Hookers.nl Review

โœ“ Decent escorts
โœ“ Act-based filtering options available
โœ“ Has Trans, Male and Female escorts
โœ“ Has Customer Reviews
โœ“ Detailed profiles with services listed
โœ˜ Site has hilarious mistakes
โœ˜ Has a low number of profiles
โœ˜ Multiple confusing price lists
โœ˜ Ads

Score 74/100





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#1. Hookers.nl Alternative


ย  ย  Bit of a giveaway, isnโ€™t it? I mean a little bit of subtlety wouldnโ€™t be bad, but I guess people are already scared to death about Sex Workers. We need someone brave enough to pave the way for everyone else right? Here you can talk to people all over the world who are all like-minded and have a passion for sex. Get ready to ask questions to more experienced freaks. People here also share their own experiences with Dutch Escorts. Who knows, someone might have a lot to say about the escort youโ€™re about to book.

ย  ย  Reading about their experience could either make you run away as fast as you can from that escort or dive in dick first, no rubber!

ย  ย  Today Iโ€™m taking a break from reviewing escort sites instead of reviewing a Dutch Escort Forum Website. Connecting and discussing with freaks like ourselves can be unbelievably helpful. Nobody is born with prior knowledge of rope suspension, they all learned it from someone else and so did I. So, if getting to know more about a Dutch escort forum site interests you then keep reading. Hereโ€™s my Hookers.nl review.

Hookers! Hurt You? Or Heal

ย  ย  Well, that obviously depends on the escort. If you have an escort with buck teeth and poor technique, the chances you donโ€™t start to bleed are slimmer than my last escortโ€™s waist, but then a proper Nuru massage performed by a tantric masseuse with soft hands and a sexy body would probably give you sexual healing. However, with forums, things are a bit different. They arenโ€™t trying to get you to book escorts, all they wanna do is tell you about the ones they fucked. After reviewing the Dutch escort sites, I found that there arenโ€™t many escorts here. So, the odds that your favorite buddy on this forum also fucked the same escort. Itโ€™s a small world Afterall.

ย  ย  Luckily, even though the site is in Dutch, google translate steps up to the plate and does not cause unnecessary irritation. Without google translate working reliably, this site would be completely useless for international clients. Even with Google Translate, you will encounter some hilarious string of words but you will learn to appreciate it because the alternative is far worse.

Nothing Else Left To Do!

ย  ย  Unfortunately, upon reaching the home page and reading a message left by the web developers of this site my dick lost its erection. Apparently, there was a data leak some time ago, and that caused the Dutch Data Protection Authority to investigate. That resulted in the deletion of messages and accounts and eventually shutting down of Hookers.nl.

ย  ย  You have no idea how sad that makes me, especially since the site design and layout look so tasteful, I'm sure they worked a lot on this site. Itโ€™s also far cleaner and better designed than all the escort forum websites that I've ever seen.

ย  ย  Iโ€™m glad that the developers at least decided to put up a message explaining the situation. It would be quite a shock if the site just up and vanished. People who used this site regularly would be clueless about the entire situation.

ย  ย  The site does have a few working links. These links can be accessed by clicking on either Sex ads or Webcam Brothels. Clicking on the former will redirect you to Kinky.nl. One of the best escort sites in all of the Netherlands. I have also reviewed this website and you can find it on this exact website. If you are interested in learning more about Dutch escorts then I suggest you read my review and check out other escort sites. Happy browsing!

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