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#1. Alternative

ย  ย  There is just something about these Paraguayan escorts that never cease to amaze meโ€”they got a soft bubbly ass that speaks Spanish fluently and a well-built tit that jiggles at the sound of a bank alertโ€”Ka chin! Today, we are reviewing one of the escort sites in Paraguayโ€”Hot.comโ€”where you can find some of those jiggly and bubbly chicks, stay with me while we discuss the pros and cons of this escort site in Paraguay.ย 

A home(page) full of Ass is a good home

ย  ย  There are 2 things you will notice when you visit, are the ass and tittiesโ€”and there are loads of them. I ain't even joking with you right now, it was boobies overload, and Iโ€™m sure your manhood will love to be here as well. It is so easy to pick and hire an escort, you can either search for the escorts in your city using the search box on the homepage or just click on one escort from the numerous displayed on the homepage.

ย  ย  I checked out a few of the escorts listed on the front page as well as some using the search feature and I tell you, it is massive, now Iโ€™m not talking about the size of the tits or the weight of those asses but the number of escorts in each major cities in Paraguay. And it is even worth knowing that trusting these escorts is easy because they are affiliated with escort agencies, so the chances of them ripping you off is well, close to zero.

ย  ย  Jade VIP is a 23-year-old escort in the Downtown Area with scrumptious tits that hold hands and smooth ass cheeks that look like they belong on both sides of a burger sandwich. Sheโ€™s an independent escort that doesn't belong in any agency and she looks like she can take care of your highness the way he deserves to be treated. Naty is another good-looking escort inย  Fernando de la Mora North Zoneโ€”her ass cheeks look like two planets joined together and sheโ€™s 20, hmmm. Some of her services include Attention to couples, Pecking kisses, Change of role, Domination, Costume fantasies, Prostate, massage Relaxation, massage Thai massage, Oral with condom, and so on. So yea, the point is, there are quality and real escorts listed on, and they look delicious.

ย  ย  Reviews are an important aspectโ€”Iโ€™m sure you might have read this on most of my reviews but itโ€™s true, and I love how hot escort sites in Paraguay understood that and made use of a community. Although itโ€™s not the type of reviews you see immediately on a profile, the use of forums where people can talk freely is impressive as well, check them out before hiring an escort, you might see one or two reviews on the chick you are trying to hire.

No rates no problem?

ย  ย  Ratesโ€”list your prices, let us know how much you charge per hour and let us know what we are paying for the pussy. Sadly, the Paraguayan escorts on the escort site donโ€™t have their rates listed on their profile, so you are left with negotiating prices with them before getting down. It might be an easy thing, thanks to the one-click WhatsApp message button on every escortโ€™s profile. So this might not be a problem for you.

Is a Reliable Escort Site in Paraguay?

ย  ย looks like a reliable escort site to me, especially when you want chicks and babes that will get you hard by just looking at their bodies straight-up. They have quite the catalog and you know what? Your cock might be happy with the pussy you pull from this escort site.

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