Jock2Go Review

โœ“ No Gate Levy
โœ“ There is a good number of escort ads
โœ“ The Siteโ€™s Design Is Cool
โœ“ Navigation Is Stress-free
โœ˜ Price information Is Unavailable
โœ˜ No Language option

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#1. Jock2Go Alternative

ย  ย  Jokes between escort girls might just be the new trend because those jokes make your cock jerk. So imagine if you had jokes on the go with these babes, that’s mad fun that even your cock will have to pass out from excitement and pleasure. Anyways, you know what’s more enticing, these girls are jocks themselves. Whatever service they offer is done with so much enthusiasm.

ย  ย  So, if you don’t know how to crack a joke, you might start now to practice because orgasm is a must. Stay tuned to this review to find out more.

Is A Home A Joke

ย  ย  A homepage that promises to be filled with escorts to give you a good time, does that sound like a joke to you? If yes, scratch that! Why not get to the end before you begin judging? Nevertheless, let’s get right into the tea because my cock is getting thirsty. The aura that oozes from the page where you confirm that you’re not a minor is pretty strong.

ย  ย  Landing on the homepage of solves the mystery. Turns out that this site is an escort site primarily for guys. For clarity, the percentage of female escorts here should be between 10% and 20%. So, at this point, it’s safe to say that this is a male escort site! So, pick up your phones and ring those babes who have been looking for rock-hard cocks to drill their pussy.

ย  ย  Blokes who desire to bang some assholes and be banged, too, aren’t left out, as everyone is covered by the categories of escorts here. Well, there is a login and sign-up button, so you can do whatever suits you with it, as well as other valuable buttons. Right on the homepage is the option to decide what kind of bloke you would love to see.

ย  ย  As you scroll or explore the page, you find out that these blokes are divided into different categories, all containing other species of dick. You are at liberty to find cocks that can compete with yours, too but do not feel intimidated when you come across such. The bottom of this page contains reviews, blog posts, and interviews.

Enthusiastic Blokes

ย  ย  Most of these cock carrying blokes look like what ladies would drag for because they possess the bodily structure that can make you reach orgasm just by touching. Mere looking at those dicks makes shivers run down my spine; how much more, some pretty ladies? I bet they would begin releasing fluids from their vajayjay like a tap with no control.

ย  ย  Over here, blokes are called jocks, so let’s use their term. These jocks are divided into different categories; there are the jocks of the day, VIP jocks, most active jocks, jocks near you, featured jocks video, and jocks on live cams; all will still give you the pleasure you desire. Now, let’s move on to the main thing.

ย  ย  Each Jock’s thumbnail consists of a name, age, location, and of course, a VIP tag to identify which cock is more luxurious, and also, don’t think that you’re limited to the escorts on your screen; you can decide to view more. Clicking on any thumbnail would take you through a journey of discovery, so let’s hop on that train.

ย  ย  The profiles of escorts here sure don’t know how to keep secrets because you find so many details down to their HIV status, which isn’t a common thing escort sites would do. Anyway, the escorts’ orientation, personal information, preferences, services, fetishes, and photos are mentioned. It’s too bad that some pictures and videos are limited to VIP clients, so you may need to sign up.

Are These Jocks Real?

ย  ย  Wanting to know if these escorts are real is totally cool, especially when you know that most escorts are not who they claim to be. They are either impersonating someone else or just wanting to get some cash from you. Anyway, has provided the option to report any escort profile if found wanting.

ย  ย  The fact that most features are restricted to VIP members who have an account also might mean that these escorts are genuine and mean business with only serious-minded people. On the profiles of these escorts, you’ll find the verified ID tag, which means they have been asserted to be genuine.

ย  ย  Also, regarding escort photos, most escort profiles have the Real Photos tag, and this is just the best because you won’t be requesting a dark dick, and you will get a caucasian colored pink dick sent to you. Exactly what you see is what you get. A review section exists, too; there, you can read and find out if an escort is legit or fake.

Enthusiastic Rates

ย  ย  The majority of these escorts offer incall, outcall, and overnight services, but sadly, their price rates are not stated. However, since these jocks are not for charity, the escort rates of other escort sites in the region can save the day.

ย  ย  So, if you are looking to spend time with these escorts, you need to ring your account manager to do what is required. On average, you should look at spending $40 per hour. On the low end, you should get rates between $25 and $30 per hour, while on the high end, rates from $80 and above are what you budget.

ย  ย  However, these rates might differ according to escort sites, and extra services might attract additional rates.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  Everything was going well until the discovery that there were no price rates; it’s a minor problem anyway because a call to these escorts can solve the problem. This aside, everything other thing is good to go.

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