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โœ˜ No language option for non-Portuguese visitors

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#1. Lindas Alternative

ย  ย  Whoever decided what places made it to the list of the seven wonders of the world should have added the tight holes of a beautiful woman. Well, a beautiful woman is what the Brazilians call a Linda, and for the next few moments, can we just allow our dicks rise in standing ovation in cum desiring adoration of the countless Lindas that have strolled the planet and particularly those that still do somewhere on the Brazilian escorts site called

ย  ย  Lindas are the world wonder that have been serving as the antidote to stubbornly pointed cocks and vein-ridden dicks since Eveโ€™s bubble butt successfully made its way past Adamโ€™s rock hard boner for the first time without getting cock smashed! And today Iโ€™ll be reviewing a nest full of Lindas, thatโ€™s the escorts site So tuck in your boner and get ready as I serve my Lindas review horny fellas!

Lindaโ€™s Wallet

ย  ย  A beautiful woman deserves to carry along a beautiful wallet on her. But just how beautiful do the escorts on feel their wallets should be? Letโ€™s run through the rates of some of the alluring Lindas on this escort site.

ย  ย  While the escort rates in countries like Brazil are generally cheaper, this doesnโ€™t in anyway imply that the hotties here are any less in quality. Their escort services are still just as excellent. That said, meet Camila, a 23-year-old hottie with dark brown eyes,ย  and with obviously very soft skin. She chargesย  $R150 for 1 hour and $R850 if sheโ€™ll be spending the night. Besides, this converts to about $29 USD for 1 hour and $164 USD for a night.

ย  ย  Maria is a chubby, 22-year-old brown-skinned Latina with a really soft ass and perfectly sized puffy tits. Her rates are $R100 for 1 hour and $R450 for a night. This converts to just about $19 for 1 hour and $87 americans dollars to have her spend the night.

ย  ย  Also, thereโ€™s the brown-skinned hottie, Agatha, a 29-year-old babe residing in Rio de Janeiro with really round tits and a bubble butt. Her rate is $R150 per hour and $R500 for a nightโ€™s stay. This is about $29 for an hour and $97 to have her stay the night.

ย  ย  In general, the average going rate for a escort is anywhere from $30 to $100 for 1 hour and an overnight stay respectively.

I Am A Linda

ย  ย  Ever noticed how neatly the petals on a sunflower are arranged? Well, that very feeling of beauty and neatness harmoniously sandwiched together like the testicles in a dick sack is the aura given off by the escortsโ€™ profiles on this site. The escorts' profiles on this site are really very neatly arranged and could give a hard dick an orgasm for just looking.

ย  ย  While escort profiles are not the first thing you will see when you get on this siteโ€™s homepage, a few clicks in a bid to conduct an easy filtered search for escorts in your desired location will immediately reveal a plethora of goddesses butts and tits. There are a good number of escorts to choose from on this site, youโ€™ll literally be scrolling through tons of them.

ย  ย  The typical escorts picture thumbnail has vital information about the escort right below it. Youโ€™ll find basic info like the escorts name, age, and price per hour. Going a step further to select an escort's profile from the list then presents the full information about the escort. Youโ€™ll find the escort's age, location, cost per hour and per night, services provided, contact details, and a brief โ€œabout meโ€ section. Other info like the escortโ€™s height and preferred payment method is also included below the โ€œabout meโ€ section.

ย  ย  Overall, the site has some of the most neatly arranged escort profiles I have come across. Really impressive for a rock-hard boner looking to stuff its head in some tight holes!

A Lindas Mine

ย  ย  Well, welcome to the section where I review the Lindas site homepage. The homepage is really well arranged, and I must say that navigating through this site will not be a hassle even when you are visiting for the first time. Although I hope you attended the Portuguese classes at school? Thatโ€™s really the only major hitch there is on this site. Everything is written in Portuguese so youโ€™ll need a little interpretation to get some snatches dripping. But besides this, the homepage is really perfectly arranged.

ย  ย  The homepage of this escort site has a really simple designย  However, coming home to meet a few butts and asses will not hurt. That said, the graphics for the homepage could use a little tweak in my opinion. This site's homepage has two buttons at the top right corner of the screen, one for registration and the other for logging in. Towards the top center region there is a search bar where you can enter the name of any Brazilian city to see a list of available snatches you could catch.

ย  ย  Below the search bar are the last two divisions of the homepage, the first presents a list of the most searched cities and the last a listing of all the Brazilain states. Well, searching for a cunt has never been easier, you could click yourself to some licks in no time!

What I Think Of Lindas

ย  ย  Great site and really very easy to navigate with a wide variety of quality escorts to choose from.ย  I definitely recommend this escort site and will use it if my dick ever makes its way to Brazil.

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