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โœ“ Good website
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Quality escorts
โœ“ Has a lot of categories
โœ“ Free to use
โœ˜ No reviews on the escorts
โœ˜ Just a few escorts have prices

Score 78/100





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#1. Mundosexanuncio Alternative

ย  ย  Let's take a stroll through the streets of Spain on a sunny day when you can drink a cold beer with one hand and finger with the other. For today, we will review MundoSexAnuncio, an escort site where you can hire good escorts in different cities across the country. Stay tuned as we discuss both the pros and cons of Mundo Sex Anuncio review as well as the quality of escorts on the site.

Putas Everywhere I look

ย  ย  Nothing beats an escort site with a homepage that makes you feel right at home, makes you feel that you are where you want to be with loads of escort pictures showing tits and assess, and at the same time being able to sort for escorts in different citiesโ€”basically easy to use website that lets you hire escorts without a problem. MundoSexAnuncio does this so well, the first thing you notice when you visit the website, is the lists of escorts in different cities across Spain and when you look to the left-hand side of the website, you will notice the different categories that are present on the website which include transvestites, gay contacts, men contacts, lesbian contacts, and much more.

ย  ย  And right below the categories are the different states you can choose from, selecting any state automatically shows the escorts in that state and you can also go deeper and select any city from the list of cities shown on the left-hand side.

The Good and the Horny

ย  ย  Leaving the website and navigation aside, the quality of escorts on MundoSexAnuncio got me focused. Damn, why are these girls having an ass that looks like it belonged to the goddess of sex, something perfect if you are the type that loves to hit it from the back, and if you are the boobs kind of guy that love some tits on your face as she rides you cowgirlโ€”you are in paradise. These chicks are a solid 8 from me, rated due to their bodies, their shapes, and the size of their features, the melons and the 2 planets behind look like what we have been exploring mars forโ€”fresh.

ย  ย  Janet is a beautiful Cuban escort in Madrid with authentic tits that are as huge and sexy and a pussy that is wet and slippery. With just 30 Euros per hour, she wants you to fuck her to the fullest and enjoy all your fantasies. In her words,ย  she is a very horny, sensual, and vicious, sex goddess who will make you cum over and over again. Looks like a bargain to me, and sheโ€™s even ready to buy you the drinksโ€ฆ noice!

ย  ย  Andrea is another escort on MundoSexAnuncio, who is a 28-year-old escort full of charms. She is capable of doing things you canโ€™t imagineโ€”and from her pictures, I can see that her body is capable of moving in ways one can't even think of. But unlike Janet, she doesnโ€™t have prices and rates listed on her post.

ย  ย  Since some escorts have prices listed and more doesnโ€™t, it is safe to assume that the prices of these escorts will fall between 30 Eur – 50 Eur per hour. Some might go higher depending on other factors like location and hotel bookings.

The Bad

ย  ย  As I have voiced out on every other escort site in Spain, it would have been nice and an extra attempt at affirmation and trust if MundoSexAnuncio had added a review feature on their website, making it easy for people to read reviews by previous customers, how good they are versus what they promise us.ย 

Is MundoSexAnuncio a Reliable Escort Site in Spain?

ย  ย  Thanks to the quality of the escorts on MundoSexAnuncio and how easy it is to hire escorts, I believe MundoSexAnuncio to be a reliable escort site in Spain and you can go ahead and knock yourself out with the numbers of escorts they have on the site, do your dick the favor.

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