LoquoSex Review

โœ“ Free to use
โœ“ Easy to navigate site
โœ“ Spam free
โœ“ Lots of escort ads
โœ“ Good quality ads
โœ˜ Site looks outdated
โœ˜ No language options
โœ˜ Too many texts on the thumbnails

Score 68/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. LoquoSex Alternative


Porn has its perks but it's definitely not as good as the real thing. Staying up late to watch the heroics of your favorite porn stars while you stroke your penis till it erupts might satisfy you some nights, but not always. Man is always craving the warmth that can only be provided by flesh. Having soft bosom sluts ride your cock mercilessly is the best form of pleasure, and you too can get it.

But how do you go about it in Spain? It's pretty simple, you just need an escort website. Pizza isn't the only thing you can order from the comfort of your mobile phone, you can also order pussy and have it delivered to your doorstep in a box.

That brings me to what I really want to talk about. In my never ending search for pleasure, I recently discovered an escort website called Loquosex.com. And you should know by now that I can't discover something and not test it for myself. That's the best part of my job, discovering and testing new channels of pleasure.

Well, what you are about to read is my review of Loquosex.com. Shortly you will know if this is a waste of time or this is one site you definitely need to visit.

A Long List Of Sex Ads

This website isn't kidding about. Three big banners at the top of the homepage greet you once you arrive at the site. These banners, although a distraction, are quite pleasing to the eyes, showing you top escort houses and agencies in Spain waiting to deliver pussy to you. If you prefer agency escorts, then you could click on these banners. But if like me, you prefer to see the full menu of pussy available, you can simply scroll down the homepage.

Escort thumbnails are arranged vertically on the page. The structure of thumbnails here isn't quite convincing. I would rather they made the ad photos bold and pronounced, but instead the thumbnails here are filled with text, with the photos tiny in size. The tiny thumbnail photos make it quite difficult to choose a slut from the long list of ads provided on the homepage.

You can however save your time and a headache, by looking at the top of the page. There you will find three boxes with which you can use to quickly navigate this website. Using these boxes, you can select the category of slut you want, choose your city and even directly input a keyword for what you desire. A short piece of advice, try to select your city or a city close by. There's no need to go too far in search of pussy, when all around you bad bitches are scattered around.

The website doesn't however have language options so you might want to begin learning Spanish or like me, you can use Google translate. Navigation is also quite straightforward. Apart from the three banners at the top, there are no spam ads and pop ups.

Spanish And Sexy Sluts (SSS)

From the homepage you can tell that this website is well stocked with cunts. The number of ads on the homepage alone is quite impressive and this means there are a lot of options to choose from. Who doesn't like options? I bet you do.

There girls here are a mix of luxurious looking high class bitches and every day regular sluts. Now you could try any variety you wish for. Spice up your sex life by fucking as many as you can, there are no rules or restrictions to the number of pussy holes you can have your cock inside.

You might also find yourself having a big bold erection even while on the site. Thumbnails on the homepage have very tiny photos, but as you check out individual profiles, you have the opportunity to see these sluts better. Most of them provide enough spicy preview photos to tease the hell out of your imagination. Photos are mainly softcore though, as you wouldn't see too many tits or pussy as you scroll.

Their profiles are also average in my opinion. Well structured but lacking in too much information. But that's not such a bad thing as you will find just enough information on every profile you visit. Not too detailed but important information is included. You will find escort photos, location, age, nationality and their services. Contact information is also included on every profile, meaning you can click and contact the slut of your choice conveniently.

Well, you should get your lubes ready, only this time it isn't for your hands, you will need it to slide seamlessly into some tight tasty holes. Order and fuck as many as you like.

Good Quality Pussy Isn't Free

I wouldn't want you fucking mediocre pussy. The girls here are worth every drop of cum you phallus can shoot out. Beautiful, sexy and freaky. But you ain't going to eat these pussies for free. Carolina in Mallorca with her big fat ass that makes you want to bury your face inside charges 50 EUR / 55 USD per hour.

For Moana in New Barakaldo, you ain't hitting are fat thang unless you pay her 60 EUR/ 66 USD per hour. Moana is quite the beautiful bitch so it's worth every penny. Sofia VIP, the Latina bomb in Bilbao, charges 70 EUR / 77 USD per hour. Quite fair charges by all standards.

What I Think About Loquosex

An escort website doesn't have to be the most beautiful site, it just has to be easy to navigate with a good enough number of sluts. That's exactly what Loquosex is. The site has its flaws but it's pretty easy to navigate and it is stocked with an incredible menu of slut. Visit the site, find what you are looking for and contact her. I should warn you, you will struggle to make up your mind because there are too many bad bitches here.

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