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Locanto Venezuela

Locanto Venezuela Review

โœ“ Good website design
โœ“ Different Categories Available
โœ“ Has review section
โœ˜ Prices are not listed by most escorts
โœ˜ Lots of spam escorts
โœ˜ Not an escort dedicated site

Score 42/100





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#1. Locanto Venezuela Alternative


ย  ย  Welcome to the haven of everything escorts, where we talk about escort sites, escorts, and every other erotic thing in any city worldwide. Today we visit Venezuela, to talk about the escort site that has been jumping ships from one country to anotherโ€”Locanto. We will be discussing the international escort site or rather the category for hiring escorts on Locanto Venezuela, from the pros and cons to what we think about using it, so stay with me till the end of the review article.ย 

Anything Different?

ย  ย  As with every other Locanto site in other countries, Locanto Venezuela has a boring homepage without pictures, a hard-to-navigate escort site with numerous categories, and much more. Instead of going on about the front door, let's discuss a few of the pros and cons of Locanto Venezuela-as well as the quality of the escorts listed.ย 

The Pros of Locanto Venezuela

ย  ย  To be fair, and for a website that has a lot of data and information from various countriesโ€”Locanto Venezuela is a stable website with zero bugs and quite easy to navigate. It lists out the different sub-categories in the escort category and shows it in a hierarchy format. And just below it, you can select any city to get a list of escorts present in that city.

ย  ย  Among Locanto Venezuela's escort categories are gigolos, transsexual escorts, dominatrixes, BDSM escorts, erotic massages, strippers, clubs, erotic jobs, erotic photography, erotic lines, webcams, and other erotic services. Not bad for a generalist.ย 

ย  ย  Although it is low and the counts are even lower, Locanto Venezuela has a review section on escorts where people can rate response time, satisfaction, and amiability. The reason why these counts are low might be because people don't often use it or simply because itโ€™s hard to find and people just forget about leaving a review on an experience they had with an escort.

The Cons of Locanto Venezuela

ย  ย  It was fun going through the cities to see which girls are available, but I was unable to see pictures of any of them, which was a red flag for me. Although there was a space for a picture, none of the snippets had pictures. I felt like there was a blank space, which killed my mood.

ย  ย  Like I have to open each and every post to view their pictures, and even in the posts, only 50% of the ones I saw had pictures, for example, I came across an enticing post with an erotic description that goes โ€œI'm a brunette, with a big ass, a beautiful greรฑudita, a good deal, only interested, I offer my anal virginity, only seriously, $250 will hurt me, but it will be worth it, I don't do it because I'm very narrowโ€ but guess what? There were no pictures whatsoeverโ€”what a boner killer.

ย  ย  To be fair, there are some escorts who do it well with descriptions and pictures and even leave their phone numbers for you to contact them but you rarely see the 2 togetherโ€”hereโ€™s another one with good-looking pictures and bad-looking description and the description goes โ€œMy name is Vanessa and I dedicate myself to personal encounters. I am an escort girl, Here and on the page will be my number so that you can write me with information 04265334507 wsโ€ vague as fuck.

ย  ย  Aside from pictures and descriptions, I did find it annoying that most escorts on Locanto Venezuela donโ€™t have their rates listed, they pump out the contents and perhaps wait for you to negotiateโ€”good on their side but quite bad on your side since you have to pass a lot of checks just to clap the cheeksโ€”sad. Ximena defiled all odds though, the only escort I was able to find with a good description, reviews, pictures, and rates but the saddest part was she had no phone number listed, oh and if you are wondering, she charges around Bs. 20 per hour.ย 

Is Locanto Venezuela a Reliable Escort Site in Venezuela?

ย  ย  No, it isnโ€™t, the site feels like itโ€™s full of spam accounts that have a hidden agenda, coupled with the fact that Locanto Venezuela is a site for classified ads and anything gets posted without a detailed checkโ€”there are better sites for escorts in Venezuela you can check out if you are really in need of one.

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