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โœ“ Hundreds of erotic ads
โœ“ Bad girls & sex partners
โœ“ Varying service categories
โœ˜ No ads on homepage
โœ˜ Excessive write-ups on homepage

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#1. Kedvesek Alternative

There is no staying or leaving Hungary without linking up with two or more bad girls in the area. Consider it as giving yourself one good treat while just arriving, or before leaving. Nothing beats such relaxation; fulfilling your sexual desires, or receiving a deep sensual body massage from an experienced escort. I know of some bloke who nearly missed his flight because he was trying to have his schlong sucked off one last time by his favorite call girl before leaving the country he visited. Crazy stuff.

So, maybe always try to make your plans ahead, whatever nature those plans make take, just be sure to make hay while the sun shines. You donโ€™t want to be like this bloke who had to literally run fifteen minutes to catch up with his flight. I canโ€™t really tell which he was catching first, his breath, his lungs, or the flight which was already set for departure. I suppose for him it only mattered that the plane did not take off before he got there.

In the light of making preparations ahead of time, here goes an escort site in Hungary where you can always cop the baddest girls in whatever district or region you are in the country. If you are looking for sex partners for the time being, then is your go-to website. They got hundreds of erotic ads on escorts and other erotic service providers for you on there. All you have to do is make the call, and you have yourself a good time and even more.

Cash-Hungry Hungarian Hoochies

These babes don't state their going rates. But yeah, you can bet they're x-rated and with rates. So yeah, I'll give you a hint.

On average, Hungarian escorts charge 150 EUR/ 163 USD for one hour. These babes fall just within this average and chances are if they charge any higher the difference will be minute.

What Looks Like

At first, when I opened the site, I was like: what the fuck? Because why so many write ups on the homepage without any single advertisement in sight? Then I had to enable auto-translate on my device browser app, because apparently, the siteโ€™s default language is Hungarian not English. After doing that, I could make sense of clogged up writings on the homepage. Basically they need you confirm you are above 18 to access the site, and thatโ€™s what you will first read at the top of the homepage. Clicking โ€œLog inโ€ takes you to a page where you will find categories of ads they got on the site.

I know, the โ€œLog inโ€ stuff freaked me out too. I feared I would have to fill long ass boxes and stuff, but that wasnโ€™t the case. While you have more than five ad categories to choose from, on the right side of that page is a bunch of other ads Iโ€™m not sure youโ€™ll be interested in. All the same, if you looking for mature ladies, young girls, big breasted girls or massages, you can click on any of your choice and it will lead you to a page where hundreds of ads on that category are listed. There are a few categories lined at the top of the page as well, they even got the โ€œboysโ€ category, if you are a female visitor looking for male sex partners.

About the excessive write up at the bottom of the homepage, trust me, itโ€™s mainly just them trying to spell out all the shit they got going on their website. You can take your time to read it, perhaps the information they have on their site can give you more insight on what the site is about and what they are advocating for. I just donโ€™t like how everything is clogged into one long ass paragraph. I mean, we get it, but you donโ€™t have to say/type so much.

Bad Girls, Sex Partners & Contacting

There arenโ€™t as much ad results for the other categories of erotic ads, but when you click on โ€œAll girlsโ€, you will find more than 600 (six hundred) erotic ad results. Each of them with the name of the girl and the particular district they can be found in Hungary. Here, all the young girls and mature ladies are advertised. Even the girls with extremely large boobies are featured as well. Of course the ads carry erotic pics on them, so you are bound to have a hard on before even clicking on any ad to view their profiles.

On their profiles, you will find their age, region and district, followed by a brief introduction. Below that is their contact number. There is no direct link attached to these numbers, so if you are using a mobile device and you try clicking on it, it wonโ€™t direct you to your call log. Best you can do is copy out the number and make the call. Right under the number is a few other information about them, like: height, breast size and most importantly, the timeframes in which they can be contacted for their services. Below all that information are more photos of the girl on the ad.

What I Think About Kedvesek

Itโ€™s almost easy to write off the website based off how the homepage is presented. Nothing classy about the design, just excessive write ups on the homepage. It only gets interesting when you get past the legal check. Notwithstanding, the abundance of erotic ads and varying erotic service categories is something to look forward to.

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