KenyaRaha Review

โœ“ Easy to navigate site
โœ“ Good quality escorts
โœ“ Detailed escort profiles
โœ“ Good number of filtered search options
โœ˜ Escorts donโ€™t state their going rates
โœ˜ Homepage looks slightly congested

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#1. KenyaRaha Alternative

ย  ย  On seeing this escort siteโ€™s URL, I looked for my Google translator and looked up what the term Kenyaraha means, and well it means Kenya pleasure. So Kenya is really a pleasure spot and where you want to go for an unforgettable experience. If for nothing else but just the sheer fact that these guys have an abundant supply of natural parks and reserves all for your viewing pleasure. Well, while touring the reserves in Kenya is no doubt a great idea, your schlong sure doesnโ€™t have eyes for wildlife. And when it really comes down to those moments when every breath in your body screams with the urge to donate a bit more kilograms of cum to the ecosystem, you can be sure your willy will rather take a tour to an escort site like the one Iโ€™ll be reviewing today.

ย  ย  Well, is that escort site that is entirely devoted to your pleasure when you are stuck somewhere in Kenya with a boner that gladly wrestles with your loins. And well if you are not much of a fighter and would rather let your boner get a breather like me, then my Kenyaraha review will come in handy. Letโ€™s hit some clits already fellas!

Shilling Loving Slits

ย  ย  Know whatโ€™s worse than having your boner shoved in your pants and your balls boiled by cum thatโ€™s stuck somewhere in your testicles? Itโ€™s escorts that will promise you the heavens with their alluring asses in your face and still share no price information. And yeah, the escorts on Kenyahara for sure look like they were designed and dispatched to earth entirely for your pleasure. However, thereโ€™s just no telling how much getting an escort on this site costs. Well, this must be some suspense tactic to get you to chase these chocolate bootyliciousnesses.

ย  ย  So, since escorts here donโ€™t state their prices, Iโ€™d give an estimate of what their hourly rate is most likely to be. Well, anywhere from 5,000 KES/ 42 USD to 24,000 KES/ 200 USD should be enough for 1 hour. Again most of the escorts here donโ€™t really look high-end in quality, and this means they most likely donโ€™t have fixed rates for their services and would usually be open to price negotiations.

Profiles For Your Pleasure

ย  ย  Ever used the term, pleasure is all mine? Well, youโ€™d just have to say that again on reaching the Kenyaraha homepage. This site spares you no time to breath and just starts out with giant-sized Kenyan booties in profile thumbnails on its homepage. Escort profile thumbnails are pretty detailed and show escortsโ€™ names, phone numbers, locations, ages, a call button, and indicate whether an escort's profile contains videos and what their status is, whether VIP, prime VIP, or regular.

ย  ย  Escort profile pages, on the other hand, show full details about escorts. Profile pages start out at the top, with the escortโ€™s photos and videos located to the left of the screen. At the top center of the screen, youโ€™ll find escortsโ€™ names, phone numbers, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, city, county, locations, services offered, and call buttons. And while there is a section for going rates on profile pages, escorts here donโ€™t state what their rates are.

ย  ย  In general, the escorts here look really round and brown with cunts that I believe must spew chocolate. These girls are of good quality. Escort profile pages, on the other hand, are pretty detailed but donโ€™t include the going rates for escorts. Instead, these escorts demand that you come find out for yourself. Well, I really hope this is all some part of a grand suspenseful cum experience and that these are the motions that warm up to the colonization of your wank stick by a cunt thatโ€™ll ride you till youโ€™re in the avatar state, all-white in your eyes like Aang the last Airbender. The only difference is youโ€™re not an Airbender since youโ€™ve been out bending cunts over instead, you horny cuntbender!

Homely Kenyan Kitties

ย  ย  The Kenyaraha homepage has a white background and begins at the top with a row of buttons that includes the home, about us, our services, terms of service, contact us, stories, blog, and videos buttons. Just above these buttons and at the top right of the screen is the sign in button. And well, if you were looking to complete a filtered search by location, there are search tag buttons that show all the cities in Kenya obviously populating the top area of the page. Scrolling a little further down the screen reveals two filter search bars to the left of the screen for completing filtered searches by gender and sexual orientation.

ย  ย  The rest of the homepage is just boobs and asses. Escortsโ€™ profile thumbnails fill the remainder of the homepage and run through to the bottom of the screen beginning with VIP escorts at the top, prime escorts at the center, and regular escorts coming last. There is also a short note about Kenyaraha escorts and a section showing related posts.

ย  ย  In general, the Kenyaraha homepage has a simple design, and while profile thumbnails are neatly arranged here, they look slightly congested, especially when scrolling down the page. Notwithstanding, navigating this site is pretty easy.

What I Think About Kenyaraha

ย  ย  Besides the fact that there are no prices stated here, escorts here look pretty amazing, and if you were to compete as a gladiator in the colosseum in Rome to win one of these escorts, Iโ€™ll give you a go-ahead, but just be sure to come back with your dick though.

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