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โœ“ Free to visit and sign up
โœ“ Forum is filled with content
โœ“ Escort quality is above average
โœ“ Not much spam
โœ˜ Bothersome ads
โœ˜ Not enough escorts in Montreal

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#1. Merb Alternative

Gotta say there must be someone with a very unusual sense of humor out there whoโ€™s going around giving names like Perb, Terb, and Merb to his escort forum sites. These sites are all identical in scope and content, varying only in featuring escort ads from different Canadian regions. I sure would love to invite the fella over for some coffee so that we can talk about how Merb might be shorthand for the kind of pussy you dive into and get diabetic on the instant, due to the intense sweetness your cock buried itself in!

Anyway, enough fantasizing about too-sweet cunts and cocks swimming in them. Get ready to read my Merb CC review and have something you can crow about today!

The Price Is Right!

It just so happens that Merb focuses on Montreal escorts. Ever been to that Canadian city? Well, you better start packing your bags because it has some very fine women who are more than ready to kill you with sex and mess up your brain matter with endless rad orgasms! Now, letโ€™s go see what Merb escorts charge for getting down and nasty with fellas that need their cock sucked, their face sat on and their asshole probed!

Well, Dalila Dellarosa charges 350CAD for an hour, 500CAD for ninety minutes, 600CAD for two hours, and 850CAD for three hours. This very buxom Montreal escort is fluent in French, English, and Italian has a rather curvy and leggy body, and looks too edible for words. Her charges translated to American dollars take the form of $276, $395, $474, and $672 respectively. Thatโ€™s high, but then this chick looks high class and worth it.

Then thereโ€™s Shantie who charges 220CAD for a half-hour, 300CAD for an hour, 600CAD for two hours, 900CAD for three hours, 1,500CAD for five hours, and 2,500CAD for ten hours. Just imagine what you could do with this very busty chick with flawless skin in ten hours and what she could do to you in return! Her charges translate to $174, $237, $474, $711, $1,185 and $1,976. She sure is expensive.

Thankfully, Eloise Bellerose is cheaper. This slim and sleek seductress charges 400CAD for an hour of her time, 550CAD for ninety minutes, 700CAD for two hours, and 1300CAD for four hours. Thatโ€™s $316, $434, $553 and $1,1027. Well, cheaper is kinda relative here I guess.

It might be just me, but the Montreal escorts on Merb CC charge more than those on Terb and Perb. Sure, there are cheap girls here, but you will need to search hard for them. I would say you will need to hold like $300 smackeroos to fuck most of the babes on Merb for like thirty minutes to an hour. Do note that they can have different rates for incalls and outcalls and factor this in. Itโ€™s an expensive cumming world out there for sure!

A Heavy Dose Of Montreal Escorts

One thing I like about Merb.CC is that its escorts cheap or not appear to be stunners all and of above-average quality. I would say the quality of these escorts is far better than can be found on Perb and Terb, which leads me to believe that there is something in the water at Montreal that makes the ladies there extra fine and horny!

Now, just like on the other two sister sites, Merb has a vertically arranged list of independent Montreal escorts. There are only seven pages of these though, which is not something to cheer about. Ads on this list usually contain the name and personal details of the escort concerned, the number of views it has gained so far, plus the number of replies, and when the latest post on the escort ad was made. A filter option at the top of each list lets you filter ads by name, type, time, and messages.

Most escort Canada ads here are very detailed, boasting multiple images, fees charged, services rendered, and either social media/email links or a phone number where the escort can be reached. The Next and Previous buttons found at the top of escort ads on Perb and Terb are missing on Merb and are now at the bottom of each ad. More, the top of each ad on Merb has a share button that quickly lets you share the content on sites like Twitter and Whatsapp and to folks on your email list. I might just share an ad via Whatsapp with my pastor, because I am pretty sure that will leave him speechless for a while and unable to keep sticking his head up the ass of our female church members!

I am sure that holy-roller would swallow his tongue if he ever saw Kloe Smith walk by! Kloe is a blonde, petite, and insanely curvy Montreal escort with a charming French asset and surgically enhanced knockers who can make a boner into a cannon of very destructive properties in the shortest possible time!

Cassandra Dilaurentis is another stunner, a busty blonde with silken skin, plus the find of fat bubble butt that makes it illegal for onlookers not to drool! This babe is available for up to twelve hours of naughty fun at a stretch, can show up with another high-grade escort if you need your fun in double doses and will break your heart, as well as your wallet!

Now, my observations. Like I have said before, escorts here appear to be of higher quality than I have seen on any other Canadian escort site. As a result, their fees are higher than normal. More, these fees are not usually negotiable and you might need to make a reservation beforehand to book an escort. There are also escorts here who wonโ€™t respond to phone calls and prefer communication via email, while others wonโ€™t go out with you unless you make a security deposit, or have been referred to them by someone they know and trust. Itโ€™s what it is.

Better Merb it Up O Ye Escorts Canada!

Well, I did say that Merb is more or less identical to Perb and Terb. That means everything like the homepage and site features is the same, with the only discernible difference being that all three sites focus on escorts Canada in different regions. Still, to fulfill all righteousness letโ€™s go take a look at the Merb homepage and its overall site design.

To enter here, you still need to click an Enter Forum button, and once thatโ€™s done you get to see the homepage, which has login and registration tabs at the top right, plus some pull-down menus at the left thatโ€™s used to search for posts and members. Thereโ€™s also a search bar at the top right, with the rest of the forum homepage filled with threads that are mostly related to escorts and escort reviews. The Montreal Independent Escort thread is the one you want to click, as this hosts all the independent escorts in the Montreal area.

Yeah, thereโ€™s a Montreal Escort Agencies and Montreal Massage Parlors thread, but I didnโ€™t spend too much time there. There are also threads devoted to strip clubs in Montreal, plus those focused on sports, politics, tech, and the like. Itโ€™s like this forum has all things for all men, horny or not. Anyway, I found the site easy to use, feature-packed, and intuitive enough, though it has ads and is somehow crowded with threads. It looks good for the purpose but could do with some improvements.

What I Think of Merb

Well, Merb CC sure has an unusual name, but seems like the kind of site where you can easily hire the best quality escorts Canada and allow these chicks to screw your brains off in proper apocalyptic fashion! I would readily recommend it.

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