions. I saw escorts who were happy with R$100 for 30 minutes, while others wanted $600 per hour. In general, most escorts on this site will accept 50 bucks or so and it is easy to find those that will take half that, especially if you are paying for 30 minutes or less. Of course, these kinds of prices are far cheaper than would be possible in the states, which is good news for all those fellas in America who have been dying to unload their cum flow into cheap snatch!

Empty Escort Brazil Profiles

ย  ย  Well, there are no escort profiles on Here, wankers large and small just meet up to review the performance of escorts they picked up from sites like Fatal Model and PhotoAcompanhantes. If you are asking where I got the prices I quoted in the section above, well, escort reviews on the site generally list the name and rate of the escort, as well as the link where she can be found.

ย  ย  Reviews are not all that rosy. One fella was complaining about an escort intentionally wasting his time till he just went back home via Uber and was warning site members to have nothing to do with that particular escort. I sure do feel his pain.

ย  ย  Most reviews though are fulsome in praise and make for quite an entertaining read. One I liked said something about the fella meeting the escort at a motel, where they both had a shower and kissed, before she gave him a BJ and he returned the favor. The guy was said the escort pussy he ate tasted all great and had no odor and I sure would want some of that!

All About GP-Guia

ย  ย  GP-Guia is a forum devoted to the thorough review of escorts in Brazil. I imagine the fact that such a forum exists will make them sluts in that country sit up and do better when it comes to spreading their legs and getting ministered to by erect penises.

ย  ย  Now, the site has a dated look and looks identical to other forums from the late 90s. Thereโ€™s a site logo looking all lonely at the top middle part of the homepage, with login and registration tabs at the far right. All you need to register for free here is a valid email address, plus a password of your choosing.

ย  ย  Threads and posts fill up the homepage, with site statistics near the bottom. From this, I learned there were 2,403 users the last time I was online for this review, with 112 being registered and the rest classified as guests and visitors. Anyway, there are nearly 140K members, as well as 130K+ topics. Topics are arranged by city here and Portuguese is the default site language and unchangeable.

ย  ย  Site features fall into the average category and there are a few ads but no spam.

What I Think of GP-Guia

ย  ย  GP-Guia is not really meant for Americans, especially those who donโ€™t know a word of Portuguese. If you can speak the language though, you will find the site educative, entertaining and useful for a lot of things, all sexual-related of course.

ย  ย  Yeah, GP-Guia is worth a recommend, and sorely in need of being dragged into the 21st century as well.

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