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#1. Nejnost Alternative

ย  ย name seems rather strange; perhaps an unknown language or the site owner decided to give it some strange name, Nejnost, due to an incident; who knows? Besides, Nejnost almost sounds like the next nose, or could it be that what turns him on are the sniffles of people? Something like, โ€œAre you done sniffing my balls? Okay. Next Nose!โ€

ย  ย  Maybe that could be his fetish. Meanwhile, I know you havenโ€™t seen some fine asses in a while, so Iโ€™ve got good news for you. Make sure to stay till the end of this review, as there are lots of goodies.

Letโ€™s Begin Sailing

ย  ย  Should this review journey be tagged โ€œfinding the next nose?โ€ that would sound so ridiculous; I guess itโ€™s better to tag it as finding the best cunt. Do you know what will happen when you discover the best cunt? Oh Fuck! It would feel like youโ€™ve just won the lottery. Whatโ€™s your definition of the best cunt? Moist, sweet, warm, tight, clean? Damn! Iโ€™m getting hard.

ย  ย  Before your shaft begins to cause trouble, letโ€™s get back to the business of the day. So like you would thrust that best cunt, punch in the siteโ€™s URL on your browser, and begin your adventure. So, the homepage of feels warm and calm, and the design, color, and short video that plays in the background are arousing.

ย  ย  Scroll a little, and youโ€™ll find different control buttons that help you shuttle between standard sex, massage, strip tease, french with a condom, and many more. Just right on top of this is a search button that makes navigating these escorts easy for you. Youโ€™ll also find profile thumbnails of escort girls arranged in a single row.

ย  ย  Just right under the row of escort ads is a grid of more escort ads. Unless the designer was trying to spic things up by creating two ways of viewing escort ads, then I donโ€™t find this interesting at all. So, there is a long list of these profile thumbnails, and trying to get to the page bottom might seem frustrating, but use the opportunity to enjoy the view of those fat asses.

Cast Your Nets

ย  ย  Since we have begun sailing, Of course, you need to cast your nets so you can get your share of fish, oops, girlies, I mean. So, if you want to view these escort ads, itโ€™s up to you, but the grid form is better because it has more information. Escort profile thumbnails here seem inexhaustible since, with every scroll, more keep popping up.

ย  ย  The thumbnails of these girls are not so encouraging, as their photo quality is very low; in my opinion, just about a few of them here are attractive enough to soothe my cock. Notwithstanding, they look like they mean business, so why not give it a shot? Escort thumbnails here contain a little information, so letโ€™s find out.

ย  ย  Escort name, age, location, price rates, weight, height, and, of course, a profile picture are what you see, and there is also a tag indicating how many photos they have on their profile pages. There is also a very short description of these ladies. There is also a button that allows you to add these escorts to your list of favorites and a call button to contact them.

ย  ย  Their profile pages will definitely have more. The profile pages of these escorts help you view more of an escortโ€™s pictures and also more information like escort services, terrain, languages, price rates, a longer version of the description you earlier read on their profile thumbnail, and thatโ€™s it.

Are These Escorts Real?

ย  ย  More than half of these escorts have their faces cropped, covered, or blurred, and that can only mean one thing, which is that they fear being recognized. You know what that means? They are genuine. Aside from the fear of being recognized, another valid reason is the fear of impostors. Call girls these days, for their selfish gains, upload photos of top escorts to lure horny cocks.

ย  ย  Well, whether or not these girls look real or fake, one thing you must know is that everyone is a suspect, and you need to guard your horny brain whenever you want to meet these escort girls so you donโ€™t end up saying youโ€™ve been scammed.

Trade By Barter?

ย  ย  I wonder what it would take or cost to be in the company of these escorts. They might not be all good-looking and endearing, but Iโ€™m sure they will be good at what they do. Some escorts would prefer you call to discuss rates, while some state it right away, so letโ€™s find out the category which these escorts fall under.

ย  ย  Right from their profile thumbnails, escorts already made their rates known, and some talk more about it on their profile pages, so letโ€™s check out a few. Before then, letโ€™s find out the average rates in the region. On an average scale, youโ€™ll find rates from about $75 to $80 per hour and as low as $11 for 15 minutes. On the high end, youโ€™ll find rates from $100 and above per hour.

ย  ย  Meanwhile, meet Camellia; sheโ€™s 22 and has no taboos or inhibitions. She charges $55 for an hour and $38 for half an hour of standard services. You must agree that the escort rates here are really fair.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  Escorts here might not look so appealing, but they sure do offer excellent services. Remember not to judge a book by its cover when booking, too.

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