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โœ“ Spam free
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Good looking escorts
โœ˜ Boring site design
โœ˜ No filter options
โœ˜ No language options
โœ˜ No escort ads on the homepage
โœ˜ Profiles are not picture-detailed

Score 58/100





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Spam Free




#1. MasajEscort Alternative

ย  ย  Well well well, if it's not our pervy friend about to jump on yet another one of my delicious reviews. How nice! Let's say you woke up in Turkey, then I have good news: Christmas came early, and I'll tell you why. We'd be reviewing one of Turkey's escort sites, I'll have you know that the legendary Santa Claus was a citizen of Turkey, and you know what that means โ€“ goodies! As I'll be your penned Santa for today, blessing your already horny mind with this erotic Masajescort review.

ย  ย  Sexual intimacy goes deeper and beyond two humans of the opposite sex rubbing their sexual organs against each other. It's deep, way deeper than you can imagine โ€“ likely deeper than the Turkish escort's pussy you are about to dunk your truckload of cum in.
As the site name already entails, Masaj: Relaxing body massages, dick stroking, irresistible curves, quality therapeutic sessions, pussy available in all sizes, textures, and frames.

Scammy And With No Rates

ย  ย  The escort profiles here are obviously a joke, to say the least. After running through a number of escort profiles it became pretty obvious that this site places no value on quality and so profiles are shabbily put together and with no price information at all. Literally looking worse than the ugliest unshaved cunt I've come across in quite a long while.

ย  ย  So here's my take on what Turkish escorts who are this shabby would charge. These babes are large amateurish low-end babes and typically charge an average of 150 TRY/ 6 USD for one hour. Now that's insanely low, I'm inclined to think cocks don't sleep in trousers in this part of the planet.

Turkish Escorts: The S.I Unit Of Sexy

ย  ย  If you've ever been with a girl from Turkey, you'll agree with me that these girls are good. I tell you from experience that they've got a degree in dick riding and sex in all its entirety. I'll just have to sum it all up by saying Turkish hotties have got to be the S.I. unit for pleasure, a yardstick for sensuality, and the benchmark for eroticism capable of making your cock drool you'd mistake it for cum.
Lykaz, 21, from Adana, is here as a transvestite escort, and she has just a photo of herself in a bikini. She is a satisfying brunette with a hot ass and clear skin. She clearly states that her sexual orientation is transgender, and for her sexual preference, she likes gentlemen. Her services include strip tease, cum in the mouth, cum on ass, and pole dancing, among others.

ย  ย  Hande, 24, hails from the city of Alanya, and she is here as a partner female escort. She has just a photo of herself in an intense dress. She is a hot brunette with long, sexy legs. She clearly states that her sexual orientation is bisexual, and for her sexual preference, she likes men and women as well. Her services include erotic massages, ejaculation, sex toys, and others.

ย  ย  Again, thereโ€™s also Seyda, a 27-year-old from the city of Ankara, and she is here as a partner escort. She flaunts a photo of herself in a red bikini, serving all shades of spice and nastiness. She clearly states that her sexual orientation is enthusiastically hanging out with clean gentle men. She equally states that she is someone who has come to take your sexual pleasure to a higher level, leaving behind a mark you dare not forget.

ย  ย  Cannur, 21, looks like a walking sex doll with all that beauty and eyes so blue they could stare your boner away.

The Boring Homepage Story Of Masajescort

ย  ย  For starters, the Masajescort site homepage is a boring one with a shitty design, quite simple but uninteresting if we are being honest. Upon login, you are given free access to the page. The site is spam-free as well, but I must warn, in here, there are no language options as the homepage details are not already translated.

ย  ย  You are welcomed with a long unending list of paragraphs that could get tiring to read through. Whatever happened to the routine boobies and escort ad photos because they are nowhere to be found here.

ย  ย  In summary, the site introduces the categories of escorts available for business. The site comprises transvestite girls, calling girl groups, mature escorts, happy-ending massage ladies, and garage escort girls. The list goes on.

ย  ย  Scrolling further, you will be met with yet another list of available cities that Masajescort covers, all arranged in ascending order, from Adana escorts to Pain escorts, Batman escorts, Bursa escorts, Gebze escorts, and Van escorts, but just so you know, the list continues.

ย  ย  On clicking on any of the city options to find an escort, you'd discover that escort profiles are not well-detailed, and most escorts do not upload more than one photo of themselves. Just when you thought you had seen it all, then boom! The uploaded photos are of low quality like C'mon it couldn't have gotten any worse. The cons continue as there are no filter options on this site, and the search button equally goes missing in action.

ย  ย  The Masajescort site then goes ahead to give reasons as to why you won't be finding much nudity on the page. They clearly state that the site is not an escort agency and is not involved in any form of prostitution. Oops.

ย  ย  And did I mention, the Masajescort site is not recommended for users under the age of 21, unlike the recognized legal age of 18? The site clearly states that it's working with just 21 and above.

What I Think About Masajescort

ย  ย  It bored my eyes out that I couldn't find not even one escort photo on the homepage. How sad! But regardless, the site performs below par. The homepage is a mind-numbing one and lacks features, among other cons. The no-language option makes it difficult for tourists and first-time visitors to enjoy their stay on the page. Not to mention the fact that the escort images uploaded are of low quality, and some escorts cover their faces with either emojis or a blur. The escort profiles as well are barely detailed enough, but on the bright side, the site is quite easy to navigate through and simple to use.

ย  ย  In as much as it doesn't cover how flawed the site is, there's a chance your sexual desires can still be met. Will you find a baddie to take home? Guess there is only one way to find out. But then I don't recommend this site with my full chest and I wouldn't be doing my cunt hunt here.

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