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โœ“ Easy to navigate site
โœ“ Simple site design
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โœ˜ Very few escort ads
โœ˜ Most escorts donโ€™t state their prices

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#1. NigeriaHotGirls Alternative

ย  ย  I heard that some of the most beautiful black skins on the planet roam somewhere in the most populous black nation. Thatโ€™s Nigeria, by the way. And if you know anything about Nigeria, then you most likely would have heard that this country is referred to as the giant of Africa. Well, do you know what this means to me? It means thereโ€™s a surplus supply of giant-sized supple vulvas and titties up for grabs for horny hung studs like me.

ย  ย  So this brings me to the escort site called Well, you know the drill. Shove that schlong of yours safely in its pack and feed your eyes to my Nigeriahotgirls review.

Hot For Some Cash In The Bag

ย  ย  Hot is the word for the brown-butted hotties here, and just like you canโ€™t get hot brownies for naught, these hotter-than-hotโ‚‹brownie escorts ainโ€™t up for some charity service.

ย  ย  Speaking of brown-butted hotties, meet the Lagos-based 24-year-old hottie with a Godzilla-sized ass. She goes by the name Lynn. Lynnโ€™s services include stripteases, erotic massages, lapdances, blowjobs, and more. Her rates are set at 43,000 Naira/ 100 USD for 24 hours.

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s also Nancy, a 31-year-old beauty. Sheโ€™s got her ass hung on some really long legs looking like they could clap in the way the Nigerian flag swings on their independence day. So, Nancy charges 6,400 Naira/ 15 USD for 1 hour, 8,600 Naira/ 20 USD for 2 hours, and 15,000 Naira / 35 USD for 24 hours.

ย  ย  The rates here on Nigeriahotgirls are way cheaper than what escorts charge in the states. Well, thereโ€™s an abundant supply of asses and cunts in the most populous black nation anyway.

The Hot Girls On

ย  ย  Escort profile thumbnails are just right there, sitting on the homepage and waiting for you, and to get a full list of all the escorts on this site, the escorts button will come in handy. Escort profile thumbnails are moderately sized and arranged in rows containing three thumbnails per row. Thumbnails display escortsโ€™ names, locations, phone numbers, number of pictures and videos on the profile page, verification status, escortโ€™s badge, and a call button.

ย  ย  Escortโ€™s profile pages themselves are pretty simple in appearance, easy to navigate, and contain the escortโ€™s videos, pictures, basic details, a list of offered services, contact info, ratings, reviews, and prices.

ย  ย  Now, I couldnโ€™t help but notice that not all escorts provide a good number of photos on their profiles and others have their faces covered with emojis. While this should be a point to be wary of, Iโ€™d say itโ€™s pretty not much to worry about. Most of the escorts here are really concerned about having their identities concealed because the typical Nigerian call girl does this as a side hustle. But then, she could be as wild a tiger eating the senses out of your dick as long as there is no camera pointing in faces.

ย  ย  In general, the escorts here are just of average quality and very few. Profile pages are pretty detailed in design but lacking in content since most escorts donโ€™t have their profiles completely filled out. Well, if these babes will be leaving spaces, then Iโ€™d prefer some space up their slits instead! However, getting information from profile pages at a glance is quite easy, thanks to the siteโ€™s simple design.

Hot But Scanty Home

ย  ย  On visiting the Nigeriahotgirls homepage, itโ€™s pretty evident that its design is simple and easy to navigate. And well, about navigation, scrolling to the end of this page is just as easy as cumming in a quickie from getting your wang wrapped and sapped of its juices by the walls of a wet and tight cunt on a day when you just have to open the valves and let off some liquid pressure.

ย  ย  While the background color here is white, there are also pink, green, red, and black colors adding to the overall theme of the site. Now, at the top left of the site are the login and register buttons. But youโ€™ll only need these buttons for just either of two reasons. Firstly, to write a review, and secondly, if you have a twat or schlong thatโ€™s up for providing escort services. Still at the top of the homepage are the buttons home, escorts, agencies, escorts on tours, escort reviews, classified ads, our blog, and contact us buttons. Well, you want to stick to clicking just the escorts button since itโ€™s pretty obvious that this site is just a work in progress. But just to satisfy your curiosity, hitting the other buttons will only encourage you to stay as hopeful as a right hand smeared with wank lotion. Thereโ€™s just nothing beneath those buttons.

ย  ย  To the top left corner is a dropdown menu tagged escorts near you. So letโ€™s assume youโ€™ve finally found out where you are in Nigeria and want to do a filtered search quickly. This dropdown menu is where you want to go. The remaining parts of the homepage are filled with escort profile thumbnails arranged in rows that contain three thumbnails each. The VIP escorts come on top, followed by premium escorts, and down the screen are newly added escorts. Well, these are really just all the escorts on this site. Again, remember I said these guys are still wanking this rod of a site and are nowhere near cumming yet, so hopefully, their list will get longer if the world doesnโ€™t end tomorrow and all our dicks get teleported to some other world. Now, the homepage ends with the latest escort reviews on the site.

ย  ย  The Nigeriahotgirls homepage is really simple in design and very easy to navigate. Itโ€™s just as bare as a shaved cunt though.

What I Think About Nigeriahotgirls

ย  ย  The number of escorts here is as few as the hairs on my shaved butt. You can literally count them. Choosing from a really limited list is a hassle in itself. I recommend you zip up and check elsewhere while these guys up their game plan.

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