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โœ“ Simple and easy to use
โœ“ Good number of escort ads
โœ“ No spam
โœ“ Good site design
โœ˜ No language options
โœ˜ Scanty escort profiles
โœ˜ Escorts donโ€™t state their prices

Score 66/100





Quality Of Escorts


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#1. Itaincontri Alternative

ย  ย  So if youโ€™re somewhere in Italy and as dumb as I am when it comes to comprehending Italian and some fella walks up to you and mumbles what sounds like tons of gibberish shit in your ears, this is what I advise that you do. Stick your ears out, and listen carefully for any word that sounds like Itaincontri. If you successfully catch that line, then voila! Itaincontri means Italian meetings or datings. Try fixing the other shit together and if they just donโ€™t make sense, check that your dick still sits in your pants and walk off!

ย  ย  Well, go take your Italian lessons if need be. But for now letโ€™s walk off and head in the direction of some Italian cunts on the site I bet the language of ass and tits is pretty universal and whether or not those slits speak some Italian gibberish really doesnโ€™t matter just as long as they spit some pussy juices too!

ย  ย  So hereโ€™s me putting together an Itaincontri review in the hopes that you wonโ€™t have to wank yourself to coma when a hard boner comes around somewhere in Italy. Sincerely, I could only hope you donโ€™t get arrested for strangling your willy to death! Well, give me your wank creams, keep your willy alive and sit tight on this review already boner owners!

Minted Notes And Meetings

ย  ย  Up for a meeting? Well fellas, the typical Itaincontri meetings ainโ€™t a meeting with charitable cum loving barbies, so wipe your stick clean and read that line again! Want a meeting, then carry some minted notes along fellas! You wonโ€™t want to pull out these sweet-looking professionals of the boner treatment industry for naught? Oh dear! Your wank sticks must be surprised if you didnโ€™t know this already. Good thing is you have me here, so shove that guy in and give me your ears already. Letโ€™s find out what exactly these beauties charge as their going rates.

ย  ย  It just feels amazing to scroll through the quality asses that fill this escort site, and while these hotties could inspire you to recite the Kamasutra and do choreography in the same moment, they seem to have begun the suspenseful act of blowing your mind with concealing their price. Does this blow your mind? Well, Iโ€™m having a hard time with that, and just in case it doesnโ€™t blow your mind as much as a blowjob would, Iโ€™d give you my estimate of what these escortsโ€™ hourly rate is most likely to be.

ย  ย  On average, escortsโ€™ charges on this site would cost anywhere from 150 Euros/ 150 USD to 300 Euros/ 300 USD for 1 hour. Tends to be the high side, right? Well, these twats look worth it in quality.

Letโ€™s Meet With Some Muffs

ย  ย  Sincerely I want to get these muffs in cuffs already, get them imprisoned for some hours, and treat them to some strokes. Some jolly strokes, if you get what I mean fellas. So pick a pen, sketch a map to Italy and letโ€™s go handcuffing some escort profiles on Itaincontri and turning them in for an inspection right here.

ย  ย  So what exactly do escort profiles on this site look like? Firstly, escort profile thumbnails are rectangular in shape and show escortsโ€™ ages, locations, and a brief wow you to the heavens note by the escort. Well, itโ€™s pretty obvious that most of the escort ads on this site are placed by fuck room owners rather than by individual escorts, and this may not sit well with those of us that prefer an outcall. This doesnโ€™t mean that there isnโ€™t a good number of ads placed by individual escorts here. Escort profile pages, on the other hand, donโ€™t give so much information but instead seem to play by the one picture paints a thousand words rule and so have a good number of pictures but little information about escortsโ€™ physical appearance and the types of services they render. Well, youโ€™ll very easily notice the contact buttons to the top right of the screen and also near the bottom of escort profile pages that allow you to choose to reach out to escorts either via telephone calls, Whatsapp, or email.

ย  ย  In general, although the escort quality here is good, the escort profiles here are not detailed and are as shabby as my wank stick forest would look if I hadnโ€™t had it shaved in a year.

A Home Thatโ€™s Decent Enough For A Meeting

ย  ย  Well, itโ€™s homecoming time? So what does the Itaincontri homepage look like? Pretty impressive, I must say. The white background and simply designed category boxes make it easy to navigate the homepage and gives this escort site a simple but pretty neat look that would make your journey to escort asses way shorter than youโ€™d have imagined.

ย  ย  The Itaincontri homepage starts out at the top right with the login, sign in and post announcement buttons. Following this is a search bar that allows you to complete filtered searches based on service type and location. At the center of the page are four broad categories you can choose from, which include the escort, trans, swinger couples, and dating categories. Within these boxes that specify different categories are a few buttons with which you can easily narrow down your search for escorts to selected locations.
Again, lower down the screen are buttons that make navigating for escort ads within the major cities of Italy easy. Youโ€™ll find the escort, trans, swinger couples, gay dating, webcam porno, fredlist network, and blog Itaincontri buttons.

ย  ย  As a whole, the homepage of this escort site has a pretty impressive appearance, and navigating it is really just as easy peasy as finding your way to your schlongs fellas! However, the only major hitch here is that there are no language options available.

What I Think About Itaincontri

ย  ย  Good quality escorts and a pretty easy-to-navigate site. However, I would recommend these guys if you have some Italian speaking skills up your sleeves and the patience to verify going rates yourself.

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