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โœ“ The Site Is Accessible To All
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โœ“ The Siteโ€™s Layout Is Superb
โœ“ Escort Rates Are Fair
โœ“ Smooth Navigation
โœ˜ Language Options Are Unavailable

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#1. IlhadoPrazer Alternative

ย  ย  Whenever I pronounce this, it almost sounds like I’m trying to pronounce something in the family of bulldozers. Well, I guess it means Pleasure Island. You know what that means? You won’t have to do so much to get to cloud nine. almost sounded like a chant, though, but I’m glad it’s something better.

ย  ย  I am anxious to see what has in store, and I know you are, too. So, how about we go on an exotic ride to see what’s next on the agenda?

The Island Of Pleasure

ย  ย  The site owner really wants you to feel relaxed when you hear of because it is sure to give you a cloud-nine experience on an island of pleasure. Well, I believe the only person permitted to be a judge of that is you, so how about we cut to the chase and get this over and done with?

ย  ย  The homepage of is likely to cause confusion because of its layouts and arrangements. The font style and size don’t even help matters. Well, I love the fact that the site’s logo depicts the image of pleasure on the Island. To the top right is a menu button that contains options your balls have no business with, except you need to check out the social media pages.

ย  ย  You can choose to filter different categories of escorts in various areas and read and learn a lot about in general. Scroll further, and you’ll find other regions arranged in grid form, with thumbnails of escorts available attached. There are a good number of these, so your eyes are definitely going to get a good show.

ย  ย  At the end of this list are the beginnings of different articles from Look further, and you’ll find the option to invite your friends, sign up for newsletters, and make advertisements. The bottom of the page holds other locations where you can find different escorts to fulfill your desire.

Island Groove

ย  ย  When you want to view these escorts, you either use the search option or just make do with what you see on the homepage. For a better view, click on any of the cities on the homepage, and you’ll be directed to a page containing escorts from that location alone. It is pretty similar to the homepage.

ย  ย  This homepage contains the profile thumbnails of these escorts, by which I mean escorts in that particular area. It seems like there aren’t so many escorts in these regions, but I guess they made up for it with the bootylicious escorts. Well, the thumbnails of these girls have the location of these escorts, the date the ad was posted, the name, and a few control buttons.

ย  ย  You can access the escort’s profile page by clicking on any of the thumbnails; this action allows you to view and learn about an escort’s characteristics. In addition to the information you view on these thumbnails, you can also learn the escort’s contact details, the services she renders, physical attributes, work schedules, and price rates.

ย  ย  There is also the option to comment on any escort profile page you come across, and of course, a whole gallery that contains charming photos of the escorts. Each of these photos has the option of liking and commenting on them. You also get to see the number of likes and comments each photo has.

Are These Escorts Real?

ย  ย  Considering that these escorts have their faces covered, they might just be genuine. This is because escorts do this to prevent their photos from being stolen and used, which literally means impersonation. These girls also do not want to be recognized, as many of them do this escort thing discreetly.

ย  ย  There is also the option to report any irregularity found in any of the escort’s profiles. In the aspect of photos, the photos of these escorts have the name of the site inscribed on them, and this means that these photos have been verified by the site. At the top of the escort’s profile pages, you’ll find a statement saying that all escorts on are real.

ย  ย  Looking through, it doesn’t look like these escort girls are fake. All evidence points to the fact that these girls are legit. It still doesn’t mean that you should be so carefree.

Bill Daddy

ย  ย  These girls need to know that Daddy will always foot their bills, so check what they need and do the needful. Paula Freire is 25 and provides external services. The services she renders depend on the charge and how long the service will last. Paula charges $29 for an hour of a few services, and she charges $39 for two hours with more services to be rendered.

ย  ย  Every escort’s rate here differs, so how about a quick tour to find out the rates of escorts in the region? On the low end, you’ll find rates as low as $40 per hour, and on the average end, rates are bound to be around $100. On the high end, you’ll find rates between $150 and $200.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  Nothing seems boring here. Navigation is easy, and you might excuse the shabby homepage of Escorts are of good quality, the profiles aren’t so bad, and they also look legit. So, I recommend it.

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