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โœ“ Free to use
โœ“ Spam free
โœ“ Good number of escorts
โœ“ Average quality escorts
โœ˜ unverified escorts
โœ˜ Escorts prices
โœ˜ Not easy to navigate

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#1. Oje Alternative


ย  ย  Getting tired of beating your hardened meat at the sight of a voluminous creamy booty? Me neither, I'm never tired of doing a wanky review to keep your cock up high and releasing all the pent-up tiredness from your office job. So, instead of spending your spare time watching the community, why not come over? Let me show you a new discovery, who knows which floppy cock may rise.

ย  ย  I will be doing the only thing I know how to do best, Reviews!, stay hardened while I take you around the wet walls of this Portuguese site called oje.pt that smells only of wet pussies.

Homepage, A proof you've arrived safely

ย  ย  I hope I'm spilling this shit to over 18 years old dudes because oje.pt demands that you are over 18 years old to even be on the site, so yes, they have a little warning on the first opening of the site before leaving you to choose your fate, I know you're obviously going to click on “yes, I am over 18" you pervert!

ย  ย  If you're successfully in, you'll see the full oje.pt homepage grumpily welcoming you, the design is simple but not exciting, very boring in my opinion. I can't really point out why, ohh, the absence of escort ads on the homepage is so loud if your balls fell off, you would hear them drop.

ย  ย  oje.pt homepage is very simple and short with a black background. It also has a search bar that can help you filter your search and lead you straight into the cunt of hot escort. Sounds like leading you into temptation, one you cannot resist.

ย  ย  Scrolling down, you will find an arrangement of different cities in Portugal, and obviously, escorts have been admitted according to each city and location, so you can click on any city listed and find a chick to suck your worries away.

ย  ย  I know you didn't go to oje.pt to be lectured, so you better not click on “see more" of the long description about oje.pt on the homepage, go straight to the cities so your hardened cock won't be left in hard in nothing. But in case you're visiting Portugal for the first time, you would like to get a hold of a kitty and that long-ass written lecture.

ย  ย  On the bottom, you can find the T and C, payment methods, and so on for those who want to run ads on the site. Secondly, you will find the last sessions consulted on the oje.pt which happens to house profiles of transvestites and escorts in the areas listed.

ย  ย  However, navigation isn't really smooth here on oje.pt. There's a little confusion, especially in finding your way back to the homepage after exploring the profiles of escorts and transvestites.

Profiles of Portugal Titties

ย  ย  If you stay long enough on oje.pt, you will agree with me that there are a number of titties and asses on this site, and of course, you will get to see dicks harder than life itself.

ย  ย  Escorts and transvestites! But I searched all over the cities, where are my fucking transvestites! Okay, I found them in Lisbon. It took a while. You should know you are going to find most transvestites in Lisbon. Regardless, I'm telling you, you can have fun here.

ย  ย  In oje.pt, you will also find bitches with cocks harder than algebra. Let's meet the hard and soft meats in the house. Here's 36-year-old Sabrina, who says she's the most desired Transvestite in Libson. You can already tell what you're in for when you hit her up, but if Sabrina doesn't do the magic for you, you can have 25-year-old Louis, who resides in Braga, says she is ready to give you an unforgettable moment.

ย  ย  The typical profile of an oje.pt escort marinates your dick in a soaking wall of cunts. The profiles give you all basic information, including name, well-detailed description, age, service location, and a Google map to help you easily find your way to a long-lasting steam of moans.

ย  ย  The introductions on escort's profiles have missing details, it's like they put their exotic services on the sensor, maybe to avoid being penalized either by Google or oje.pt, which is a no-no for me, just like myself, I know dudes would like to know what they're getting when linking up with a bitch from oje.pt.

ย  ย  Also, the escorts on oje.pt are really average quality, and most of the pictures on this site look very boring, but I can cut some slack for the chicks at Evora. These hotties do have their rates on display, so you're obviously left to wank in guesses, but you can hit them up for more closure.

Oje Ladies Rates

ย  ย  Unfortunately, there are no attached rates to the profiles of the escorts here, but one can assume based on other Portuguese sites. Or better still, communicating with these escorts via the contact information on their profile can solve the mystery. Well, judging from other Portuguese escort sites, we can say that the average rate will be within $100.

What I think About oje.pt

ย  ย  oje.pt has really average quality escorts and transvestites, and you cannot really tell which is verified or not, but the site promises they are all legit, so there is nothing to worry about here.

ย  ย  However, navigation will be a little problem, especially for first-timers, because one tab might lead you to so many related profiles, which is almost too much for your cock to handle.

ย  ย  The homepage of oje.pt is really boring; the designer must have declined a tip and decided to unbuckle his pants and fuck it up, literally. There are poor pictures on the profiles and none on the homepage. My brothers and I want to wank off on this page, so why do us dirty.

ย  ย  Generally, oje.pt isn't that bad. You can still get your meat in and out of a wet cunt in Portugal.

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