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โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Many regions available
โœ“ Language Information
โœ˜ No price information

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#1. Lustmap Alternative

ย  ย  I bet you donโ€™t need a map to help you navigate that body you lust after; make good use of those blessed fingers and make her moan melodiously while you steadily grind the cunt from behind without giving her a chance to gasp for breath. If you can do this without a map, then imagine what you can do with one.

ย  ย  Imagine having a map that tells you exactly where to find the treasure on the island without a hassle. Well, you can get this and more here at Lustmap. So hop on, letโ€™s sail.

The Mapโ€™s Direction

ย  ย  The homepage of this site looks like one that is crowded with an array of boobs and cunts, and you just canโ€™t concentrate because you are looking at so many photos of beautiful escorts, each teasing you with their erotic bodies in sexy lingerie, revealing their cunts and boobs. Indeed, it does the work of a map that can direct you on where to get lustful escorts.

ย  ย  The top of the homepage has the logo on the left, and then the home button sits right next to the logo like cunt waiting to be devoured. Then there is the girls button that gives you a page of erotic escorts, the location button that shows you the locations available for you to get these escorts, a menu button, an advertise button, and then an ad next to it. These control buttons remind me of the erected nipples of a Switzerland belle, a few touches and seconds of sucking on them like an infant makes her pussy cry a river.

ย  ย  The next row simply informs you that this site is full of girls, private and club girls in Switzerland. I guess I need to purchase that private property when next I visit Switzerland, I canโ€™t wait to experience a private escort in a private property, somewhere close to the ocean where every moan comes with a resounding echo. Next up are profile thumbnails of escorts, each either teasing you in their unclad bodies or sexy lingerie. Scroll down a little, and a profile thumbnail there seems to be without an escort photo. What you see instead is a prompt telling you to see the remaining escort by simply clicking. After this, you get to see the different locations on this site where you can get lustful escorts. You also get to determine the location and also see a map view of the location that has been listed on the site.

ย  ย  The next feature here is the search for locations buttons that enable you to search with proximity, kilometers, etc. Next up is a category of escort profiles, with a written note of the services they render and their location. For those that love to read, there is a lust map news and then an article about lust map. The bottom of this page has the link partners of this site.

The Escort Profile

ย  ย  I guess itโ€™s time to go down the path that says โ€˜escort this wayโ€™ on the lust map. I hope to find more quality photos of these escorts that would make my cock spill cum kind of secrets. Now, letโ€™s check out these escorts.

ย  ย  Clicking on an escort profile thumbnail takes you to the profile page of that escort, where you get to see information about that escort. Now, what you get to see here are more erotic photos of the escorts, the name and age of the escort, a bio of the escort, where the escort works, a star rating button, and contact information. You also get to message the escort via WhatsApp with a click on the WhatsApp icon.

ย  ย  You also get to send the escort a mail, with the mailbox icon on their profile. You also get to know the services rendered by these escorts, such as erotic massages, hand jobs, girlfriend sex, dildo games, sex in many positions, 69 positions, and many more. There is a button that allows you to add the escort to your favorite list, and you also get to rate the escort. Below the rate button is a button where you get to report incorrect or out-of-date information.

Escort Rates

ย  ย  It is pretty unfortunate that escorts here do not have a rate attached to their profiles; I wonder if one is supposed to find that out via calling or messaging the escort. Well, there is good news because I know your boners wonโ€™t rest until you get this information.

ย  ย  Judging from other escort sites in this region, the average price of escort rate or charges is about $100. So press put a call across to your account manager and press those buttons to get the dollars ready.

What I Think Of Lustmap

ย  ย  The site looks outdated, but is very easy to navigate. Price information is withheld. I wonder if thatโ€™s how these escorts hold back from squirting or cumming. That would be bad because thatโ€™s the fun. Well, the escorts here are of good quality, but their profiles are not properly detailed.

ย  ย  If you need to feed your eyes with something good, then you might just want to remain here because my boner has refused me from taking my eyes off these escorts. Just stroke your cock gently while scrolling through these sexy photos.

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