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Free to use
Easy to navigate
Almost no escort ads present
Escort profiles look fake and shabby
Site is choked with excessive texts
No price in escort profiles

Score 36/100



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#1. İstanbulEscortBayan Alternative

    Does January have the 34th day? That’s what I’m forced to ask on looking at this escort site’s URL. Well, just maybe Turkey is the first country to have the sun revolve more than 365 days in a year. Now, I think that’s just because there are so many asses getting banged so hard that the earth just forgets to begin a new revolution on the 365th day and spends a few more days in January watching these bad bitches getting slammed by testicles chiming like bells.

    So let’s say it’s the 34th of January, and I’m seated in my corner of the earth. Quite frankly, I’m not pissed with mother earth for choosing to watch countless asses shake to the rhythm of rods smashing against them because I’d do the same if I was in her shoes. So, I have my pen in my hand, and I’m writing you an Ist34ajans3 review. And yeah, is a Turkish escort site. And so, just in case you find yourself in Turkey with a boner that could make the planet stand by and watch in awe, then you’ll most likely wish you had this review wrapped around your dick.

1st Things First

    You’ll sure want to verify going rates right before going or asking any cunts to get going in your direction. Well, what do the babes here charge as their going rates just so that we are on the safe side of things?

    Things are shabby on this site, and everything looks like it's buried under a mass of cum. There are barely any escort profiles, to begin with, and the few that are available don’t show any form of price information. This site is really just a sham.

34 Might Just Be The Code Number Or Maybe Even Less

    Few and very few escort ads. That’s the first thing you’ll not have a hard time figuring out when you land at this escort site. It’s either these guys are new in the game or don’t know their onions. Now, these guys must be attempting to confuse the hell out of my dick, and I found it rather funny to find blog posts about escorts and not profile pages. I’m pretty aware my boner will never have to stroll into a 34th of January because there is none, but then these guys are really good, and instead of showing the obvious, which is the fact that there are not many escort ads here, they instead write blog posts and stick a girls photo in it. This is a pretty smart tactic, I must say, but then I thought to save my dick all this drama and headed in search of some real profiles, and well this site is really just a sham. The escort ads here are fewer than ten, and doing a filtered search for any location or category brings forward the same set of results.

    Escort pages here are really the worst I’ve seen in a long while. And well, the only vital piece of information that’s available here is escorts’ phone numbers. Again, there is no guarantee that these profiles are genuine. These barely even profile enough talk less of their being verified.

    There are barely any escorts on this site, and escort profiles are the most insane in crappiness that I have had to go through in a long while.

Will You Be Home On The 34th Of January?

    Well, we’re home on the 34th of January, at least not in your home but on the Ist34ajans3 homepage and what’s our Turkish 34th January home like? This home falls short of everything I’d have expected a non-existent day at home to look like. Texts, texts, and more texts are the most obvious part of this homepage, and you know what I’d have preferred my 34th January experience to be like? I’d have preferred a home choked with butts and boobs that look like they could suck out every last spill of cum hiding away in my balls. But then, the homepage here is just not that.

    The Ist34ajans3 homepage has a pretty simple design. The top of the page has the home page, escort blog buttons, and a search bar at the left corner of the screen. To the right side of the screen is the advertise button and a categories dropdown menu. There is also an ad space at the top of the screen under this row of buttons. Well, the remainder of the homepage here is just escort profiles and scores of texts looking like they are having an orgy. The page ends with some info on escorts and site information as well.

    It’s pretty easy to navigate this escort site, although there are no language options. Well, that’s because the features here are as few as the hairs that grow on testicles. Moreover, this site could definitely use a shave as there are just too many texts clogging the homepage here.

What I Think About Ist34ajans3

    This site is really just a sham, and if you don’t want your dick to be made into a slice of ham and shredded with disappointments, then shove that schlong back in your pants and head to some other site. I wouldn’t bet even the smallest hair follicle in my testicles on the legitness of this site.

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