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โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Quality escorts
โœ“ Free to use
โœ˜ No reviews on the escorts
โœ˜ Just a few escorts have prices

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#1. NeuvoLoquo Alternative

ย  ย  Welcome back to another review on the streets of Spain, itโ€™s a shiny day out hereโ€”a very good day to enjoy a cold beer in one hand and the other hand in an escort. Therefore, we will be reviewing an escort site for you to hire good escorts in different cities across the country, and for today, our focus will be on NeuvoLoquo review. We will talk about the pros and cons of the escort site as well as the quality of the escorts present on Neuvo Loquo, so stay with us.ย 

Something to Looq at

ย  ย  How do you like your escort sites? Do you like it with a homepage full of pictures of tits and ass or do you love your homepage with lists of cities you can get escorts through the escort site? This is where NeuvoLoquo shines bright among other pussy hiring sites out there, they have the usual tits-sturded homepage and a section where you can easily search and filter for escorts in any cityโ€”from Albacete to Cordoba down to Zamora, there are options!

ย  ย  The front page aside, the usability of this website can be rated rightโ€”it is easy to get to an escortโ€™s profile and hire them, nothing much to divert your attention or distract your boner, and the tits are staring right at your face so I doubt there would be anything else that can distract you. I was able to get to an escort profile in less than 30 seconds and less than 5 clicks and the number to contact these escorts are staring right at you in their profile, definitely canโ€™t looq elsewhere when you are on Neuvo Loquo.

The Good and the Horny

ย  ย  The important part for the boysโ€”are the escorts on NeuvoLoquo good? They are, I believe they are, I was able to go through the profiles of a few escorts, and though their profile descriptions might be a bit lacking, it doesn't take anything away from their ass and tits, those assets are heavenly, their body looked soft and their ass looks like it could take a pounding from the back and still bounce you back like the third Newtonโ€™s law of motion. The best part of this escort site is that you can find more than Spanish escorts, there are escorts from other countries as well, might be a good time to try a different countryโ€™s cuisine.

ย  ย  Take Anastasia for example, sheโ€™s a 38-year-old Russian who promises to deliver crazily good services and has a quality body. Sheโ€™s based in Lleida and in her words, sheโ€™s sweet, elegant, and intriguingโ€”her services include oral sex, massage, and every other crazy thing you can manage to think of, she also claimed her pictures are 100% real, which brings me to the pictures. Damn, sheโ€™s got portable tits and a firm body, petite to the max, quite crazy for a 38-year-old chick, thatโ€™s a milf with a well-kept body!

ย  ย  I did find another escort from a different country, though there was nothing about her name, she claimed to be from Brazil and her body is another mind-blowing one, and guess what, she is also in her 30s, 35 to be exact. Her prices are as low as 80 Euros per hour. But be at ease, if girls from other countries or milfs aren't your thing, there are loads of sexy young girls listed on NeuvoLoquo as well. Natalia is a 19-year-old escort in Sitge and she has one of the best tits and ass I have ever seen, and they are natural! Dude, she is an outgoing and passionate girl who is addicted to sex and keeping your dick in her mouth, freaky.

The Bad

ย  ย  The downsides I found on NeuvoLoquo aren't that much but they are as important as the escorts as wellโ€”there is no review section on the platform, and no way to review or read reviews on a particular escort, quite sad. The second thing is that these escort rarely list their rates, although some do, itโ€™s just not enough to cover the sin of others. But if you are curious, the rate per hour might be around 70 Euros give or take.ย 

Is NeuvoLoquo a Reliable Escort Site in Spain?

ย  ย  NeuvoLoquo is a reliable escort site in Spain, it looks good and feels good, around 2 million people surf this site every month. Although there are a couple of spam posts where different people advertise an agency and thereโ€™s no way to know if it is right or wrongโ€”but when it comes to the escorts, they are worth betting on, so be safe and knock yourself out.

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