NewZealandGirls Review

Extravagant escorts
Act-based filtering options available
Multiple locations
Has Trans, Male and Female escorts
Has verified profiles
Detailed profiles with services
Pussy aint cheap
Has a low number of profiles
Has repeated listings of the same profiles
lacks past client reviews and ratings

Score 84/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. NewZealandGirls Alternative

    Pretty self-explanatory name, right? Ah, that’s what I love about this site. It’s straight to the point without any B.S. If you still didn’t get it the site has something to do with connecting you to the girls of New Zealand. But not just any girls oh no-no. These aren’t ordinary girls. These are the girls who hold the power to earn money with their sexual prowess and their desirable bodies. Yes. I’m talking about escorts of New Zealand. And I'm sure you like me will want to have some acts that will make God look away.

    So, if the prospect of having a female companion with no strings and all enthusiasm join you along while you are in New Zealand then continue reading. Because I'm about to tell you about an escort site that’ll help you find just the pretty little thing you’ve been searching for. Here’s my review.

NZ Girls are Classy And Pricey!

    Lucky for us they are deserving of their priciness. The entire site layout and features give off a very classy vibe. Browsing through this site is a joy in itself. However, they deal primarily in high-end escorts and that’s bound to cost more and thin down the herd.

    One classy thing about this site is that the escorts here mention their rates per hour and as well as mention what all services will charge extra. That’s a great thing because internationally that isn’t the norm but I'm glad to see escort profiles show the rates as that really makes it easier to look for the girl of the night.

    If asked, I'd say that you can successfully book a high-end escort here between USD200-300 per hour. Now back in the US, you’d only get an average escort if you spent this much. You can also find great value if you look longer.

We Getting Kinky Tonight!

     You’ll find all kinds of escorts here. Male, Female, or Trans escorts are all available and can be chosen on the landing page. After selecting one just browse through all the different profiles and pick book whichever escort you want to fuck the hardest! Yeah, there’s no point holding back on this website especially since you’ll probably be paying a lot more here.

      You’ll find a few options on the main taskbar along the top of the site. It’ll include options like Home, Non-Asian Girls, Asian Girls, Phone Sex, Webcam, Sensual Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Clubs/Agencies, Adult Rooms, Etiquette, My Favorites. Clicking on any of these options will redirect you to another page. Apparently, Kiwis have an Asian fetish. There’s also considerably more Asian than any other nationality on this site, other than kiwis probably.

    The primary focus though is on the female escorts. That’s not a huge surprise as most other sites have that too, but what is a fun surprise is that the excess of female escorts leads to an internal competition amongst them in which they use their bodies to get clients. So, you’re bound to see some artistic nudity that is bound to make your heart race, Dick hard and not is able to resist clicking on that profile. Yummy!

    This site also has tons of verified profiles, and you can also choose to look only for profiles with verified photos. What that means is you won’t have to worry about an uglier version or an entirely different person showing up at your meetup point.

    The profiles also pack a ton of information which includes a long-ass message from the escort to all clients. They tend to have other valuable information too but it’s all dependent on each profile and the pain the escort took to make the profile. Alongside this, the escort profiles also include the list of included services and extra services too. There’s also a section that is devoted to the escort’s characteristics like her body type, weight, height, eye color, hair color, nationality, bust size, etc.

    There’s also a special feature here that helps you find escorts based on what services they provide. For example, if I wanted an escort that deep throats, I can just go on to the quick search option when you scroll down, you’ll see it at the left part of the page. I can select an age group, whether Asians or non-Asians and use a pull-down menu for services and scroll through all the different acts, kinky and vanilla both to deep throat and click on search. It's really that easy. So, being kinky on this site is actually kind of what they expected.
Lastly, the site’s default language is English. So, you won’t have to depend on google translate or hope that the site can be viewed in another language. You can cruise the website without any problems and interruptions as there aren’t any ads as well.

Home Alone

    Despite its wonderful features and extravagant escorts, everything isn’t a bed of roses. There are still a few complaints I have with this website. One of those is the fact that they have a much smaller selection of escorts. At the same time, a searched for escorts that deep throat I only got like 10/11 profiles in the results. That’s too few for me!

    I also noticed that they show you the same escort profiles repeatedly in the same search results but with a different profile thumbnail picture. I ended up opening many profiles after looking at a different photo instead and so I didn’t mind it that much but it’s just something you’ll have to keep in mind, There aren’t any past client reviews shared on the escorts that you can read. It’s not a necessary feature but I wouldn’t say no to having it on here. The site has great features and no spam or ads.

What I Think of NewZealandGirls

    So, what do I think about this site? Well at first glance I can tell this isn’t a site for everyone. The escorts here are luxurious and they also charge accordingly. I’m not saying that you won’t find it anywhere here but you can probably find a better service and cheaper escorts at some other site that caters at a different price point. This is the kind of site for people who are out to burn cash and enjoy the finest things in life. There’s no point in spending so much for a vanilla experience.

    This site is especially suited for people who want to try out different kinks. You can go on the quick search option and search escorts that are willing to do that specific kink and get kinky all night.

    Either way, you should still have a look, because you’ve got nothing to lose. You either find the perfect escort or find out whether you should look elsewhere. So go on and try it out, I hope you have a great shag!

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