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#1. LinkGP Alternative

ย  ย  Where would you rather be on a Friday night other than link up in the back of your car and then get caught by the cops for public nuisance? I've got something for you; just so you do not wander off, I can link you up with a link. It would be worth it, trust me.

ย  ย  Finding a pretty cunt to have a good time? then you better get yourself to for a link up. While you're ignorant of this escort site, I have cooked enough stuff to help you with the slightest information about all the pleasures you can get.

ย  ย  So yes, I will be doing a blunt review on, making sure to uncover the hidden gems you never knew existed. While I do my job, I hope you don't get caught up with wanking off on the profiles that you forget to pay attention to this review I have put out for you. Letโ€™s get on it already.

The Linktree

ย  ย  What does the homepage of look like? Let me show you. The first thing you will notice about is the appealing look of the website; the black background makes the text, pictures and videos pop, and you already know It's raining exotically on this site, damn!.

ย  ย  The site design is really elegant and simple, very appealing, and encourages easy navigation.

ย  ย  When you click on the first box at the top right on the home page, there is a drop down of the different cities in Brazil where you can get an escort in every city listed. There is also a search bar to filter your searches and give you an exciting experience when choosing a dripping pussy to slam your hard cocks into.

ย  ย  Furthermore, when it comes to the homepage, trust me, there are a good number of escort ads revealing their sumptuous curves and cute titties for your viewing pleasure. I mean, there is no hoarding here. You don't have to wander off looking for ways to get in touch with a hot diva.

ย  ย  Also, the homepage offers a sneak peek at the escorts by allowing status profiles and indicating which escort is verified. A good number of these hot mamas are verified, so you are guaranteed to have the best of the companionships they can give.

ย  ย  Scrolling down on the homepage, gives a warning against negotiation, which means no messing around with their chicks; otherwise, you get evicted, and you will be left unattended. You don't want that to happen either. It also provides information on all services rendered on-site and virtually. You've got to stick to the rules, dudes. Although it is a bit rigid and could throw you off guard, you have to do what you have to do.

Meet the Custodians of the LinkTree

ย  ย  Already, the homepage of reveals the photos of these escorts on their profile thumbnails, and they are so tempting. Just so you can access more information about these escorts, you will have to click on a profile thumbnail, which will take you to a page that reveals almost everything about the escort.

ย  ย  The homepage of the escort profile is filled with tons of photos of the escort; it also carries the name and contact information of the escort as well as a list of the services they offer.

ย  ย  The homepage of these escorts does not carry too many features, just the basic information, and the escorts here are of average quality.

The Links Rate

ย  ย  The profiles of the escorts on are very enticing; there's a possibility of jerking off on one of those pictures and short sneak peeks of what to expect. The profiles include every bit of information that would help you know any escort that you wish to share company with, even in a minute! Let's see how many bars these hotties get to be in their company.

ย  ย  Meet Rubbi, a hot blonde; she's very exotic and has the curves in the right places. Rubbi offers really naughty companionship, whether virtual or a Link up for R$150 to R$199 per hour. That is approximately $30 to $40 in US dollars.

ย  ย  Just in case Rubbi ain't giving you the vibes you need, you can also holla at Hot Talia. She offers exotic videos and many more at R$49 to R$ 99 per 3 to 5 minutes of call, which equates $10 – $20 in United States Dollars

ย  ย  Generally, the rates charged by escorts on are relatable and within a comfortable range.

My Thoughts On

ย  ย  If you ask me, I would say the website looks super cool, and navigation is quite easy. Everything is already on your table for you to choose from. Compared to many escort sites, is clean.

ย  ย  Although they have other ads on the site, which could be a little distraction, and the rules are a little too rigid, I think it is nothing you cannot handle.

ย  ย  Most escorts are verified on, which means you don't have to worry. Just a few clicks here and there, and you're basking in pleasure. The adrenaline rushing through the veins of your dick can easily be satisfied by one or more of these high-quality goddesses from

ย  ย  So if you're looking forward to having a great time, I will recommend Also, you should really stick to the instructions and warnings at the bottom of the homepage.

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