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โœ˜ Price information
โœ˜ No language options

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#1. Kovri Alternative


ย  ย  Whatever Kovri.info is, I’m sure it has to do with lots and lots of information because that’s the only explanation for the info attached to the site’s name. Well, it’s not a problem, as long as it’s about escorts and everything that has to do with them, like boobs and all. Maybe something like “she kept caressing my head as it was deep in between her legs eating her out."

ย  ย  I’m curious to know what Kovri has to offer, so let the review begin!.

Do I Bring My Glasses?

ย  ย  Since there is the hint of reading so many texts here, you might want to come with your reading glasses and a cup of coffee, perhaps so you don’t fall asleep while reading. I hope there will be a few photos here, though, to ease boredom. Nonetheless, you will survive. So, the homepage of Kovri.info is pretty annoying, and you’ll soon find out why.

ย  ย  Apparently, Kovri.info is a forum that seeks to revive the database of escorts, their ratings, and people’s opinions about them so that future clients can learn and save them from these mistakes. First of all, this home page needs to be better constructed, and the font sizes used are tiny, but it doesn’t mean that the information hasn’t been passed on anyway.

ย  ย  So there is the question and answer session, where you get answers to frequently asked questions, and then there is the forum where you get to talk about escorts/companions and get people’s opinions, reviews, and ratings. There is also the information category, where an option there is to log in.

ย  ย  Other things you get to know are the number of people that are online, the registered ones, hidden, and the number of guests. The statistics of the site, too, are included, such as the number of posts, topics, and users. Phew! That was exhausting. I hope the next phase will be better.

What Next?

ย  ย  Since this is not an escort site, there are no escorts to talk about. So, how about a tour of the forums available here? Click on the companion/escort category, and then you’ll behold a good number of forums to play with. Now, for each topic, there are a number of answers, views, and the details of the last person to have dropped an opinion.

ย  ย  So there are two categories under companions/escorts: messages and themes. Messages carry information about the forum, like rules and regulations, suggestions for improving the forum, etc., while themes have everything that has to do with escorts and companionships. It also has forums that talk about escorts in different regions too.

ย  ย  There are more than twenty topics here, so you can spend a good time going through each person’s opinion. Transvestite are also talked about, as well as massages and escorts who offer massages. So far, all reports on massages have been positive. I even read a review that said that a masseuse would start a massage session completely naked.

ย  ย  The first 20 minutes is a session of the regular massage; after that, the erotic massage follows, body-to-body, moaning ear to ear; sheesh; how good would that have felt? As for escort reviews and ratings, some are good, and some are bad. The links of escorts that are talked about are also included in the reports.

Is This Real?

ย  ย  This isn’t an escort site but a forum, so it has to be real. This is because people from different parts of the world come together to talk about other things of the same interest. If there is something that brings blokes together in unity without arguments, it has to be juicy cunts and, of course, breathtaking boobs.

ย  ย  Judging from the fact that there are many impersonators now, and most call girls want to take advantage of your stiff shaft to cause you mayhem by ripping you off your money, and Kovri.info addresses that fact, then trust me, this can’t be fake one bit.

Are There Bills To Sort?

ย  ย  Since this isn’t an escort site, you can only find rates here if it is being discussed on any forum. As it is, the only place on Kovri.info where money is being mentioned is at the bottom of the page, where you are asked to donate something to an account since you’re being saved by what you learn from the site.

ย  ย  Meanwhile, escorts in this region charge 120BGN on average, and when converted, it is equal to $66. On the low end, you can get rates as low as $11 for 15 minutes of pleasure. While on the high end, you’ll find rates from $100 and above. These rates are hourly, and in my opinion, they are very friendly.

What I Think Of Kovri.info/

ย  ย  In as much as there is so much to learn from Kovri.info, hence the so many texts, the site would have been designed or programmed in such a way that reading would have been fun. As it is, navigation looks tricky and confusing as words are jampacked here. Adding subtle colors and good designs would have made it better.

ย  ย  Also, I know it isn’t an escort site, but escorts are mentioned; it would have just been right if there were a few escort photos.

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