Kommons Review

Free to use
Easy to navigate site
Great looking escorts
Lots of escort ads
Carousel design makes scrolling across profile pages easy
Escort profiles are very detailed
Going rates on escort profile pages are barely visible
Homepage could use fewer texts and some graphic tweaks

Score 82/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. Kommons Alternative


    It’s said that commonsense is not common. And yeah, it isn’t, but then do you know what else isn’t common? I’ll tell you. There’s really nothing common about getting ridden by an expert cunt till you’re red in the face and moaning at the top of your voice while your testicles get eaten up with pleasure. There is absolutely nothing common about having large-assed and big-titted girls spend their twats on you. Well, every now and then, you’ll need an experience that is not common. And just where do you find cunts that have the scarce commonsense required to navigate the hard grounds of your dick and balls until you’re dying with pleasure?

    So while commonsense is definitely not common, and finding asses that have the sense to strip your cock of its senses isn’t common too, I’ll be reviewing an escort site called Kommons.com/Uk in the hopes that just maybe your schlong will find bitches with enough commonsense to yank your balls away from your penile shaft and snatch every single sperm cell in your testicles away with the taste of their pussies. So stick your dick in this Kommons review already horny dude, while I take you and your wank rod on this ride!

Unkommon Cumming Experiences And What They’re Worth

    Ready for an uncommon soul stripping and cum dripping experience? Well, just what they are worth is the question to answer first. Let’s shove our wank sticks up a few escort profiles and find our answer.

    So, there’s the 27-year-old Camila with her godsized butts and boobs. She lives in the Birmingham region, and her services include kissing, GFE, erotic massage, titjob, 69, and more. Camila charges an hourly rate of 90 GBP/ 96 USD for 1 hour.

    Maya is Brazilian and has an ass that could mar the shit out of your cum cells if you don’t thread carefully. She’s Aberdeen based and offers services including GFE, outcalls, deepthroat, massages, threesomes, and lots of others. Maya is pretty exotic and has her rates set at 300 GBP/ 319 USD for 1 hour.

    Again, there’s Violet, who’s resident in Leeds and has a supple backside residing on her waist too. Violet is up for incalls, outcalls, and overnight stays and charges an hourly rate of 150 GBP/ 160 USD.

Now, most of the escorts here have their hourly rates sitting at about exactly what escorts in the States charge, which is just okay.

Cunts Like This Are Not Kommon

    Now the cum goddesses here are everything else but common. These babes are of spanking hot quality and look like they could screw the nuts out of your brain by just looking in your face. The escorts here are top-notch and of great quality.

    Well, just where do these snatches begin welcoming you with their wickedly enticing poses, and how do you get there? While there are no escort ads on the homepage here, you can easily navigate to a large number of them by simply clicking on any of the cities displayed on the homepage. Doing this brings up a results page with filter buttons at the top that allows you to narrow your search to a particular location, service, nationality, and even physical qualities like eye color. I’m pretty certain these features will have your dick brimming with happiness since navigating to your preferred escorts’ asses is way easier using them than doing so manually.
So, what about escort profiles? Escort profile thumbnails are moderately sized and are arranged in rows of six. You’ll find escorts’ names, call rates, and phone numbers written in these thumbnails. Now, not all escort ads are verified. In fact, a large number of them are not. However, it’s always best to take the safe path and go with verified escorts, as I couldn’t help but notice the same mobile number repeating on several escort ads. It turns out that these ads were all placed by an agency fronting its girls, which is not bad per se. But, if getting treated to the capable cunts of an individual escort is what you want, and you’d rather converse with them, which is safest by the way, then you want to stick your dick to the verified cunts here. This doesn’t mean there aren’t a host of other non-verified genuine individual escorts here.

    What’s more? Escort profile pages themselves pop up when you click on profile thumbnails, and you can scroll from one profile page to another, thanks to the carousel design used here. This makes perusing escort profiles to check for your preferred pussy and tits easy. Profile pages are well detailed and show escorts’ names, nationalities, ages, locations, going rates, phone and Whatsapp contact buttons, services offered, and a brief note by the escort.

    Well, I’d say the profile pages here are perfect, and the escorts are of great quality. There’s just everything you need to find out about escorts presented on their profile pages. However, the call rates on the escort’s profile pages are barely visible and could use a more legible font.

Cumming Home To No Kommoners

    What’s your idea of what an escort site’s home page should look like? I guess you’d say it should contain asses and titites, clits and tits, boobs and butts, right? Well, smack your cock and put it back in position because you won’t be wanking to the Kommons homepage, at least not for now. The homepage here is boring, and although it gives a sitemap view and an easy, full glance of just everything going on here, which makes navigating pretty easy, it just really needs an ass or two to spice things up here.
The background color here is white, and texts are mini-sized and written in black fonts, you’ll probably have to look through your spectacles just so your testicles see clearly in what direction you are navigating.

    The page is pretty simply designed but choked with texts as though it were some bitch being gagged. It begins with the top cities dropdown button located at the top extreme right-hand corner. Also at the top of the page here are the sugar babies, local dating, live sex cams, advertise, and escorts with sex cam buttons. The number of escort ads is written on the left side of the screen just so you know your schlong is in for a selection orgy. Now, the remaining part of this page is divided into sections including top locations in the UK, top UK escort cities, other cities in Uk with escorts, and a lecture note intended to intimate your balls with information on Uk call girls, their services, and nationalities.

    The Kommons homepage is quite an easy-to-navigate homepage, although it could sure use some graphic tweaks. I mean, I need to see some asses up here already! Again, there’s just too much text here, this makes me remember the unshaved pussies whose bushes I have had to wade through in the past just to get some juices creaming my dick. Those experiences were not the best.

What I Think About Kommons

    Grab your testicles, your shaft, and every other thing that makes up your reproductive system, and spit a trailer load of sperm cells on the butts of these babes fellas! Well, that’s because I definitely recommend this site, although a few tweaks to the homepage design and some decluttering of the excessive texts on the homepage here will make it look like less of an unshaved cunt.

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