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Locanto Bangladesh Review

โœ“ Free
โœ“ Good familiar site design
โœ“ No popup ad's
โœ˜ Not that many escort profiles
โœ˜ The site is not very easy to use and functions like a Craiglist copy
โœ˜ Profiles are severely lacking in detail and often do not have images

Score 48/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. Locanto Bangladesh Alternative


ย  ย  I have quite possibly reviewed Locanto more than any other escort site. Yeah, Locanto is featured in many countries and each of these countries follows the same format, has identical website features, and needs to be reviewed on an individual basis, or there will not be any food in my pantry, or butter on my bread!

ย  ย  With Locanto having a presence in Bangladesh, it is time I checked out Locanto BD. So, tune in for this Locanto.BD review and prosper like you always have!

Locanto Escorts Never Change!

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s a lot to love about the Locanto brand. But the lack of stated rates in their escort profiles is not something I can cheer for. This has to be a company policy that Locanto is happy with. But without rates listed in escort profiles, it's hard guessing how much sluts charge to lie down and get their cunts damaged by dick.

ย  ย  What I am saying is that escorts on Locanto.BD, just as on other Locanto sites in other countries do not usually list their rates. A guesstimate is that twats in Bangladesh charge around a hundred bucks an hour and thereโ€™s great flexibility in their hours of work. You could easily pay less than $100 if you book them for 10-15 minutes.

ย  ย  But if you are the sort to cum in escort pussy in 10-15 minutes rather than 30-50 minutes, then perhaps you need an urgent visit to the penis doctor!

No Changes

ย  ย  I was kind of expecting escort profiles in this escort Bangladesh site to look a little different and have a sorta Asian flavor. Locanto said no to that. Profiles here are just the same as in all the other Locanto sites that I reviewed.

ย  ย  Escort profiles on Locanto BD are easily found if you know where you are looking. Here, you can pick from casual encounters, long-term relationships, and fuckathons with people of every possible sex. Escort profile thumbnails can be sorted by the date they were posted and the distance they are from wherever in Bangladesh your cock is busy wagging at every passerby.

ย  ย  Profile thumbnails on this escort Bangladesh site have a title, and short description, while the age and location of the escort are listed. I clicked on and opened up a few of these profiles and I will let you know what they say.

ย  ย  In one profile, the escort in question is a self-confessed nympho who wants to be treated like a slut and needs you to send her pictures of your cock so that she can use that to finger herself. Another ad said the featured escort lives in Barisal City, was recently divorced and has big boobs and ass that she wants you to play with. This escort does not want money and all she needs is someone who enjoys pussy to give her a cum-spitting piece of his mind! Another profile seeks a female sex partner of any age.

ย  ย  Now, I would say a fair proportion of escort profiles are fake and there are even profiles without names. Profiles all have a unique ID, but do not seem to be verified, and most lack images of any sort. At least thereโ€™s a map in place on each profile that points you to the exact location where the escort of your choosing lives at the moment and is waiting for an opportunity to spread her legs for you, your friends, your village people, and everyone else she can accommodate!

ย  ย  Escort profiles on the site can be shared via social media and you can follow any escort you like and send her messages, but only if you are logged in. Escort quality on the other hand seems to be average, if not considerably below this.

Same Ol Locanto

ย  ย  The Locanto.BD homepage has no surprises in store. The same site design seen on other Locanto homepages is employed and there are login and registration tabs at the far right of the page where you can sign up for free and get membership privileges, or login and rule your roost! Above the login and registration tabs is a pull-down menu that contains all the countries that Locanto is active in. Click on any of these countries and get taken for a visit.

ย  ย  Search bars at the top of the page come in useful when researching specific search terms or escorts from 0 to 150km of your locale. To find escorts and sluts on the site, just check out the list of Bangladeshi cities on the page, click on any of these, go to the Personals section, and make your pick of the different escort categories on offer.

ย  ย  Site features are average at best, spam appears to be largely absent and there are no ads. The site navigation is okay, but I have gotten tired of seeing the same Locanto setup time after time and think it needs a revamp.

What I Think of Locanto Bangladesh

ย  ย  Locanto.BD is the very definition of a disappointment. I wish I could get back the hours that this site took from me all in the name of doing a good review and for sure it will be an extra icy day in hell before I am making a return visit!

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