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Locanto UK

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โœ“ Average Quality Escorts
โœ“ Private receptions & massage
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ˜ Limited available regions
โœ˜ Messaging requires sign in
โœ˜ Few Escorts ads

Score 58/100





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ย  ย  I canโ€™t seem to figure out the reason behind this site URL, but breaking it into syllables and pronouncing it makes it sound like look and talk. Maybe it means to look and talk about what you see here, more like spread the gospel of locanto. Just as your cock has established branches by pummelling every cunts it comes across, I heard locanto too has branches all over the globe.
Well, letโ€™s see what this Locanto has to offer.

The Homepage of Mr. Locanto

ย  ย  Unlike the regular traditional escort sites that we come across every now and then, that has a splurge of dripping cunts and large boobs, locanto looks more like a marketplace than an escort site.

ย  ย  The top row has the logo, help, the post free ad, and login button. The next row begins with the see-all button that has different categories of options like fashion and beauty, baby and kids, vehicles, events, hobbies, personal, etc.

ย  ย  Itโ€™s quite sad that I thought wrong about the site name, my boner just went flat. Other options such as; classes, communities, events, for sale, industrial, personal, jobs, dating, etc. These are features that try to make the site look lively because it has a very boring interface.

ย  ย  I know you are in a hurry to see these escorts, so I will be punching the personals button. This category takes us to where we get to see male escorts, BDSM and fetish, massage, bars and clubs, etc. This is where everything gets interesting because there is a row that houses different categories such as one-night stands, girlfriend experiences, quickies, in-calls, hot girls, etc. A click on any of these categories takes you to the escort therein.

ย  ย  There are also a series of locations to choose escorts from, and next to it is a line of escorts profiles.

ย  ย  Well, this site doesnโ€™t justify the term escort site, but you can still give it a trial.

Lo and Behold! The Escorts of Locanto

ย  ย  I know you were expecting to see cunts and titties everywhere but sorry to burst your bubbles because youโ€™ll be learning to read and write instead. The texts here are so much that it feels like an online lesson.

ย  ย  I hate to do this, but I have no other option than to drag my boner through every page on this site. So letโ€™s get moving. The homepage already tells us the escortโ€™s name, age, and services, and also a short bio of the escort. The profile page should tell us more.

ย  ย  Goodness gracious! I am shocked at the sight of the booty I encountered upon landing on the profile page of an escort, never knew my cock still stood the chance of smiling. Funny how the names of these escorts sound so subtle and could easily turn you on. An example is JulyAlice69, does 69 ring a bell? I guess it does. Well, you only get to see photos and the age of the escort as well as their location, nothing more.

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s a bio that gives a description of these escorts, personally, Iโ€™ll love to read something like, hey there, my boobs are large and round, I've got a pink cunt and cute titties that would love to lock your cock in and give it a massage. Damn! How fun will that be? If any booty catches your attention, there is a contact button that can make messaging easy.

ย  ย  Aside from the safety tips which are on the left side of the page, thereโ€™s nothing else this site has to offer.

Do These Escorts Engage in Trade by Barter

ย  ย  In as much as these escorts do not have so much to offer, and they are of average quality, if not low quality, they still seem eager with so much zeal to put up a show for your cock with their large asses if you give up enough cash. So sit back and pat your boner while sipping on a glass of whiskey, and watch these escorts take you to a world of pleasure you have never known.

ย  ย  Meet the 29year old Alice who is sexy and naughty and loves sweet kisses and soft caresses, she offers deep and slow blowjobs and will not just make you horny but make you dream of a tight and sensual pussy. Alice charges EUR 300 per hour, and this equates to $318. I wonder the kind of blowjob and other services Alice renders that amount to $318, well you wouldnโ€™t know until you partake in the blessing.

ย  ย  Phew! Iโ€™m back from dragging my boner around looking for other price rates that may perhaps be lower but seems like there are none, too bad not all escorts have a price rate attached to their profiles and the bad part is most of these escort profiles are repeated.

ย  ย  Well, if any escort seems pleasing to your boners, go ahead and place a call or message with the contact information available on their bios.

What I Think of Locanto.co.uk

ย  ย  If you wish to do a little shopping before wanking, then this is the best site to be on, but if not, you might just make your way out.

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