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Locanto Bolivia Review

โœ“ Easy to use and familiar
โœ“ Packed with escorts
โœ“ Free
โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ Site design needs a serious update
โœ˜ Escort profiles are sub-par in content and quality

Score 52/100






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#1. Locanto Bolivia Alternative


ย  ย  You canโ€™t fart in peace without the polluted air settling on one Locanto site or the other! Yeah, Locanto is one big company that covers just about every continent, offering up specialized but identical versions of itself in every country it springs up in.

ย  ย  Locanto has a presence in Bolivia, as it does in most of South America. The Locanto Bolivia site is known as Locanto.com.bo and is under review today to see if it meets the needs of every cumming being currently in Bolivia for one slit-stretching excursion or the other. Hereโ€™s my Locanto.com.bo review and thereโ€™s no way you canโ€™t prosper in varied erotic ways with it in mind!

Doing Things The Locanto Way

ย  ย  One thing about Locanto that I have never been fond of, is that the escorts on its site are known for almost never listing their prices. It must be a company policy or something and you need loads of luck to come across an escort profile on any Locanto country site where rates are listed.

ย  ย  Now, letโ€™s play one of my favorite guessing games. $30 to $70 is what I guess will get you at least an hour with escorts on Locanto Bolivia. I am probably overestimating, but letโ€™s leave it like that. So, if you are ever in Bolivia, have at least a Benjamin in your wallet, and want your dick buried deeply in escort pussy for around an hour, I would say that is very doable.

ย  ย  The price will, of course, be less if you are booking for 15, 30, or 45 minutes. And if you are one of those smooth talkers who can charm the tail off a mare, thereโ€™s a slim possibility that an escort or two here will consent to meet up and open her legs for free, out of her love and respect for you. And oh, I sure would love to see that happen!

Sweet Country Packed With Fat Booty Escorts

ย  ย  I have never been to Bolivia. That might be a mistake and I better rediscover my love for travel and adventure real soon, if only to pour some of my sticky life juices into the caverns of the sluts that Locanto.com.bo is throwing my way!

ย  ย  Now, escort profiles on this escorts Bolivia site can be found as easily as downing a chilled glass of Czech Pilsner. First off, you need to pick out the Bolivian city of your choice from the homepage, go to the Contact section of the new page that appears, and then select escorts.

ย  ย  ย On whatever page you are on, you can search for escorts of every sex, as well as look for escorts from 0 to 150km of wherever in Bolivia you are resting your fat fanny on. A pull-down menu at the right of each escort page allows sorting by date, relevance, and distance, and at the left are options to sort profiles according to age.

ย  ย  Escort profile thumbnails here have a short description and list the age and location of the escort. A number that states how many images can be found in each profile is present, but viewing these images requires your first clicking on the profile. I guess thatโ€™s one way to make sure that fellas can browse through Locanto com BO at work with no one being the wiser. There are however a few profiles without images of any kind.

ย  ย  I found most escort profiles to have a reasonable level of detail. Thereโ€™s usually a sort of About Us where the escort tells you all about herself, as well as multiple images that can be gone through in a slideshow. Also present is a map, profile sharing via email and social media, and message sending to escorts for those with an active email account.

ย  ย  Browsing from one escorts Bolivia to the next is very possible without leaving the current page you are on and thereโ€™s a Cancel feature in place that cancels this and returns you to the main escort page. Escorts are mostly of average quality, and while there are Top and normal escorts, there doesnโ€™t seem to be any difference between the two classes.

Locanto Is It

ย  ย  Locanto delivers the exact same experience in all countries that it is active in. Soon, you start thinking of it as an old friend who loves making cumming events happen!

ย  ย  Locanto.com.bo has the same page design and user interface of every other Locanto iteration in existence and is considerately put together, attractive, and relatively easy to use. Right from the homepage, you can select whatever you want -ie vehicles, jobs, houses to rent, sex, etc- and the cities you want to look for these in.

ย  ย  Login and registration options are available and free, while site features are above average. Pages look crowded though, but you soon get used to that. Thereโ€™s no spam in evidence here, though clicks on a few profiles will trigger ads. The default language is Spanish and this cannot be changed.

What i think of Locanto Bolivia

ย  ย  Blandness. That is the first thing that Locanto.com.bo brings to mind. Nothing I saw on the site got my heart pounding and I could barely remember stuff that stood out an hour or so after leaving the site.
Only patronize this escorts site Bolivia if you have no choice, otherwise scram and find something better!

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