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    Another day another escort site is to be reviewed, but before we get into that, let us have a quick chit-chat on what you like best, the European Turks or the other ones? How do you like your escorts—these are basically some things you need to ask yourself before diving in but that’s for you to dwell on. The escort site I will be reviewing in a minute is Istanbul eskort. We will basically go through the web design, and the navigation then also talk about the pros and cons, we can finally end things at the verdict–basically what I think about Istanbuleskort for hiring escorts in Turkey. Here is my Istanbuleskort review, sit tight.

Your type of meal

    I have been holding myself back from typing or making a dirty joke related to Turkeys, but I just can’t, but I promise to be mild, so let's get a move on. I’m gonna start my review from the top of the funnel, the homepage, and then make my way down to the escorts and how good they are. The Istanbuleskort website is cleanly built and designed for high usability I’m sure. The front page is basically a list of posts of escorts that were recently posted in different cities across Turkey.

    And when it comes to the navigation, I say it is quite good. Nothing complex, just a menu of different categories on the homepage, the posts of new escorts on the main window, and to the right are the different detailed categories present on Istanbuleskort and right below it are recent reviews and comments placed by users and customers. Other than having both the European side escorts and the Anatolian side escorts displayed, it is possible to use the categories and select the side you want to find and hire escorts from.

    I know you have been waiting and I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, let’s talk about the escorts. Now, going into the Istanbuleskort website to sort for escorts, I know how beautiful the ladies of Turkey are and I know how dashing and exotic the escorts are. They do a very good job of pleasing their clients on the bed, in the car, or wherever you chose to get down. But when I look at the profiles and posts of the escorts on Istanbuleskort, it felt somehow, the pictures are not even enough to give a valid rating, so from and from what I saw on Istanbuleskort, the escorts are a 6 for me, barely keeping up.

    Going detailed into these escorts’ posts doesn’t even give me the vibe I need to happily come back to you and sing praises and I don’t think you will get that vibe from it either, especially when you come knocking with high hopes. It’s funny how they list 101 things they can do—someone even said “don’t confuse me with low-quality girls” bruh—and don’t list their phone number in the post. There’s this option right below the posts that say “click here for phone number”, I clicked and it takes me to an entirely different website which I believe is a freaking spam page, I thought it was just me until I saw someone asked for help on how to get a phone number using the comment section—but guess what? The chick didn't reply, wow.

    Coupled with the missing phone numbers are also missing rates, how can you not have prices listed—but then again, I am not surprised, it is still useless to have prices listed and not have a means of communication listed, what’s the use right?

Escort and Prices

    Although there is a dedicated section for reviews, basically a comment section… I didn't see a single review. All I saw were people asking for phone numbers, with no reply, and people talking about what they are planning to do with the girls… bruh, how are you gonna fuck her hard if she has no phone number listed? Telekinesis?

Is Istanbuleskort a Reliable escort site in Turkey?

    With what I noticed from the site and its catalog of escorts, I don’t even think you should waste your time trying to hire escorts on this site… well, that’s if you can because there isn’t even a number to call to hire escorts. Focus on better alternatives out there, we got some of them reviewed on this platform, check them out.

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