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#1. Istanbul-Escorts Alternative

ย  ย  Welcome back to another glorious day on another episode of โ€œhow good is this escort site in Turkeyโ€ โ€”if this is your first time, welcome to escortsites, and if this is not, welcome back, glad to have you back. Today I will be discussing some detailed reviews on the Istanbul escorts site in Turkey, we will be going through the pros and cons as well as other aspects that I feel they could have worked on, and then ending things with my verdict, basically a fun review. Here is my review, look forward to it.

What type of meat do you like?

ย  ย  She loves your meat for sure, but you have a choice, there are loads of them available, do you want the soft and puffy meat or the creamy wet meat? Well up to you, but all I know is has so much meat, it should be called what it isโ€”lmao canโ€™t think of something else. Anyways, I will be going through the front page and navigations and then ending things on the escorts, you know how we do it.

ย  ย  On the front page, you'll find a list of escort posts from different cities across Turkey that have been posted recently. The front page of the Istanbul escorts site also has listings of the most popular escorts for the day, which can be found at the far right of the screen, below it, is basically the escort blog where they talk about different topics on escorts in Turkey. The navigation is basic, or should I say minimal? There isnโ€™t much to do, just click on the profile of the escorts you want, and boom you have it.

ย  ย  But I did find the lack of advanced options to be sad, I mean, won't it be better to have an option to sort for escorts in different cities or various areas in Istanbul? Perhaps they didnโ€™t think of that.

ย  ย  We know you've been waiting, so let's discuss the escorts. We both know how good-looking and how dashing they are especially the ones that serve manhood like they are about to be called the Queen of the coast. But when I take a look at the escorts on this site, they felt, at first, it was because of the picturesโ€”donโ€™t get me wrong, the pictures they used were good and they looked pretty in those, with good ass and nice tits but thatโ€™s not the thing, I felt it was just a coverโ€”will be discussing that in a minute.

ย  ย  Going into the profiles of these escorts, they have a detailed bio and crazy explanations, they list a thousand things they want to do to you in bed, duck your toes or lick your ears, which is not bad. But what is bad is that after all these, they donโ€™t have a phone number listed to get contacted with. Like how are you going to get a man aroused and horny and not give him a method to contact you, donโ€™t you find that funny? And the review section or perhaps the comment section that is meant to be used as a means for reviewing escorts after banging them is basically used by people to ask for phone numbers, and what is worse is, these Istanbul escorts donโ€™t even replyโ€”do they exist at all?

ย  ย  In addition to the missing phone numbers, rates are also missing. How can you not have prices listed-but then again, I am not surprised, it is still useless to have prices listed without a mode of communication, what's the point?

Escort and Prices

ย  ย  Prices? Good luck trying to find the prices of these escorts, thatโ€™s even if they exist. See, I donโ€™t like conspiracies but here is my theory, this escort site is spam with spam posts designed to scam people, thatโ€™s what I thinkโ€ฆ because do people even use this trash at all?

Is a Reliable escort site in Turkey?

ย  ย  I doubt it is a reliable escort site in Turkey, but to be safe than being sorry laterโ€”just stay off it, stay off and opt for a better escort site out there, we have few of them reviewed on this platform so do well to check them out.ย 

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