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โœ“ Impressive site design
โœ“ Impressive selection of escorts on Leolist
โœ“ Little in the way of ads and spam
โœ“ Marvelously feature-laden
โœ˜ Not all profiles are verified
โœ˜ Too many only fans listings

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#1. Leolist Alternative


Well fellas, ever heard of Leolist? It is kind of like Craiglist and OfferUp and the type of place where you can buy pets, cars, get jobs, and get women you can fuck till your cock is slobbering! This site focuses on escorts from all over Canada and has some pretty impressive site features.

Anyway, hereโ€™s my Leolist CC review. Keep reading and you will see what manner of sweetness escorts on the site taste of!

What A Nice Canadian Pussy List!

LeoList is simple, easy to use and has a minimalistic approach to everything you better love or else! Of course, you can come here for personal dating, but if female escorts are what you seek, you are very liable to find them in the Personals tab. One of the nicest things about the site is that more than a few escorts and their images appear verified. That way, you can be certain that the chick you are looking at and want to book does indeed have a more than passing resemblance to the pictures she posted on this escorts Canada site.

If you are horny, Alexa might be willing to take you places your wet-dreams never reached. This escort Canada is 21-years old, blonde, blue-eyed, and charges 240CAD per hour. That is like $192, which makes her a little more expensive than in the states. But then sheโ€™s prime stuff and seems to be worth that kind of money.

Then thereโ€™s Yuhmi, who is possibly the cutest, bustiest, and most heartbreakingly beautiful Asian girl I have ever come across. This petite bowl of nectar charges just 120CAD an hour, which is slightly more than $96. Yuhmi is a Canadian-born Chinese and says sheโ€™s super-lonely. Well, sheโ€™s not gonna be lonely anymore once my anaconda is keeping her company. Let me dial her now and see how amenable she is to choking on thick python skin!

On the other end of the spectrum, 23-year old Nikki, a rather bootylicious babe charges 300CAD per hour. Thatโ€™s like $240 and on the expensive side. But then any babe with an ass like hers is welcome to charge whatever she wishes to sit on the face of horny fellas and guide them through paradise and the rag orgasms it brings!

So, not all escorts Canada on the site show their prices, and you are supposed to call them to get that information. But most do take the time to list their fees. I would say the average price to hire a female escort here would be around $200 per hour. Another thing, most here seem to charge per hour, rather than per 30, 45 minutes. Of course, you could call up an escort on Leolist and try to negotiate for 30-45 minutes of fun, but the likelihood of your being successful is not a good one. Prices are fixed too and trying to change that could get you kicked to the curb!

Getting Chowed Down By Sexy Lionesses

One thing I love here is that escorts on the site tend to be of above-average quality. They look swell, post professionally taken images and videos, know their minds and are not afraid to say it, and are in prime condition.

Once you opt to check out female escorts on the site, you get taken to a page with a lot of options at your disposal. The top right of this page has sign in and login options, plus a Post An Ad tab you can click if you have a pussy you intend to put on sale. There are Ads and Directory tabs on the top left and beneath this an extensive selection of filtering options. These let you search for escort ads in practically all of Canada, look for female escorts, trans, sugar babies, male escorts, female masseurs, dom and fetish escorts, plus investigate gigs & jobs.

Available options at the top of the female escorts page also include a search bar you can put to use as desired, plus a List and Grid tab that lets you change how the page is arranged. There are even more options available and these can be accessed by clicking the More Options button. Once that has been done, you can sort through escorts by whether they perform incalls or outcalls, their ages and fees, the online services they render, the city they reside in, and their ethnicity, plus their ad details, including if the ad is verified or not, and whether it has pictures or not. Escort online services here can take the form of live video shows, selling of pictures, and videos, and phone sex. I must say, these sort of extensive options are not usually found on most escort sites and are rather easy to use. Color me impressed!

Anyway, there are like 287 pages of escort ads on the site. Escort ads take the usual format of having an image of the escort, her location, and personal details like how she will suck her clients dry, how big her ass or boobs are, and the like. You can quickly spot verified escorts because their ads have a tick. Apart from that, there are also Gold escorts and these are verified too, with their ads being a special color. For some reason, lots of escort ads on this escorts Canada site explicitly state that the escorts concerned do not entertain black men. I am not all that sure of what to make of that and will leave it to you dear readers to form your impression.

Selena is one of those escorts that will have nothing to do with black dick. Sheโ€™s a 21-year old Latina who resides in Mississauga and is of mixed ethnicity. She likes to squirt and is an independent Mississauga escort who provides her services without rushing her clientele through it.

Christina too doesnโ€™t fancy mandigo and is a busty, booty-blessed, and sexy escort, whoโ€™s all-natural and independent. She too lives in Mississauga and has no diseases. That means you can boldly eat her snatch and asshole from morning to night and not catch any nasty thing that could make your wife lose her mind!

Generally, all escort ads are well detailed and contain lots of information, plus pictures and occasionally a video. Clicking on these pictures lets you browse them in slideshow format. There are also Next and Previous buttons at the top of each escort page that lets you go from escort ad to escort ad without having to return to the homepage. Contacting these escorts Canada is easy since they usually list their phone and WhatsApp numbers. You can also chat with them right on Leolist, but only if you are a member and logged in.

There are even escort ads with a map that shows where in Canada they are located, which is a neat touch. Options near the bottom of all escort ads let you report any ad you like, but you better well have a damn good reason to! Also found near the bottom is the FAQ, About Us, and the like.

A Leo Indeed

Well, Leolist sure is a professional site that was put together by absolute pros. It is not all that flashy, but it is mightily eye-pleasing, well-laid out, and intuitive. Site features are many and there seems to be nothing to complain about, save for some non-escort ads here and there.

You can always sign up here, either as an escort seeker or an escort and the former is free, with just an email being required. The only thing I donโ€™t like is that greater effort was not made to verify most of the escorts. If that was done, Leolist could easily get to welcome every North American male with a walking woody doing his best to come to Canada and drill verified pussy, asshole, and gullet!

What I Think of Leolist

Well, Leolist got me so impressed I could stand up and clap for them in the middle of Times Square! It has plenty of escort ads, verified escorts, lots of features, and quality escorts in the main. It is one of the best escort sites I ever ran into and a place I have every intention of visiting on the regular!

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