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#1. Ilmercatone Alternative

Saluti!!! Here we go again, pervert buddies. I hope I took you on an adventure the last time you read me. Did you get any pussy from yesterday's bunch that did not literally drop like manna from the skies? I believe someone played their cards right into escort pussy and in the best possible way. Well, dick brethren, we're still lingering in Italy today. Ever eaten Italian pizza or tasted their fine wine?

You're gonna love it penis friends. But then, I believe you won't just taste pizza and wine and then forget about tasting the good vaginas the fuck vixens of great Italy have to offer. Hahaha!! Guess you already know it ain't fun when your balls choose the color blue as their favorite costume? Lol. Well, I've reinforced my vows and strengthened my resolve to see to it that no boners go uncatered for in our big big planet. So today I bring to you And what for fucks sake does have to offer? Well, you'll find all that out in this Ilmercatone review.

So What Comes Next?

Now this part is what we always want to talk about most. And I'm sure you've been asking the question in your mind already. What did Leonardo Da Vinci do to get his balls saved from the stress of sitting all day and studying? Well, hereโ€™s a hint I can give you for free: going rates or escortsโ€™ charges would be the answer if Vinci was a bad boy.

Sadly, the escorts here donโ€™t tell their going rates. Thatโ€™s interesting Iโ€™d say. Every escortโ€™s profile page comes with a long essay at the top that tells everything else but just how much they charge. Well, ainโ€™t that hypocrisy? If you never knew, youโ€™d better best believe it is. On average though, Italian escorts charge anywhere between 70 EUR/ 79 USD per hour on the lower end and 200 EUR/ 220 USD for an hour. Pretty inviting rates I must say.

Goddesses Of Sex

So the craziest thing I found here is that the grannies spread it out too on this site. So if your kink is sticking your ancestral pipe down some grandmas ass then youโ€™ll find the perfect grannies on this site. But thatโ€™s just on one end, there are also young, vibrant, and energetic babes on this site. The 20 year old not-many-years-away from their virginity kind of babes.

So thereโ€™s Michela, queen mother of beauty and perversion. With her long blonde hair, round and succulent tits, V shaped pussy and a hippy waistline. Sheโ€™s obviously an independent lady who's appearance alone stirs up pure lust.

Thereโ€™s also the likes of Nonna Carmela, a blowjob loving cunt. This chick looks like she could suck the canals of Ancient Egypt dry. Chances are when sheโ€™s done with any fortunate male reproductive biology, its testicles will be hanging empty and shrunk from an offload of cum.

Overall, thereโ€™s a good deal of escorts here and although some profiles donโ€™t look real, others do and will give your boner an experience of a lifetime. But then, the babes here are really just amateur in quality.

For SEO Or For Sex?

Ilmercatone is no doubt a site for perverting your soul when you're out somewhere in Italy. Thatโ€™s a given and from a quick glance on landing the siteโ€™s homepage itโ€™s pretty easy to tell that Milan is the city with the most escorts on this site. Well, thanks to the brackets right next to the list of Italian cities shown on the homepage. Again, itโ€™s really no surprise that Milan tops the list. Here's a little Milano statistics that explains why. Milan is home to about 1.3 million people situated in the Northern region of Lombardy/Italy. The Fashion Hub of the world, Dolce and Gabbana, Bottega, Prada, Versace, Armani et cetera et cetera.

Personally, I really don't give a fuck about what the heck is going down in your wardrobe so long as your dick closet is getting laid good enough. The interesting fact here is that I expected a whole lot more from this site than I got to see. You know, the fashion hub of the world should have some of the spiciest chicks on the planet and the sweetest-looking site. Surely, art is Milan. The stunning pieces that greet the eyes in this Italian city are a testament to that fact. However, itโ€™s really disappointing to say that a site which claims to be the first dating site in all of Italy looks nothing near being classy or beautiful. The design is obviously dated and starts out at the top with a list of some cities in Italy and a button that says โ€˜view all citiesโ€. To the right of the homepage, thereโ€™s also a block for easy filtered search. Scrolling down reveals the different categories of services provided on the site. The categories here range from female escorts and couples to mature women and even fortune telling. Fortune telling? Yeah, I was just as surprised as you must be.

Scrolling to the bottom of the Ilmercatone site reveals a block of texts. Now I believe this to be very unnecessary. Itโ€™s however obviously a keyword strategy to get Google to rank the site. Thatโ€™s bitchy to say the least but then weโ€™re here for the bitches though I thought. However, overall, the site is easy to navigate although it could do a lot better with some design improvements.

What I Think About Ilmercatone

So yeah, talk about being impressed? Not exactly. I wonโ€™t forget to mention the fact that by default is written in Italian with no onsite language translator, which means non-Italian speaking boners still need Google translators. This site sure doesnโ€™t do it for me. Itโ€™s best to go somewhere else.

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