Moscarossa Review

โœ“ Above Average escorts
โœ“ Decent assortment of filtering options
โœ“ Clickable tags and locations
โœ“ Has trans, BDSM, female escorts, Gigolos, Masseuses
โœ“ Has verified pictures and a lot of videos to check the escorts out
โœ“ Rankings for escorts available
โœ“ Mentions whether escorts are GOLD or PREMIUM
โœ˜ Doesnโ€™t Mention rates
โœ˜ Not easy to translate website

Score 68/100





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#1. Moscarossa Alternative

ย  ย  Going to Italy for a lovely vacation with the wife? I hate to break it to you, but no matter how much you pay to show your partner around they world, sheโ€™s still not going to let you do โ€œthatโ€ to her. Luckily escorts here in Italy are perfectly willing to do โ€œthatโ€ as well as anything you could ever come up with.

ย  ย  Youโ€™ll find that many such escorts are available on This site has wonderfully shaped Italian escorts ready to do your bidding. Who knows you might end up forgetting about your wife for a night? Enough said, letโ€™s talk bizness. Is Moscarossa right for you? Letโ€™s find out.

Messy? Or Magical?

ย  ย  Like most other things, Itโ€™s a bit of both. Magically attractive escorts? Moscarossa has it. Messy quirks that make you want to run away because it disgusts you? Moscarossa has it.

ย  ย  One messy quirk the site has is that the escorts do not mention their rates for the services they provide. Imagine things getting all magically messy and all thatโ€™s left is to call the escort over and you find out you gotta first negotiate prices? Youโ€™re not gonna get to go all the away this time. Another messy quirk that would actually first seem to be a magical quality is that the escorts usually post extremely graphic pictures and videos too. Yes, you read that correctly, THEY HAVE VIDEOS TOO! So now your dick is going to get magically teased not knowing whether to stay hard or soft. I doubt any of you deserve to go through this, but who knows you could be some nasty freaks too.

ย  ย  Escorts here are here are much classier here than at other sites. So, stands to reason youโ€™ll have to shell out a lot more. Dates with these magical beauties should run you around โ‚ฌ250 to โ‚ฌ400 per hour. In USD thatโ€™s about $280 to $450. It is Italy after all, and you come to Moscarossa for the magical escorts so you gotta make it rain harder.

The Moscarossan Magic!

ย  ย  The Moscarossan magic comes in the form of their female escorts, trans escorts, BDSM escorts, Mistresses, Gigolos, and Masseuses that give happy endings. Call whoever mesmerizes your cock and makes it yearn for more.

ย  ย  ย Youโ€™ll find a pulldown menu thatโ€™ll ask you what you are looking for, the options for which are Female escorts, Trans escorts, Gigolos, and massages. Another pulldown can be used to select the city. They also allow you to log in or sign up to their website and have a ranking system on the left side for their escort profiles.

ย  ย  There is also a caption in green that says verified photos on the profile ad itself, for a few profiles so you know exactly what you pay for. Upon clicking on an escort profile, you can also find out whether the escort has been ranked gold or premium.

ย  ย  Now I addressed this magic as a tease in the beginning, but it has noteworthy magic too. The profiles of escorts on Moscarossa have extremely naked and closeup, good quality profile pictures, and a bar that reads display video. If you are the type to check the escort and her magical abilities before you book her? Then this is perfect for you. More often than not, if you click on their profile, you can scroll down and access even more racy videos and pictures that can convince you without any doubts about how magical Moscarossan escorts are!

ย  ย  Now youโ€™ll find that escorts will mention their associated category services like whether they offer sex, Bj, Domination, BDSM, Femdom, trans, Foot fetishes, Scat you name it.

ย  ย  The escort quality is definitely above average, and you can know for sure if you watch their nasty videos or decide to go with escorts that have verified pictures.

The Moscarossan Mess!

ย  ย  Now I finally get to tell you about the huge mess that exists before you even get started. The website is in Italian and after opening this site multiple times I have noticed that google translate often doesnโ€™t show a popup notification to translate to your preferred language. Based on your google preferences you might get stuck trying to view the profile of their magical escorts, but unable to use the site because you cannot understand what they are saying.

ย  ย  There was another surprising mess I discovered when I examined them more closely. I found that many escorts say that Italian clients only. So depending on whether your favorite cock sucker or ballbuster is open to sucking international dicks: you might just have to rub one out while you imagine making a mess with her.

What I Think of Moscarossa

ย  ย  I would say go for Moscarossa only if you are willing to traverse through their mess of a site. The Magic you find here is tough to find elsewhere and, but their messes are a pain in the ass. The Prices are also higher and will definitely burn a hole through your pocket if you donโ€™t plan well ahead. You should still check the Moscarossan escorts once, you might find out that youโ€™re already bewitched by the Moscarossan magic at which point, itโ€™s pointless to look elsewhere.

ย  ย  ย My biggest reservation about this site is that most escorts only cater to Italian clients, so most of you are not getting the fuck of your life without much more screentime. Even then itโ€™s extremely hard to navigate the site as with each click, the site translates back to Italian. So, if you have no knowledge of Italian and have a low budget? Look elsewhere, Moscarossa isnโ€™t the one for you.

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