Locanto South Africa

Locanto South Africa

Locanto South Africa Review

โœ“ Good website design
โœ“ Different Categories Available
โœ“ Proces are listed
โœ˜ No review section on the Locanto S.A
โœ˜ Lots of spam escorts
โœ˜ Not an escort dedicated site

Score 42/100





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#1. Locanto South Africa Alternative


ย  ย  After traveling around the world in search of some of the best and the most beautiful looking escorts and different escort sites, we land in South Africa to put a finishing touch on an escort I have been seeing everywhereโ€”the Mr. Worldwide. Todayโ€™s focus will be on the Locanto South Africa review and we will be reviewing every good and bad thing on this escort site, from the homepage down to the escorts treading slowly and treating everything with care, anyways, stick with me while we go through these paragraphs together.

Anything Different?

ย  ย  Visiting the Locanto South Africa official website and the first thing you will notice is the list of different cities you can use Locanto South Africaโ€”it is worth noting that Locanto is not a dedicated escort site, rather it is a general site where people can post anything they have for sale or any service they have to offer, that said, go ahead and search for escorts in any city and you will be redirected to a page where you can find different escort posts in any city of your choice.

The Pros of Locanto South Africa

ย  ย  To be fair, Locanto S.A is a stable website with zero bugs and fairly easy to navigate for a website with so much data from so many countries. A hierarchy is presented in order to show the different subcategories within the escort category. Below it, you can select any city to see a list of escorts in that area.

ย  ย  Transsexual escorts, dominatrixes, BDSM escorts, erotic massages, strippers, clubs, erotic jobs, erotic photography, erotic lines, webcams, and other erotic services are among Locanto SA's escort categories. Considering this is a jack of all trade website, not bad.

ย  ย  Another good feature I found on Locanto South Africa is how a few escorts on the platform made sure to list their rates and prices. Like I said, just a few escorts but from that, it is easy to determine the hourly rates of the escorts be around R1500 per hour. Not bad, especially how these escorts are thick and perfectly fuckable.

The Cons of Locanto Venezuela

ย  ย  I think the first red flag I noticed on Locanto South Africa was the fact that it is not an escort hiring dedicated site but I looked past that and went in for the hoes anyways, and then I saw the next flag like we playing cops and robbersโ€”there are no pictures displayed on the postcards, itโ€™s just blank and boring, no hoes, no pussies on display, no tits, just blank and you have to open the post to be able to view the pictures they have on their profile. And when you click on the post, most of these posts are very disappointing.

ย  ย  I might sound like a criticizer right now, but if I donโ€™t get critical of this escort site, who willโ€”I mean, that is why you are here right? Well, back to the point at hand, the escorts are not even that great, no I take that back, the escorts and their post descriptions feel off. They just have a brief description and leave the rest to you, although there are some with a full-text description with their prices and services are written in bold, the picture to judge that escort on Locanto South Africa is not just looking real. Like Sabrina here who claims to be a 37-year-old Caucasian woman that is well groomed and in good condition to fuck you and suck your nuts dry.

ย  ย  To close things off, Locanto South Africa has no review sectionโ€”bruh, all those red flags coupled with the absence of a reliable review section just spell one thing out to meโ€”Spam! Canโ€™t tell me otherwise for real.

Is Locanto S.A a Reliable Escort Site in South Africa?

ย  ย  There are better sites for escorts in South Africa you can check out if you are really in need of one. It seems like Locanto South Africa is full of spam accounts that have a hidden agenda, along with the fact that it is a classifieds site and anything gets posted without a detailed check. With these, I will gladly sing it to you that Locanto South Africa isnโ€™t a reliable escort site in South Africa

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