OpenDay Review

โœ“ Free to use
โœ“ Easy to navigate site
โœ“ Escort profiles are verified
โœ“ Site has filtering options
โœ˜ Default language isn't English
โœ˜ Not all escorts state their going rates
โœ˜ Doesn't have a good number of escorts

Score 56/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. OpenDay Alternative

What else could give your soul a sensational lift in horny times other than having some wet as fuck cunt sit on the gear stick to your soul? I mean having your sexual imagination and fantasies go off the hook as they come to life right before your testicles. To say it even better, what about we have your horny cock drift into a really creamy tight escort hole? Some time soon you pervert that's fast becoming celibate! Haha! These chicks are damn horny and really we guys don't get to dick down as many cunts as we should if we don't go get them down as soon as possible. It's the twenty fuck-a-bitch-over-the-internet century and all you do is jerk off? That's pretty okay so long as you're dicking down some of the many pussies on the planet too!

Well, just so I can beat my hands on my chest and say I did my best to get you laid, this is my review of a Greek escort site. So yeah, tuck your dick in your pants because I wouldn't be cool with this! Get to my Openday review already fuck brethren!

This Could Be Pretty Expensive!

The flavours of Greece will come alive as you cook some of the country's most loved dishes, with expert guidance from a local cooking instructor, you will prepare a Greek Sunday dinner and dine with your mates under the majestic site of the Apricolis! And ofcourse this doesn't just begin with you laying all day and expecting some miraculous intervention, there is a price to pay for good food. Haha!! But hey fellas, on Openday, escorts offer their services and place rates right after that.

So what do the babes on Openday charge? Well I came across some really great looking asses like Nikoletta, who's really just 23 years of age, at least she says so. So Nikoletta says she's up for anything and everything fun as long she gets a call, her legs will do the moving. Nikoletta's rate is set at 80 EUR/ 80 USD per hour.

Now getting to Nikoletta's rate statement took me over three pages of scrolling through some really amateur asses who all had their rates set to 0 EUR. So yeah most of the babes here don't state their going rates and Nikoletta is actually the jewel in the rough in this scenario.

But the truth is these babes are really just the average type escorts available in Greece and so their rates will sit just around the average of about 100 EUR/ 100 USD per hour. Cool? You can say that again.

Hahahaha And Some Butts By The Side

Hitting in the site's URL into your browser, loads up the homepage as swift as would leaving your cock nodding in satisfaction and that's a lifesaver to begin with. The site loads up with some pretty cool designs. One that could send your boner begging for more. The features are quite alluring as there's a good number of bitches posing just some really hot freaking sexy asses. The fact that these sexy asses flood the whole page leaves my thoughts damn so wild. Well, they always are- very wild I mean, lol.

Openday has a good number of really classy stuff to feed your pussy-hungry cock to. Sounds all so rosy right? It just doesn't end there, the site offers an option for searching erotic categories, you could just hit the tab and it'll take you directly to where your cock would find solace. Just as the page pops up, there's a bar for location search, I know you know just what this means? I mean an option that gives you access to sluts you could find within your vicinity.

There is also an About Us page that mentions how openday gives horny fellas like you and I access to escort ads on sites like Escort Babylon, MegaPersonals, City Pages, King-Dong Ent, and Cheepo's List. These are all great, but don't excuse the fact that this escort site has limited site features and doesnโ€™t look like it belongs in the 21st century. Spam is limited though. Well, I wouldn't also say I'm okay with the fact that the site's homepage pops open with the default language set to Greek. Seems this site didn't consider the fact that there could be lots of non-greek boners like myself still wanting a bite of their pussies. A little selfish I'd say.

Also the fact that escort profiles here aren't fully verified could be a major concern. Another issue here would be the fact that most of their escorts don't state their going rates. That's funny to say the least.

What I Think About Openday

Well what I think about Openday is really open ended. So yeah this is my take. If you're ready for the stress of wading through all the priceless profiles and hitting up unverified escorts to only get busted by their boyfriends picking the call. Lol. Then if you're up for this maybe you can stick to using this site. Well, that ain't really terrible. I won't say this is a top pick for a cunt hunt spot but you can search for escorts here if you choose to. Personally, I won't give this site a thumbs up with my full chest.

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