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#1. Ladies NZ Alternative

ย  ย  Looking for ladies to keep you company whenever you visit New Zealand? has got you covered, and thatโ€™s because youโ€™ll be meeting some of her fine-ass babes who are willing to make you feel a hundred percent comfortable. You know a meeting isnโ€™t complete without a few back and dick rubs, yeah, just be rest assured that these escort girls will fulfill all your sexual fantasies to the fullest.

ย  ย  The only way to find out if has all you want is to carefully go through this review so you donโ€™t make a mistake when choosing an escort.

Go Home To The Ladies

ย  ย  How about you make a quick stop at the homepage, where these ladies might likely reside? It promises to be entertaining, you know. So, the landing page of isnโ€™t so bad. The design looks simple and sound, and the choice of colors isnโ€™t so shabby, but it could have been better.

ย  ย  The top row of the page houses buttons that take you to different third-party sites that you do not need, as well as a button that, when clicked on, gives you easy access to a list of cities in New Zealand where you can get escort girls. Funny enough, the left side of the page also has the same list of cities.

ย  ย  There is an introduction to the site, and under that is a search bar that allows you to search for escorts in different categories. By categories, I mean cities. It seems like the site owner lacked content for and then decided to post a list of cities in New Zealand where you can find escorts everywhere. Turn left or right; youโ€™ll find a list of cities waiting for you.

ย  ย  Well, scroll further, and youโ€™ll find the profile thumbnails of escorts, so many of them, with the option to load more ads at the bottom of the list. When you finally get to the end of the list, youโ€™ll also find articles that talk more about the site and then third-party ads. Overall, this site isnโ€™t so bad, and the fact that there are lots of escort thumbnails here makes it calming.

Boobies or Butts?

ย  ย  Escorts with big boobies are always the deal because those boobs are versatile and they serve different purposes. Whatever burden you have, just make sure to grab some boobies, or better still, suck on them, and youโ€™re going to be fine. Speaking of boobs, a good percentage of escorts here have got really nice and huge boobies, so look forward to seeing them.

ย  ย  The escorts of must be really nice; they donโ€™t wish for you to suffer, so they are just lined up on the homepage. The thumbnails of these escorts are many in number, and this means you have got a wide range of options. Each thumbnail just contains an escortโ€™s name, location, and a photo. Some of them also have the top escort badge.

ย  ย  Now, a click on any of these thumbnails will take you to the humble abode of the escort, and here goes nothing. The profile pages of these escorts are pretty disappointing. They look very shabby. There is a concise bio of these escorts and the different means by which you can contact the escort.

ย  ย  The services they render are also included, alongside a photo gallery of the escort. Thatโ€™s all there is to the profile pages of these girls. Meanwhile, most of the escorts here look old, and just a few of them have lovely photos. So, escorts here are of average quality.

Are These Escorts Real?

ย  ย  The fact that the profiles of these girls look so slummy is enough reason to say that these escorts are fake. As an escort, youโ€™re always supposed to look charming and sexy, not the other way around. It is always essential to take note of the way an escort presents herself virtually; you might find something if you look closely.

ย  ย  Also, the age of an escort is not stated anywhere on; you donโ€™t even get to read or see any of her personal details. Hence, you canโ€™t tell if the escort is indeed real because all you see are just photos. Nothing like bust size, height, weight, or anything.

ย  ย  There isnโ€™t even the option to report an ad if it turns out to be fake. There is no review box to drop reviews or read them. Whatever you do with the escorts of, you might need to be careful.

The Ladies Cents

ย  ย  Unfortunately, escort rates arenโ€™t stated anywhere, but then, what do you expect from a site that looks so outdated? Less, I believe. Anyway, the fact that there arenโ€™t rates stated anywhere on doesnโ€™t mean that these escorts are up for charity. They also deserve princess treatment.

ย  ย  Since there are no rates here, the rates of escort sites in the region will be used to judge this site. So, on average, you are expected to find rates around $200. On the lower end, you can also find rates around $100 and below. On the high end, you can be sure to get rates from $500 and above. These are hourly rates.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  The homepage didnโ€™t look so bad, but as you progressed through the site, it turned out that everything about it was just shabby and old-fashioned. Escorts are of average quality, their profile pages are terrible, and they donโ€™t have a price rate either. If you need to meet with good escorts from New Zealand, you might want to consider other options.

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