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ย  ย  A quick dad joke I came up with not long agoโ€ฆ why are sperms called semen? Think about it while we go through this Intim uslugi escort site review. Speaking of the Intim-uslugi review, we will be going through it like any other escort site reviewed on our platform, and if you are new here, we basically take things slow from the front page to the inner pages, discussing the pros and cons of the escort site and ending things with my own verdict and what I think about the escort site. This review will follow the same track, so sit back and enjoy this review.

Hiring these escorts shouldnโ€™t be hard

ย  ย  Finding and hiring escorts shouldnโ€™t be hard at all, as a matter of fact, a good homepage on an escort site is characterized by how well they can help you reserve that boner energy and not make you lose interest in the escorts before hiring them. And when it comes to Intim-uslugi homepage, it is a perfect homepage, the homepage is full of girls with tits popping and ass staring at you, and if you like something like these, then you will definitely love it.

ย  ย  The navigation is lovely as well, other than the profiles of the escorts staring at you on the homepage, there are options to select the different cities that you can hire escorts on the menu bar, cities as Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, and so on. Other than the cities, you can hire escorts in less than 3 clicks and all these without breaking a sweat or cum.

ย  ย  The prices the escorts charge are different, depending on whether you want a VIP escort or a normal escort. The prices of the VIP escorts can go as low as 1200 UAH per hour, but if you want something lower than that, then you can settle for something around 300 UAH per hour. But Intim-uslugi has more VIP profiles, so Iโ€™m guessing finding the low-range escorts might be a bit hard.

Quality of the escorts on Intim-uslugi

ย  ย  The escorts on Intim-uslugi are amazingโ€”no scrap that, they are good-looking and they look like they would be getting 8 stars from me. The options on the listings are big as well, there are escorts with big boobs and butts, there are escorts that are slim and portable, and escorts of different age ranges and all you gotta do is to just go in and find your own preferenceโ€ฆmake sure to read the reviews.

ย  ย  Oh, the reviews, it is important to have a review section integrated into an escort hiring website and I guess Intim-uslugi understood that they have a review section embedded on every escortโ€™s profile to have the input of previous escorts, and like any other reviewsโ€“the reviews on Intim-uslugi can only be submitted by those that have hired the escort. This creates trust for the new users trying to hire escorts on Intim-uslugi, another advantage of using the platform to hire escorts is the fact that they have escort badges to create trustsโ€”badges like photo verified, account verified, profile verified, and so on.

Is Intim-uslugi a Reliable escort site in Ukraine?

ย  ย  Intim-uslugi is a reliable escort site to hire escorts in different cities across Ukraine, they have the basic things you need in an escort site, things as price and rates, a review section, and so on. The escorts are divided into the cheap ones and the VIPs, so go in there and look for the ones your pocket can afford, but if you would like your dick to make the decisions, then you might be looking to hire the premium escorts on Intim-uslugi, because they are hot!

ย  ย  Oh, I almost forgot, the answer to the riddleโ€”why are sperms called semen? Well, it is because they swim to the eggโ€ฆ okay, I will be leaving right now.ย 

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