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#1. Hoters Alternative

I've always wondered why being extremely attractive or seductive is most times related or attributed to demons or devils and pure and natural beauty is attributed to angels and goddesses. Well whether we sliding our dicks in angels or demons I don't really give a fuck. The extraterrestrial beings might just need as much ramming as the pussies on our planet do by the way, you never can tell. And if you ever are in luck to smash either of these extraterrestrials, dick 'em real fucking good!

Well, enough with the extraterrestrial cunts above us. Let's talk about those on the escort site called I've awoken this morning with a burdened heart for the Polish cocks that aren't getting any pussies. So it's dick salvation O' Clock!

And here's the good news. By the end of my Hoters review, I'll have explained everything there is to know about this site. So buckle up, strap this review to your balls, and let's go for a ride.

Are You 18 Or Older Mr Boner Owner?

When I came across this site, I felt a little bit reluctant to check it out mainly because it has the weirdest name I've seen in a while but just as my ex girlfriend did, I swallowed my reluctance like cum and proceeded to explore the site.

To my surprise, the first page that popped up on my screen was one that asked me to confirm if I was an adult or not. That little detail alone raised my overall expectation of the site because it's rare to see an escort site making it crystal clear to its customers that except you are an adult, you're not welcome here.

Still on that page I was given two options, I could either choose to leave the site which means I've agreed that I'm below the age requirement for visiting the site or I could click “I'm going in '' and clicking that would mean I agree to all their terms and conditions. And without reading the terms, I clicked the button and went into the site. Like why the fuck do they expect a horny guy to read through terms and conditions ?

So like a Chad, I began exploring Hoters with my dick held high and to my surprise, the Escorts on the site match the name of the site. They are hot as fuck with bodies of horny devils and faces of angels. I guess we could call them the nephilims of the modern world.

Pumping Seeds In Pamelas

When I went through the list of Escorts the site on Hoters, I came across a particular Escort who goes by the name Pamela. Pamela is a 21 year old beautiful lady who is fluent in both English and Polish.

Pamela rocks a slender body with huge tits and a thin waistline. She's basically the real life girl of my dreams . With a nice long brunette and an angelic smile, looking into her eyes while deep stroking would be a dream cum true. Not to mention her perfectly shaped ass with curves that left me with sticky balls and fingers in an instant.

Pamela offers a wide range of services ranging from Massages to Sex meetings to webcams and many more.

Despite offering all these services, Pamela only charges $200 – $240 or (802.48PLN – 962.98PLN) per hour. That's literally getting services made for Kings at a price anyone can afford. I don't know about you but I have to bang her tomorrow or my dick might fall off.

My Experience On Hoters As A Whole

Apart from Escorts with huge boobs, pointy tits and juicy cunts, my experience on Hoters in general was pretty good. One of the many things about the site that I absolutely love is the fact that instead of a regular comment section below the stunning pictures of its divine Escorts, Hoters gives you not just one or two but three spaces where you can put your Email, name and your comment at the last slide. So instead of searching for your Escort and checking her pictures to see if she has replied to your comment, her replies are sent straight to the email address you put underneath her posts.

The good and interesting thing about this one is that you don't need to create an account to be able to drop a comment and receive replies. Even though you can actually create an account on Hoters, you're not compelled or forced to create one or log into an account unless you want to have a profile.

Hoters also allow you to select what city you want to see Escorts from. Which is really convenient especially when you're in a sticky situation and don't have time to check what city the pair of titties stay Everytime you find an escort you might want to smash.

They also have a filter feature where you can choose the age range of Escorts you want to see, the weight of the Escorts and even the size of their boobs. I'm pretty sure by the time you're done using these filters, the Escorts that pop-up on your page will be dick taking. The fact that you can literally describe your type of girl to the site and let the site do most of the sorting alone is amazing and in my book it is one of the best features there is on .

What I Think About Hoters

Personally, I think Hoters is not a hundred percent a really decent site for finding and banging escorts cos they kind of lack in certain areas like their website design in general. The color combo they have on the site isn't bad, but the way they put it together is.

They'll also need to work on their listing of escorts. The way the escorts are presented just makes the whole experience less attractive. It was so bad that I almost lost my golden boner. Despite all the few aspects they lack in, Hoters is still a really neat site to get laid from. But I won't recommend it with my full chest.

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