Manzoku Review

โœ“ Entry To The Site Is Free
โœ˜ Escort Ads Are Very Few
โœ˜ Siteโ€™s Design and Layout Is Terrible
โœ˜ Navigation Here Is Terrible And Confusing
โœ˜ There is No Price Information
โœ˜ Language Options Are Not Available
โœ˜ Poor Escort Quality

Score 22/100



Quality Of Escorts
Spam Free


#1. Manzoku Alternative

ย  ย  I don’t know so much about Japanese girls, but I think I can clearly say out loud that they’ve got angelic faces. They do not even need to touch you so much before taking your cock to the orgasmic level. All you need to do is stare at their faces and get the feeling of someone who just won the lottery or, as the romantics would say, butterflies in my tummy.

ย  ย  Japanese escort sites are sometimes a hard nut to crack, especially when the site doesn’t come with a language option. I hope will be different and will not make you begin to ask for the most potent pain relief for headaches. This review would do justice to, so join the train.

Home Is Where The Bad Babes Are

ย  ย  Judging from the meaning of, you don’t need to bother about satisfaction and contentment because the site name is enough to promise your cocks and balls that you’re in for a luxurious treat. Hit the URL into your browser, and let the fun begin. Goodness gracious! Nothing prepared me for the details of the homepage. What in the world of Fuck!

ย  ย  The colors, arrangement, and then the Japanese language is written all over. It is quite scary; it looks like some video game that malfunctioned. To make matters worse, there are no language options. Fuck! How do I get my cock to swim in the sweet cunt of these babes? There is no language option, but there is Google Translate. That’s a relief.

ย  ย  Make sure to turn on Google Translate so you can better understand. I won’t blame you if you still have issues comprehending what’s going on here, even after the translation, because there are a lot of dilemmas. Don’t worry; you won’t be bored by the annoying stuff like colors, structures, and everything else. Let’s just move to the main thing.

ย  ย  The homepage of has a list of cities you might want to check out escorts from, a map view of them, a section that talks about irrelevant stuff, an article about the site, a list of escort girls thumbnails, and finally, more articles when you scroll to the bottom. There is also an adult entertainment news headline; you should check that out.

Manzoku Babes

ย  ย  Let’s pray the escorts here are not representatives of the homepage, else it will be disastrous because I wonder how these babes of aim to give your cock enough satisfaction if, according to the homepage, there are less than ten escort profile thumbnails. I look forward to the magic anyway.

ย  ย  Apparently, when you click on any of the cities, you’re directed to another confusing page that contains the thumbnails of more escorts. Now, these thumbnails do not do justice to the escort’s details; aside from their names, every other thing is confusing. Getting to their profile page, what you’re met with that’s understandable is the escort’s age and work schedule.

ย  ย  You’ll also find their contact information, a post-review button, and one to view and read reviews. Some also have their details stated and photos, and that’s all. Everything else you come across is something you might get a brain tumor from if you try to decode what’s going on.

Are These Girls Real?

ย  ย  Honestly, I think these girls are somewhere between real and fake. You can clearly see that this site exists with babes who have faces, but it seems like they are not because of how poor their profile looks. You can’t decipher what is being written aside from a few words. Maybe only the Japanese can understand the whole episode.

ย  ย  However, the case may be that if you decide to check out an escort here, you must be careful not to become a victim of any circumstance.

Any Need For Negotiation?

ย  ย  Judging by the state of this site, I do not think there would be any need for negotiation because there will be no escort price rate anywhere. I might be wrong, though, but I believe that there is none. I’m so bothered, and that’s because my cock is disappointed at the turnout of the event. I had to prepare a warm dish of lotion and put my hands to good use, which wasn’t in the plan.

ย  ย  Let’s conduct a search to find out if there are rates hidden somewhere. As earlier stated, there are no rates anywhere near this site, so you either have to contact these girls for that information or judge the rates here by the escort rates of other sites in the region. The latter is just the best option to be safe.

ย  ย  So, on average, the hourly rates of escorts are between $100 and $130. If you’re looking at something lower, then on the low end, you’ll find rates at $44/hr. On the high end, you’re looking at $300 or more. Also, extra services attract extra rates.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  This isn’t just an escort site but also an online beauty shop, which may explain the confusion on the page. Still, it’s not an excuse for how poorly and poorly this page was designed and constructed. There are better ways to go about these things; it could have been better.

ย  ย  Unless you’re a fan of everything here, and by that, I mean the shenanigans of this site, then feel free to dwell in it and then proceed to book an escort for quality time. If not, run! Also, navigation is challenging because not all Japanese languages are translated.

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