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    Blue skies, clear water, nice views… you name it, Poland got all these in the bag. Oh snap, I forgot to mention one thing—amazing escorts—I mean that’s why you are here right? Haha I got you.

    Kochanka.pl is one of those escort sites in Poland that people use, well maybe—anyways, we’ll be doing this review like the usual—we’ll go from the front page to the inner pages and finally end things on the chicks and their qualities. Let’s get into this kochanka review.

Flick the clit to open

    How big can a cunt get? This a crazy question some drunk guy asked me after doing a few shots back in Warsaw… my reply was? As big as the magnitude of the driving force behind the manhood pumping it, yup, size doesn’t matter. Well, that’s the vibe I get whenever I surf the kochanka escort site.

    The homepage is a big list of different escorts in Poland, with wild pictures that will definitely make you bring that paper out of your wallet and the rubber out of your pocket. And to the left side, you have different options like the regions you can hire kochanka escorts from, categories, as well as the top escort for the month… pretty nice.

    The navigation is simple and straight to the point—the type I like, it’s soo easy to hire an escort and you don’t even need to create an account. Just visit the website, find an escort you like, or 2 if you can handle their skills, and then checkout… heaven! Speaking of checking out on kochanka.pl, these escorts have their rates listed and it’s amazing.

    The cheapest you can get an escort in Poland for, on kochanka.pl, is around 200 PLN per hour, of course depending on the quality… their rates can go higher. So my advice is, work with your budget, my friend.

Cash down Booty up

    Money do wonders for real, it roughes the sheets, makes a total stranger handle your lil man, and makes your toes curl as you hit cloud9. And this money can get you quality Polish escorts as well… but are the ones on kochanka.pl of good quality? Well…
Some chick called Sexy doll is a charming brunette who loves sex. She’s got some nice and good body features and she’s in Warsaw and charging around 250 PLN per hour. Although she doesn’t have a review to her name, her skills might be worth checking out.

    And if you are into phone sex because you don’t wanna go down the used hole, you might be interested in Klaudia. She’s studying pedagogy and she might be able to teach you about handling a hole better than you already know. She’s got an amazing cunt and she charges 5 PLN per hour of sexting and video chats.

    In a nutshell, pun unintended, the qualities of escorts on kochanka aren’t bad, it’s not the best out there, especially for the prices they charge but it’s good enough.

    Oh they have a review section but I can hardly see a review—perhaps no one is checking using this site or they just wanna stay hidden? Who knows.

What I think about kochanka

    I think kochanka isn’t bad and it’s worth checking out, while there are other amazing escort sites in Poland we have reviewed on this platform, you can check them out to see if it works for you. Hey, anything to get you laid and have a good time in this country of ours.

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