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Have different services.
Has an escort review section
Profiles are not verified
Aggregated Escorts
Difficult to navigate

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#1. McCoysGuides Alternative

    I woke up to an amazing dad joke and I feel you gotta hear it as well—What is Moby Dick's dad's name? Papa Boner! Think about it haha. But this is not a dad joke session—like we always do, this is another review article on an escort site I came across recently, it’s called McCoy’s Guide. McCoy’s is unlike other escort sites we have reviewed, I feel like they care about its customers and it even has a detailed guide on how to get an escort for your first try. But that aside, let’s dive in to see what this escort site has to offer!

Someone said it’s Wet in there… Slide-in without issues!

    The first thing you notice on this site is well, of course, the homepage. But on the homepage are windows for different services offered and other stuff. Some of their services include escorts, massage parlors, escort agencies, etc. I even find it impressive that they have an escort review section, not quite erotic monkey-like but you get the gist.

    I couldn’t even find anything wrong with the escorts, they look like they’re freshly baked from a sauna bath and are ready to go for a few more rounds, roughing the sheets for the right price. Another thing I noticed is how well-structured the descriptions are, and how they even list their rates… it’s not every day you see this.

    Take Kendall for example, she’s an escort from Charlotte charging around $300 per hour. She has the basic info posted on her profile, and there’s even a review section below it, so you don’t need to do an extensive search. Alicia is another chick with some big ass tits in Fort Myers and she’s charging around $160 per hour. 

    Other than having a good, brief, and straight-to-the-point profile description, I found the review section intriguing as well, with other customers rating escorts on how well she pleased their shafts and how frictionless her hollow cylinder was. 

The Navigation…

    I’m a sucker for good navigation and how easy it is to find an escort on an escort site but when it comes to McCoy’s—it is easier to fly an Air Force 1 jet to the POTUS with loads of escorts in it than it is to find an escort on McCoy’s guide. No jokes, I almost gave up, and I’m sure someone who’s in the mood for a quick escort will give up faster!  

Rating the Pussies

    The important part, I mean, who cares about the navigation and what the website looks like. The main focus is on the escorts and how good they are. There are some things I initially found lacking when it comes to their escorts—they don’t have many pictures, although they have a good profile description… the escorts don't list out the detailed service they offer, and lastly, these escorts are not verified. 

    With the points made, the escorts on McCoy’s look fake to me, I don’t really know how to break this to you but the posts and escort results look like they were copied from somewhere and modified. Most probably copied from bigger escort sites like Tryst and Eros, then pasted on their website—an aggregator. 

Is McCoy’s Guide a reliable escort site in the USA?

    What I think is important yea? And I think McCoy’s Guide is not a reliable escort site in the US. Simply because of the navigation and how it aggregates escorts from top escort sites in the US. So in my honest opinion, you are better off selecting a mistress for your cock from a more reliable site. 

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