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ย  ย  Banging hard from behind while enjoying the view of the city that looks like a high-quality photo through the glass windows of the last floor is something to always dream of because of the serene environment. Her moans alone are enough to drive you crazy, and then the feeling of thrusting in and out of that wet pussy that makes those weird but sexy sounds, damn, that pussy has got to be a keep.

ย  ย  Croatian escort girls wish to make your next vacation in Croatia full of pleasure by satisfying your cock all around, so letโ€™s check out this site and see if itโ€™s worth the time.

The Glassy Homepage

ย  ย  The homepage of this site is very fancy and gives a very soft vibe. Maybe it's because of the white background. It looks like it's ready for business, and that makes my cock more than eager to find out whatโ€™s hidden behind the glass walls. Letโ€™s check out this site properly because sometimes looks can be deceiving.

ย  ย  The top of the homepage has exciting features, the logo button, like a cock marking its territory, already takes hold of the top left side of the page, and the title button comes next, followed by the all ads and blog button.

ย  ย  The title button simply reloads the homepage, the all ads button allows you to filter the kind of escort you need, and the blog button, when clicked on, displays blog posts and articles on erotic topics. I can bet you will dwell here for a while because the contents here are very juicy.

ย  ย  A log-in or register button can also be found, as well as an advertisement button that allows you to create and post an ad. The next row holds the different search buttons; you get to search for locations and categories of escorts. Such a feature can be so resourceful to my boners because I can just search directly for my choice of escort.

ย  ย  The next thing you see here is a category of top advertisers, such as dating/relationship, fetish, love/marriage, personal contacts, friendship, sex, etc. The fetish button has a handcuff image attached to it, and it reminds me of BDSM. It seems like these escorts practice BDSM as a fetish, and I love the blindfolding side of it, with my hands tied to the back of the chair while she rides me like a hamster riding its wheel until I ask her to stop.

ย  ย  The next category you see is the latest ads category, where recent escort girls' advertisements on the site are displayed. The few escorts that have a photo of them attached on this site look pretty beautiful and of good quality. Letโ€™s hope others are also good-looking. Beneath the escort category is a button that allows you to place an ad.

ย  ย  You also get to explore the best locations when you scroll down a bit. The features of this site are pretty many, but as valuable as the cock is to a cunt, so donโ€™t get bored just yet. You get to see more ads when you become a member, so if you're interested, make use of the Create your profile button that you see when you scroll further.

ย  ย  The bottom part of the page carries blog posts and other information relevant to this site.

The Classy Escorts

ย  ย  The escorts of this site are expected to be classy and very good-looking, with a very juicy honey pot that is ever ready to welcome a cock guest. Letโ€™s check if they fit your description.

ย  ย  The profile thumbnails of these escorts don't hold so much information about these escorts; you only get to see a photo of the escort, the escort location, a tag of what she wants, and a timing schedule.

ย  ย  The profiles of these escorts also do not have many details about these escorts, not even a name, and thatโ€™s terrible. Escorts here give conditions that seem to be more of a work schedule. There is a Year on the bios of these escorts that appears to be their year of birth. There is a button to like the profiles of these escorts and also a button to report abuse. Beneath these are related ads, and you can also leave a comment in the comment box provided if you wish.

ย  ย  Escort profiles here are not detailed and hold no escort information aside from contact information. You donโ€™t even get to know the size of the boobs, height, hair color or anything of such.

The Escort Rates

ย  ย  Itโ€™s good to reward or spoil these escort girls silly, especially when they do things sequentially, such as getting on her knees to behold your royal cock and deeply soak it in her mouth while gently massaging your balls and from time to time stroking your chest and massaging your nipples. Such an escort girl deserves so much more than what she asks for.

ย  ย  Well, escorts here do not have a price rate attached to their profiles, but an estimate from other Croatian escort sites is that escorts here would charge between $100 and $200.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  Everything about the site screams perfection: navigation is easy, and the choice of colors is good, but there are not enough photos of these escorts, and their profiles are not detailed. There is also no price information about these escorts. An escort site that doesnโ€™t have enough photos to please the eyes, no cunt or boob in view, is just an error.

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