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#1. MassagePlanet Alternative

ย  ย  Maybe escorts here only give massages, or they offer massages for free because Massage Planet sounds like a place where only massages are a top priority. Itโ€™s good for business, though. I mean, my cock has been stressed, and its body aches, so a nice massage from soft palms would just do the magic.

ย  ย  Anyways, Canada has a gift for you hidden in this site, and youโ€™ll only find out when you log on to the site. So, how about you put on your pants and join this review train?

A Visit To The Spa

ย  ย  A visit to the spa isnโ€™t a bad idea because youโ€™ll get to witness what massage planet has to offer. So, I expect to see a homepage that oozes comfort. The landing page of this site looks weird to begin with. Aside from the many texts you see, the advertisements you see are very annoying, and there are so many of them.

ย  ย  The advertisements almost made it hard to recognize that this is not an escort site but a forum where different people come together to talk about different topics and meet like minds. It is basically a massage-oriented forum. I guess that means everything topic here will be centered around massages, but there might be more. You just have to look harder.

ย  ย  So, the control buttons such as forums, whatโ€™s new, groups, and others just help you navigate the page easily. Each of these also has subtopics listed under them. Just click what you need. You can also choose to register or log in to this site, and then, when you must have scrolled past the annoying reviews, youโ€™ll find chat groups and forums.

ย  ย  So, there is a category that talks about general discussions, another thatโ€™s centered on everything related to massage, and then the last that has a list of world massage reviews. There is also a list of the latest classifieds that have massage planets ads alongside their locations and, for some of them, their rates.

Itโ€™s Massage Time!

ย  ย  If this were an escort site, then I would have been more than a hundred percent sure that I was going to get the best massage from an escort, but I guess massages here will just be carried out by the attendants. I hope they are not just sexy but beautiful with very soft and delicate palms because I wouldnโ€™t want no hard hand of my gender touch me for nothing.

ย  ย  In the shout box, somewhere on the page, you can see stuffs like looks like reviews, a review of a particular spa and her masseuses or attendants, and most of them talk of how they were attended to, and that they had a swell time. These reviews comes under a post by the spa itself, indicating her opening hours, price rates, and the availablel attendants.

ย  ย  There is also a category of massage therapies and techniques, where different types of these are listed such as thai massage, acupuncture massage, hot stone massage, and many others. Amongst all, I think I would love to try the swedish massage, I hear it is a top tier one. Above all, you can get spa news and reviews.

ย  ย  If you are also in any part of the world, and you need a review on massage parlours and their services, you can get those informations and more here. Did you know that there is also a forum that talks about the challenges of using digital currencies to pay for these massage services? And there is about 13 threads on that topic.

Could This Be Real?

ย  ย  Judging by the fact that most of these spas or massage parlors aim to promote their businesses, I doubt if this site is a fake one. These people stand a chance at visibility to the entire world, and the some of the reviews makes it possible for one to believe everything that is said here.

ย  ย  The numbers of messages and threads for each topic in each category too is more than enough reason to believe that everything said here are not false, and besides it is not an escort site, all you have to do is to just log on to the site and read through, you are not paying a dime to no one. So, you canโ€™t be scammed.

Can I Get A Charity Massage?

ย  ย  Of course not. In as much as these people have your best interest at heart, wouldnโ€™t it be too bad that you would go have your body tissues relaxed and walk away without recognizing their efforts, a tip hasnโ€™t harmed anyone, so make sure to do the needful.

ย  ย  Also, going through this sites, there are a few times when rates were mentioned, so you might want to check them out. Bellagio wellness and spa, they offer variety of services, and for two hours of table shower and massage, they charge the rate of $120, and for an hour, $90.

ย  ย  Well, these rates are not so bad. Other spas did not indicate their rates, but best believe that when you reach out, youโ€™ll find out.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  The site isnโ€™t so bad, and it is also free, compared to others that might want you to subcribe to a membership plan or otherwise. You get to meet likeminds, and also talk about so many things. So, I highly recommend.

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