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#1. MaltaDates Alternative

ย  ย  I heard Malta is a drink in a part of the world, so now Iโ€™m wondering if this site name Maltadates means that when you go out with an escort girl on a date, you get to drink malt. On the other hand, did you know that some benefits of malt are that it lowers cholesterol and decreases the risk of cardiac disease? Now you do. So maybe the escorts on this site have the same benefits.

ย  ย  Come oh, ye blokes! You are about to get some malta treatments from the escorts of Maltadates. Sit tight and stay tuned.

Letโ€™s Have A Date At Home

ย  ย  It would be ridiculous to see grains of malt on the home page of this site, but a dinner date setting might not be so bad. So, without wasting much time, letโ€™s hop right into it. So, the colors used in designing the site are quite cool. The design itself is superb, simple, and classy. There are control buttons that help you navigate the site, too.

ย  ย  Speaking of navigation, do you use your hand to navigate your cock to a cunt, or do you just wiggle wiggle till you get it right? Well, I think I already know your answer. So you can sort or filter out escorts by their location, ethnicity, services, reviews, and many more. Phew! Navigation here is as easy as ABC.

ย  ย  The next thing you see is escort profile thumbnails, so many of them, and at the end of the list, there is the option to load more. Trust me, the list is almost endless, and by the time youโ€™re done scrolling through, you must have jerked a few times because these shawtys are hot. They sure do know how to tease cocks with photos of them in lingeries.

ย  ย  Anyways, at the bottom of the page is a blog post about escorts in Malta, and it is a very long one. Unless you find reading interesting, then sit back and read; if not, get moving because itโ€™s about time you benefit from these Malta escorts.

Is Malt On The Dinner Menu?

ย  ย  Definitely, it has to be because I feel like Iโ€™m losing so much energy, and it might affect business which wonโ€™t be nice because Iโ€™m sure shawtys would so much love my vitamin D to be in good condition so they can go back and forth with their mouths, while gracefully sucking on the cap until I nut. I would also love to return the favor by giving them good strokes from behind.

ย  ย  So, escort profile thumbnails carry escort names, price rates, last seen, a VIP tag for those who fall into the category, and also a tag that says whether or not theyโ€™ve got photos and videos on their profiles. Click on any thumbnail that you find attractive, and letโ€™s find out if the escort is worth the stress.

ย  ย  Escort profiles here are detailed to a point; they have more information than the thumbnails. There are tons of sexy photos here, all graciously revealing the smooth and beautiful butts of these escorts. Oh my, I canโ€™t wait to grab one of those asses. It sure would cure my vitamin deficiency in a minute.

ย  ย  Escort rates are also not left out of the information. Well, escort profiles here are good. Their bios are simple and short. You can also watch sexy videos of escorts who have one.

Are These Shawtys Real?

ย  ย  Would I be too lost in my lust for these Malta escorts if I said I didnโ€™t want to find them wanting? Goodness gracious, I guess so. Well, sentiments aside, It seems like escorts here are genuine. Something smells fishy. This site identifies escorts whose photos have not been verified, and this can only mean that they have been a little problem in the past with fake photos.

ย  ย  There is also a review button to view escort reviews, but there is none. Could it be that since the inception of the site, there have been no reviews, or they have been deleted? I guess the site owner has lots of questions to answer. There is a review button to view reviews, but not one to write reviews.

ย  ย  Anyways, there is an option to report any escort ad if found wanting and be careful with any escort you find interesting.

Make It Rain Dollar Bills

ย  ย  Big cocks sure do know how to make dollar bills rain, and thatโ€™s the standard. Definitely, these Malta babies wonโ€™t be satisfied with just Vitamin D, so check out their profiles and find out if they want something else.

ย  ย  Meet Denise, sheโ€™s 25 and loves to party, and sheโ€™s also of good service. She charges $75 for half an hour of incall services, and for every other service and duration, she says to ask.

ย  ย  There is also Emma, hot and real. She charges $200 per hour for Incall services. Meanwhile, escort rates in the region, on average, are between $150 and $250 per hour. On the low end, $100 and below, and on the high side, rates begin from $300 and above.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  My cock seems satisfied with everything thatโ€™s going on here. Escorts are of high quality, rates seem fair, navigation is very easy, and escorts offer a range of services. If you are in Malta, make sure to navigate escorts in your location using Maltadates.

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